Vanessa Hudgens is Marc Ecko Unlimited

Vanessa Hudgens is Marc Ecko Unlimited

Vanessa Hudgens tries to ignore the snapping shutterbugs in this stunning new photo from her Marc Ecko Unlimited shoot.

The 20-year-old starlet is the face of the young women’s brand, Ecko Red and just recently shot a new commercial. Vanessa was also featured on Lifetime network’s Dare to Wear along with her High School Musical co-stars Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman and KayCee Stroh. One girl complimented her TRL outfit saying, “Vanessa Hudgens looks awesome all the time.”

TELL JJJ: Would you dare to wear Vanessa’s TRL outfit?

Vanessa Hudgens – Dare To Wear

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vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 01
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 02
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 03
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 04
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 05
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 06
vanessa hudgens ecko unlimited shoot 07

Photos: Jesus Esquivel
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  • ariana

    geez some of those girls are harsh!
    but yeah vanessa, best dressed as always

  • may

    vanessa is better than ashley!!!!

    ashley is so ridiculous….vanessa is awesome

  • sara 12

    vanessa is the best
    love you 4 ever

  • Laura

    I like both Vanessa and Ashley but if I had to choose an outfit to wear it would be Vanessa’s, it’s just more my kind of style.

  • anon


  • sam

    SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I think they were kind of mean to Kaycee. I thought her outfit was cute. I wouldn’t wear it, but still, it wasn’t as bad as they made it out to be, and it suits her. The Ecko pictures are gorgeous, and it’s true, she does look good no matter what. If I could pull it off the way she does, I’d definitely wear Vanessa’s outfit.

  • Roxana

    i agree baby V looks GORGROUS, BEAUTIFUL and AWESOME too All the time!!! you go Vanessa!

  • chris

    VISIT: YOUTUBE.COM/MatthewProkop !!!!!!


  • Zanessa Supporter

    Some Were A Lil Harsh But They Were Truthful About Vanessa Best Dressed As Always I Mean Kaycee’s Outfit Was Nice Not My Style Though


    no wonder why she and zac date!

    lucy hale is prettier though

    megan fox is way more pretty but more bitchy! hahah

    love her and zac i hove nothing against her .. she’s just so lucky to be with zac!!! love zanessa


  • Mech



    That pic eith the glasses looksss AAAWEEEESOMEEE!!! her hair is AMAZING! i have to admit it she has a great life she’s pretty she has a great voice great carreer great boyfriend and great fans….. great house GREAT HAIR! and LOTS of money …….. but i mean she’ss sooo LUCKY! IT’S AMAZING I LOVE AND ENVY HER!°!


  • Alexia

    These outtakes of her are stunningly gorgeous and they are not even the actual shots.
    I cant wait for the actual shots :thud:

  • pop86

    The woman, who sound like a two year old on helium, had no right to judge Kaycee hair color so harshly. That chick got some nerve.

    I like Vanessa and Monique outfits.

  • zanessa4everr

    shes so pretty!

  • R


  • rissa

    v is always looking hot. those pics are definitely high quality and nice shots of her. love it!

  • Alisha

    Vanessa & Ash are awesome (:
    Those pics are gorgeous :D x

  • ayen

    I love this photoshoot alot. ^^ I hope we get to see the actual official pictures soon. All the pics are just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them.

  • Taylor-fan

    I would wear vanessa hudgens She is my role-model and my style icon amd i am all about taking fashion risks

  • Kitty Cat

    i agree that they were really harsh on Kaycee, i feel really bad for her, i would be so upset if people said that about me, the outfit is SO cute! but i can’t see myself wearing it, i’m not that outgoing, but still, it’s really cute, i like Ashley’s outfit, don’t like her, loved Vanessa’s outfit and love her! Monique’s outfit is cute, HATE THE SHOES!
    I LOVE VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • witchygirl

    Vanessa always dresses well

  • vanessajonas

    yeah she is always perfect=)

  • http://ijusloverher zanessa_love

    vanessa do always dress good!!!!!! she’s the best!!! and i would sooo wear her outfit, it’s so cool!! i love it!

    omg they were sooo mean to KayCee! if she feels good in that cloths just let her wear it!!


  • jo

    just to be clear i think these are outtakes not the actual ad campaign

  • meme!!

    vanessa is better than ashley!!!!
    i love nessa!!
    she is soo cute and hot!
    she is the best..! <3

  • suzy

    Gorgeous like always.

  • gracie

    Of course Ashley and Vanessa’s outfits were awesome. they both have cool differents styles. Love them Both!! xx. wish them all the best in ’09

  • zanessa fan!!!

    I would LOVE to wear vanessas outfit, i think it is totally cute!!! It looks fabulous on her!!!

  • elenee

    she is absolutely gorgeous!

  • dani

    i dont really like vanessa
    but i LOVE her style, she’s definitely my fashion-icon

  • kay

    I’d definitly wear Vanessa’s outfit! It’s the best out of the 4, Kaycee’s outfit, I would never wear it but it wasn’t that bad. I might wear Monique’s outfit.

  • kay

    Ashley’s was okay.

  • sara 12
  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    i saw these pics a while ago but i still luv 2 look at them lol! she looks so pretty!!! lol!! me and my cuzinzs watched tha dare 2 ware! and it was cute!! vanessa looks pretty all tha time lol!! and i felt bad 4 kaycee she didnt get any good comments and they did tha thumbs down! lol!!

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    I think I would wear :

    1. Ashley’s dress ( lose the jacket )
    2. Vanessa’s shoes and stocking
    3. Monique pink dress and gladiator shoes
    4. Kaycee’s Red hot pants

  • Chloe

    Vanessas clothes are awesome I would wear that any day :). Ashley dress is cool I would wear it if the colours were different but still was awesome:). Moniques outfit is cute I love the pink awesome deco would wear:). And god some girls are mean on kaycee it’s a cute outfit but there’s to much going on if it’s more simple it would work -cute :/ but you have to remember she does not have top stylist making her up like v a and m do so good try!

  • suzanne

    Vanessa has the best clothes ever, much better then Ashley’s outfits. Ashley goes for the predictable.

  • http://justjaredjr lynette

    i will wear V outfit that it more like me

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    no need to bash fellow friends…
    do what your own mouth often say….

  • sara

    Yeah! I love all her clothe

  • Naomi

    Vanessa looks so stunning in the pictures, I can’t begin to imagine how awesome the main campaign pictures would be.

    As for the video, I always love Van’s outfits and she killed in that one, effortlessly.

    However, I think the girls were a bit too harsh on Kaycee. I think the four of them wore their outfits well and it suited their personality and the occasion.

    I would definitely wear Van’s outfit because her style is more suited to mine and we have similar body types. I thought all the other outfits were good as well though I wouldn’t wear them.

  • caitlin

    wow those photos of vanessa are amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Vfan

    SOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL that it’s not even funny she is def one of the most prettiest celebs out there..seriously.

  • zashley4ever

    I prefer Ashley but I like them both.


  • Key
  • Jessie

    omg vanessa look awesome <3
    anyway she looks cute all the time :)
    i love you vanessa and zanessa forever =)))

  • amelia

    i’m so jealous of her.. she can wear ANYTHING and make it work!! i swear she could turn a paper bag into a cute brown tube dress haha

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA

    vanessa to describe these pictures
    Perhaps all together can describe

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