Jackson Rathbone is 'Dread'-ful

Jackson Rathbone is 'Dread'-ful

Jackson Rathbone
took a break from filming his newest movie, Dread, to talk to with Bloody Disgusting TV about his blockbuster film Twilight.

The 24-year-old actor spoke of what he hoped his life would be like post-Twilight (note: This was filmed a week before Twilight hit theaters). He shared, “I hope it’s not going to change too much. I’ve been blessed to have this film and it’s brought me a lot of other opportunities. It brought me this film [Dread], S. Darko, and The Last Airbender. Our band has been taking off. People have been paying a lot more attention to us, which is fantastic. We haven’t even finished our album so it’s kind of like ‘Wow.’ It’s a great launching point — I’m really greatful for it. But at the same time, I like the gradual career process that I’ve had. And in many ways, it’s kind of going to stay that way. I don’t want this jet rocket to stardom or anything. That element is kind of, I don’t know…”

Check out the rest of the interview below!

Jackson Rathbone on the set of ‘Dread’
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  • Carol

    FIRST !
    Who is this ?

  • joss

    jackson!!!!!!!!! he plays jasper in twilight!!

  • b chick

    i love him.
    he is such a sweetheart.
    and he did such a good job playing jasper

  • fleebleeb

    love him :) jasper is amazing!!! <3 jasperandalice
    but jared the video is kind of unsuitable for the younger users that will be looking at the site… has quite a bit of swearing in it!

  • angeline

    He’s so adorable and hot! I love Jackson.

  • PATI

    Jasper is LOVE!!!

  • brunah


  • christina

    Jackson is too cute…haahaa

  • Gracie

    He’s so adorable in this video, a really cutie. I don’t think he photographs well, because in photos he tends to look a little ‘deer-caught-in-headlights’.

  • MIchaela

    Oh he’s so adorable!!!

  • http://www.justjared.com ana

    i love him! and he is so cute in twilight! he is going to be in new moon, and thats so good. he is adorable!

  • Maya (:

    his band are so cute :)
    does anyone know if the new movie “dread” have a site ?

  • Zanessa Is HOTT

    whats his bands name?

  • noelle

    I think it’s called 100Monkeys…or something like that.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kirsti1 Kirsti

    Yeah its 100 Monkeys

    Jackson is just incredible =P i love him!

  • lolz

    i loveeeeeeeeee him!!! i have since i was 8(or younger) xD
    hes a GREAT actor and musician! AH i love him, hes such a sweetie :)
    cant wait for dread && S.Darko & Hurt,

  • arantxa

    i love jackson

    and i am not a new fan of him
    i love him since The OC

  • kAREN

    I was an extra on his film ‘Dread’ in the UK and can confirm he is an absolute sweetheart. He was so friendly and down-to-earth and I truly hope that he does very well as he deserves it. He is gorgeous in the flesh and has beautiful intense eyes.

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