Vanessa Hudgens: Peace of Green

Vanessa Hudgens: Peace of Green

Vanessa Hudgens flashes a peace sign as she wanders around the 2008 Environmental Youth Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center earlier this month.

The 20-year-old HSM sweetheart was joined by co-stars and friends Olesya Rulin, Jennifer Stone, Alyson Stoner and David Henrie.

“Generation Green” author Tosh Sivertsen talked to the crowd about going green. He shared, “We need to make changes wherever we are…where ever we currently are and hopefully make them fun so that we’ll stick with them. Our new president – President Obama is planning on creating 2.5 million new jobs — many of them green.”

Check out the video recap of the conference!

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    I Love Vanessa :D

  • Bella

    Oh I Was First Yay

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    she looks beautiful. What a positive thing for her to attend. It’s also great to see her with Olesya.

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    I love her, she’s my life, my everything ♥ diva! first?!

  • mari v -

    I love her, she’s my life, my everything, diva ♥ first?!

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    first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? Vanessa<3<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Thanks JJ.

    Like Vanessa says “Peace” guys!!

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    shes flashing a weird smile :L

    good thing zac aint with her had enough of zanessa these days

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    There’s another reason why we love Vanessa :D

    #10….wow. Get out of here, don’t let jealousy get in your way. Plus, if she does read it, she’ll just prob. laugh at that. She always looks beautiful.

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    Cute. But why don’t you post her new bts ecko pics?

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    she rocks!

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    Aww Sugar, you are my candy girl. Looking pretty,pretty sweet here. Thanks JJ.

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    the outakes of vanessa’s photoshoot with ecko aree really hot

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    wasn’t there a post like this a day before her birthday????
    and wasn’t she wearing the exact same dress????
    i was just wondering!!!!
    I ♥ JJ AND JJJ
    hope they have a safe and healthy new year!!!!!

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    she is so cute man ♥

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    zanessa4ever- you’re right, this is old- it was actually the day before V’s bay, Dec 13th 2008. JJJ has posted this before, but without the video, now we have the video with V’s peace sign ;p

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    Yeah this was the day before her birthday. I guess JJJ didn’t post all pics tht night!
    But she looks great, as usual!

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    She looks beautiful and just simply love her.

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    V’s pretty and all but those pics do NOT suit her at all. the first one makes her look like a man. it was probably just the photographer though.

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    she looks like a zombie hahahahaha lolz

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    Vanessa in all her glory. Love ya girl!!

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    she looked good at the environmental confrence!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It looks like she was having fun.

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    i have to say she looks a little manly. she looks more like a girl when she pulled up her hair

  • Cherry-Jean

    i have to say she looks a little manly. she looks more like a girl when she pulled up her offence. 10# yeah, same. im just so bored with them. the same thing every week. i still think they are a mature couple though.

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    I LOVE VANESSA !!!!!

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    omg she looks so nice! peace to u too V! Luv ya 4_ever!

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    She is beautiful inside and out and I love how she always brings inpiration not just to us her fans but to everyone and I admire her for that.

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    V looks as gorgeous as always <33333

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    Kocham Vanessę!!!!

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    van jest śliczna chciałabym tak wyglądać:)

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    I love that she’s involved with the Environmental campaign. She looked lovely at the event and, as always, stylishly dressed to match it.

    Can’t wait to see her at more events in 2009.

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    She’s beautiful and it’s nice to see that she’s concerned about the environment. Her outfit was so pretty too, I want that maxi dress!

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    Vanessa looks pretty but not as pretty as bella;)

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    so pretty !

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