Daren Kagasoff: I've Got A Baby On The Way

Daren Kagasoff: I've Got A Baby On The Way

The Secret Life of the American Teenager‘s Daren Kagasoff suits up in the February 2009 issue of Teen Vogue.

The 21-year-old actor dishes on dishes on his hit ABC Family show, who he admires in the entertainment industry and his own fashion sense. Here’s what he had to say:

On fellow actors he looks up to: “I would just loved to emulate Emile Hirsch’s career. I’d like to follow the routes of actors closer to my age.”

On his breakout series: “It’s getting complicated, you know, considering that I’ve got a baby on the way.”

On his first day on set: “The first day on set, I arrived wearing my nicest clothes. Everyone else was in sweatpants and, like, ‘Why are you dressed like that?’”

The Secret Life of An American Teenager returns on Monday, January 5th @ 8 PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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  • trainwreck*

    he’s a hottie :)

  • nathalia


  • zanessa_luver

    im addicted to this show! i LOVE it! :)

  • biatch

    wow a baby? with who?

  • zanessa SUCKS!

    I loveee TSLOTAT!

    and Ricky and Grace are THE CUTESSTTT couple ever! I so hope they stay together for a while. They are sooo adorable. Gricky is forever the best. <3

  • zanessa SUCKS!


    Wow your a little slow…he means his and amy’s baby IN THE SHOW

  • eRiKa

    i rEaLlY diDn’T lIKe hIs cHaRaCtEr oN tHe sHoW….. bUt hE sEeMs sWeEt…. i lOvE eMILe hIrScH hE iS aN aMaZiNg aCtOr…. p.S: i lOvE tHiS sHoW!!!

  • erika

    i love thisssss showww!
    i only watch this cause of him
    he’s soooo hottttt!!! =]

  • Glenna

    i think this show is stupid but i gotta admit he is kinda cute.

  • justme

    Omg,I love his show and Ricky and Amy should get together!

  • Amanda

    awwwww he is super hot/cute i just got this issue of Teen Vogue, and stopped absolutely dead in my tracks when I saw this guy haha he is gorgeous, i dont think i had seen or heard of him before though, until i saw him in the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine with Leighton Meester on the cover, from Gossip Girl. he looks alittle like the guy from Billy Elliot (the movie), which came out in the year 2000 i think. Jamie Bell is his name, he has been in a ton of movies recently actually i think, but Billy Elliot is his debut film i believe, and will always remain one of his best movies, in my opinion. i think he was in like Jumper though with Rachel Bilson and that guy lol forget his name but he’s dating her? Christian something maybe? Can’t wait to see Billy Elliot on Broadway in early February in NYC with my mom!!!! sooo excited for that, i heard its great, it got good reviews i think and my grandparents saw it and said it was fantastic and amazing!! they saw it with David Alvarez, and said he was a great actor, singer, and dancer etc. hope to see more of this hunk though haha he’s a cutie/hottie!!! why hasnt the world seen his beauty until now though? or maybe it has, and im just late on getting onto this bandwagon!! haahahaha
    P.S. completely off topic/subject but talking about Teen Vogue reminded me of this: isnt it sad that Cosmo Girl is folding?? now the only real like teen mags out there are Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Teen Mag and like Girl’s Life and Justine if u count those haha and American Cheerleader ahah and all the Prom mags. lol i mean a couple/few years ago it was Ellegirl and Teenpeople and Jane etc. and now its CosmoGirl, what’s gonna be next to fold??! ahhh i love magazines, but i guess its just easier for people to go on the magazine’s websites instead to check the news and read the articles and stuff. lol

  • Amanda

    and the failing/horrible economy probably has something to do about it…..hahaha

  • http://darenkagasofffans.com michelle

    Thanks for finally posting about Daren! He’s so awesome :) Everyone be sure to check out my websites that I have for the show and for Daren:



  • Ariana

    hes hott <3

  • Twilightrobert

    Hey,do you know Daren has a crush on Vanessa Hudgens and he called her hot in an interview. But of course,V is with Zac now.

  • justme

    He used to call Vanessa Hudgens “hot” in an interview. I think it was on Good Morning America?

  • http://www.myspace.com/minimountie Kari

    He’s adorable! Thanks for the article Jared :)

  • L


    i LOVE this show!!!! its amazing <3

    AND HE IS A H-O-T-T-I-E!!!!


    love him


  • ……..


  • http://www.funnyonesies.net Steve

    Congrats on the baby! Lots of work – but worth it!

  • brittany

    he is not really having a baby the person he plays is having a baby with a girl that he doesn’t even care about and he doesn’t care about the baby he just had sex with the girl one night at band camp. so people need to stop saying congrats on the baby. and yes he is hot. just go to abcfamily.com and watch the show and you will understand what i am talking about and you will love the show

  • brittany

    daren is not having a baby the person he is playing on the secret life is having a baby.

  • kristy

    woow.. hot :-)

  • http://mysoace kasey

    your so hott omg please find me somewhere and tlk

  • http://myspace kasey

    omg your really hottttttttttt=]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????im kasey and i love your show and omg i dont really have a clue wat im sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 yeppppp

  • http://myspace kasey

    i want you and amy 2 get with ach other wowwww such a hottie++++}}}}}}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kayleigh

    I think he did amazing in todays show. It was a very difficult part especially with being a new actor. His eyes teared up when needed, the tears came down when needed. He just did an amazing job.

  • Katie

    aww darren. i lovee youu (: he did soo good last night on the show. especially for being a young actor he did amazing! i love youuu!

  • justin lover

    i think he cute my friend is was dating him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ruby

    the baby cut and i like the name for the baby

  • Kaylee Boesen

    This guy is cute! I would like to hang out with him sometime soon! What a great actor! yumm lol

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