Miranda Cosgrove is Guitar Hero Hopeful

Miranda Cosgrove is Guitar Hero Hopeful

Miranda Cosgrove sat down with Twist magazine to dish what’s on her holiday wish list this year.

The 15-year-old iCarly cutie shared with the mag, “I want the new Guitar Hero. I want that really bad. I love Guitar Hero. And also, a puppy would be good. I would love to have a new puppy. I would love to have a beagle, I think they are so cute or a labrodoodle, they’re really adorable too.”

Miranda added, “Daisy is a good name for a dog. Just saying.”

Miranda Cosgrove’s Holiday Wish List
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  • Amanda

    hahah cool yeahhh but arent the holidays like over basically now besides New Year’s?? haha like Christmas is over and Hanukkah is over, or almost over now isnt it? haha unless she celebrates like Kwanzaa or something…?? haha and the Winter Solstice and Boxing Day already happened also…haha what other holiday’s are there around now that i am forgetting to mention? haha but yeahh Guitar Hero and a puppy sound like great gifts!!!

  • Jennie

    i love her she is soo pretty :D
    i think she should get a puppy and have a photoshoot with
    it :D

  • Karina

    Ohh, she is beautiful , and her show ICarly is great ..

    Love her !!

  • Ami

    ooh I was able to get the newest guitar hero for the wii on Christmas and it is definitely extremely fun

  • zeze

    EWWWWWWWWWWW! hate her :S
    sry fans

  • geena

    ZeZe, you seem really sad.

  • geena

    MIRANDA COSGROVE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notafan

    She just had a FREE song released in Rock Band, and advertises how great their biggest competitor is to everyone who will listen? Good job, Cosgrove. This is why most people over fourteen don’t respect teenage stars.

  • lolololol

    Cosgrove gets a free song on Rock Band and she advertises the competition, lulz.

  • Vitor

    Miranda Cosgrove is the most beautiful ;D
    I am brazilian i don´t know speak very good english but i love you :D

  • geena

    notafan, this site is basically aimed on teenage stars.
    If it’s something you hate why the hell are you here?
    Seriously, don’t try to act so cool. I pity you.
    And the whole free song rubbish, it may be a advertising thingy to make profit. Eitherway, Miranda’s new video is doing well on iTunes and in no.51 on billboard. She’s doing good in her career, so shut the heck up.
    And Amanda, let’s not forget SHE was asked by the magazine. She was jsut merely answering the question. It’s not her fault.

  • Claris

    I love you Miranda Cosgrove!
    I live in Sweden but i can English and I wonder if you can come to Sweden?
    Please couse i really want to meet you!
    Please please please!
    And if you can hehe so come to Stockholm!:)

  • http://www.youtube.com/myzoegirl00 meagan

    i am ur biggest fan miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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