Taylor Swift Rocks Reindeer Sweater

Taylor Swift Rocks Reindeer Sweater

Taylor Swift took to her MySpace today to update her fans on all her holiday happenings.

The 19-year-old country cutie writes, “I’m sitting in my kitchen, wondering what to do today. And that brings up an interesting point.. I can’t remember the last time I thought ‘What am I going to do today?’. Nothing planned! So this is a nice change, and it’s been an awesome Christmas break for me. We’ll start with the wisdom teeth. Mission accomplished. They’re out. That happened a few days after my birthday (‘Happy Birthday, we’re going to yank your teeth out now’) and then I was in bed for a good three days. My band was amazing, they came over and sat with me and we watched CSI. Then, I caught up on Christmas shopping all during the week before Christmas.

Abigail‘s [my BFF Abigail Anderson] back from college, so we’ve hung out a lot. We decided we needed to get more in the holiday spirit so we bought festive Christmas sweaters. Like the kind that have reindeer and Santa all over them. Hers lit up. I was jealous.

“In my spare time, I’ve been meeting with my production manager, set designer, and tour planners… I can’t even tell you how excited I am about the headlining tour coming up. This summer is going to be FUN.

“Christmas Eve was awesome, we went to church and then opened presents back at the house. Austin, my brother, is 16. But he acts four at Christmas. He runs around the house yelling ‘PRESENTS!’. It’s pretty great. This Christmas was amazing, and it was so insane thinking about all that’s happened this year. And I can’t believe I got to have the number one album on CHRISTMAS! That was the best gift you could’ve gotten me. Ever. I’ll never stop thanking you.

“I’ll be in New York for New Years Eve.. I’ll be performing in Times Square. Kellie Pickler and my whole band and family are going to be there, so I can’t wait to spend New Years with them. I’ve never been in NYC for New Years before, and I hear it’s absolutely life changing and the best thing ever. So I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Maybe I’ll see you there!”

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  • boo

    taylor rocks

  • pearl!!!!

    OMG tayor’s new cd, fearless is AWESOME!!!!!

  • jenny

    love her. see u at time square!

  • Emily

    xD I’m so glad that she didn’t say that she will also be in New York with the Jonas Brothers on New Years. She can do so much better than them.

  • adibah

    GO!!! TAYLOR..

  • Carol

    you go girl! love her, she’s so down to earth

  • Krissy

    but not that much.
    I used to like her
    but now – she’s OK.
    HER songs are the only thing keeping her going..
    which is fine, considering, her album is awesome!
    too bad her personality needs a bit of work, with guys and believing in things, that won’t work the best out for her.

    Reindeer sweater?
    a brother who acts like a 4 year old?
    best friend abby ?
    best gift was her album to be number one? selfish much. there are tons of more artists, who can make number one, besides her.
    I admit Fearless is good. BUT not over the top amazing.

    over all..sounds like a pretty decent Christmas to me.
    glad she had fun, but really needs to stop bragging about ” this and that”, like she’s all that, and little miss perfect.

    # 3
    JONAS brothers can do way better than taylor
    AND they’ve shown to be awesome & more honest- talented- guys
    who’ll ever met!
    I don’t see the JBros.. dissing people. showing to be center of attention. stuck up. phony. annoying. and most importantly..
    tell people there LOVE business ALL the time. ( which is more better, than having to know, what they do, 247= personal matters is supposed to be kept private)
    ” Jaylor” didn’t need each other for fame or LOVE.
    Both are different enough, to make mistakes, and don’t need each other for that purpose. i know them very well..they can do alot better.
    Glad jaylor is over.
    too much drama going around..on what was going on
    everyone knows what happens
    so let it go still
    and stop saying, one deserves better than another
    and also picking teams, who have won already.
    they BOTH deserve better and not each other.
    AND neither of them won…
    move on
    forget it already!

    hate the jonas brother
    or taylor..
    keep your comments to yourselves!

  • Jeanette

    She’s hilarious! I love the fact that she was jealous her sweater didn’t light up.

  • ohyeah

    Jonas Brothers pwn Taylor Swift. They have had way more success than Taylor has ever had on any of her tours. That is why they were the biggest act this year. I’ll give it to Taylor she can write some nice songs, but she kinda seems like a selfish immature person alot of times. oh well. I guess she is just like that to her exes. geesh. and Joe said he was trying to be nice to her and she just hanged up on him and woudln’t talk to him again. oh well. I guess it’s best she is far away from Joe! ;)

    Joe < Taylor!!! thhhbbbbttt

  • ohyeah

    i forgot to write can do better where I had <. but most of you already know he can.

  • jake

    if the jonas brothers were regular high schoolers, they would be shunned as “the geeks and nerds and loners”….they aren’t hot at all..i mean seriously..thin and short is cute? no way. Taylor Swift on the otherhand could be considered hot anywhere. It’s the loser brothers that are “pwned” by Swift and her music.

  • nel

    you’re one jealous b*tch Krissy! get a life hun and stop hatin on people you wish you were but will never be ;-)

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    I am a big fan of Taylor swift. I love her music.

  • KOUrtney

    Taylor, if you read this make sure you know that these myspace blogs you do are always great . the fact that you take the time to actually do them speaks volumes to how much you care about your fans. fearless really is the best album of the year and the sales of it prove so. I bought it on itunes and the cd! :)

    people, if you don’t like taylor why leave her a nasty comment on here? all you’re doing is giving her more hits, which in turn makes her more popular

  • Krissy

    # 12
    why the hell would i want to be like taylor?
    I admit she has good looks and all..but personality wise..
    not so much.
    i said i think she’s OK
    i never said, i hated her and want to be like her!
    I am not jealous of this girl one bit,:
    who takes credit for writing songs about guys and exploiting them all over the world
    trashes a guy all over the world
    giving fans a message to say, he’s a bad guy
    When really he was being nice and fair to end the relationship, before it went anywhere, then where it already was.
    hangs up on someone, when he was trying to explain himself.
    ( if he called back..she would have acted immaturely and take it, to another level)

    I disliked her cuz of that.
    AND her actions weren’t fair & reasonable to begin with – AT ALL!
    I admit she writes good songs and makes good music..but her in general..feels immature & 2 tacky.
    I agree with # 9 on this one :)

    # 11
    The jonas brothers are regular high schoolers.
    well they used to be!
    why do you think, there normal guys, trying to live their life, good and decent for a change?
    AND if you really knew them..you would know, haters like you, bash on them, for reasons like” there not hot” and get made of cuz of there popularity level and getting girls.
    No one asked for your opinion, if you think there cute or hot or not.
    Thin? short? and cute? not all of them are short. THERE all thin because they work out & stay in shape.

    Taylor can be considered anything
    besides looks.

    loser brother that are pwned over taylor’s music?

    it’s her, that’s getting pwned over them
    not vice versa;)
    CUZ they’ve been here a long time..
    before she has..
    being a bigger hit than ever.
    how many times has taylor won awards?
    nominated for a country singer?

    But i still feel
    her writing about the guy, who broke her heart and exploiting it all over the world
    and talking about it, like ” the next invasion on earth”
    is a reason, why she’s getting the fame NOW
    just for her album.
    Remember- she did ” forever and always” last minute
    Letting everyone know she’s the good girl and not the bad guy.
    really low.

    I’m not trying to give her more hits.
    I’m trying to make a point & say what’s right. ( in defense)
    THE same would go for haters, saying the same thing for the Jbros.

    I sorta like taylor
    AND i used to enjoy her music
    before she started to became a new miley cyrus
    That’s all i gotta say.
    End of story.

  • ohplease

    please save us from your ignorance and be quiet.

  • Chloe

    i love taylor swift, i think its wonderful how she takes time to update these blogs and speak to her fans.

  • Maddie luvs herself

    ohplease, Krissy is not being ignorant, she’s just telling it like it is. It’s her opinion and you have no right to tell her to be quiet. I personally agree with her.

    For a while Taylor kept talking about how he broke her heart and and all that sh*t. He even tried explaining, it wasn’t really 26 seconds if she hung up. She’s self centered but I’m not going to lie, her album has got some good songs, but not good enough to make me by it, so sorry if you don’t value my opinion but I’ve said what I need to say.

  • ash

    if u listen to forever and always she says he told her he loved her and promised her forever and always so he didnt really end it before it went anywhere. And he never said she hung up on him he just said he didnt end the call. Idk that she exploited him i think it was more the media, she said things and it was repeated everywhere. I mean, if you think their private lives should be private then you shouldnt even pay attention to anything but their music because their music is the only public thing about them .

  • sima

    Faghat bo0o0o0o0oS :) :-*

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