Nikki Blonsky: Happy Holidays!

Nikki Blonsky: Happy Holidays!

Nikki Blonsky gives a great big smile as she wishes all of her friends and fans via her official fansite the warmest wishes during the holiday season.

The 20-year-old Hairspray actress shared a special message with her fans: “Your love and support is definitely the best gift I’ve been given this year. I just wanted to let you all know how special you are to me. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkuh, Merry Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate, just be thankful that you’re with your family and your friends.”

Nikki Blonsky – Happy Holidays
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  • just

    who cares. i used to love her but then she started getting mean and she was in prison. she is mean now,,,,, but she is a very good actress, she is talented thats for sure,

  • mileyfan4ever


  • merarydelgadodiaz

    wow!is such a nice girl and for the people who hate just because she is fat, then you had no life.You what they say:Not judge someone from her cover.

  • phil

    Sweet message from a sweet girl with so much talent. Can’t wait to see her on Ugly Betty.

  • Kayla

    Thanks JJ for posting this news for us!!

    Nikki is a wonderful person and a great friend!!!!!!!!!

    This was a very nice video!

  • rhonda

    Loved her in HS and wish her good luck in the new year. Can’t wait for her tv debut on Ugly Betty and the movie she’s in. Nikki is a talented young woman I love reading about because she is not just an ordinary cookie-cutter Hollywood beauty.

  • bella

    Happy Holidays back at you Ms. Blonsky. May your family and you find peace and joy in the new year. You’ve all been through a lot.

    Keep your chin up and do your thing because your future is bright. You are a model of a person who has overcome the odds because of your positive attitude and incredible talent.

  • suzi


    what an amazing celebrity she is to actually care about her fans this much

  • sofila

    why does she keep repeating herself? the editing is horrible on this

  • zanfan4Eva

    8p i don’t like her!!
    i mean she is a good actress and all
    but i just don’t like her!!!

  • presley

    She’s such an incredible girl, awesome that she took the time out to make a personal message for all her fans.

    I agree, the editing could have been a lot better.

    This isn’t a Zanessa post, so haters to the left – you have no place here.

  • angela clarke

    haters why are you just picking on her for is it cuz of her weight its the inner beauty the most so quit the hating besides she didnt do anything to you ok.

    that was sweet of nikki to do that vid and aww her dog rocky is cute.

  • aw

    This year her various actions, along with her delusions and lies did an excellent job of showing the world how pathetic she is.

  • Lanie

    Thank you for posting this message JJ!! It was so sweet of Nikki to think of her fans in the special time of year. I wish her and the rest of her family the happiest and most blessed of New Years.

  • pam

    presley #11 Take your own advice, you are the only one so far to bring up “zanessa”.

  • Dee

    LOL Those negative comments are hysterical. No doubt they’re all 12 year old girls. So immature. ANYWAYS, I love this post, I love Nikki Blonsky she is insanely talented and an amazing person. I wish her nothing but the best in the new year. I hope to see her on TV and movies!!! She deserves all the work she gets. She’s too talented to pass up.

  • Lpipperoni

    Thanks Jared for posting this video. That was very sweet of her to take time out of her life and thank her fans. She truly is a bright shining light and will go far. Her talent is astounding. She really cares about her fans can not say that about alot of other celebrities out there.

  • ashlee

    what’s the point of this post? who is this chick?

  • pop86

    Most people who dislike Nikki do so because
    1) her personality is too over the top.
    2) find her personality very annoying and distracting.
    3)she has an “imaginary relationship” which she keep promoting for publicity purposes even though it makes her look pathetic.
    4) rather than talk about which she has going for her(talent) she talks about not fitting in Hollywood. How many times must we hear this.

  • kami

    kind of weird. and freaky. did she send this home video to tv stations across the country?

  • ashlee

    she should have had someone else do the video. or had someone edit it.

  • Nonna

    Thanks for posting. Nikki is the sweetest person.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley

    Nikki is a sweetheart

  • Christine

    The fact that she was put in jail with her father for beating up another person in a public area MIGHT have something to do with why people don’t like her. Aparently that sweet, good girl act was just that…an act. I never believed the whole, “I don’t fit into Hollywood” drabble anyways. Crushing and hitting on an unavailable guy? Getting arrested because her ego requires more airport seats than she does? How much more Hollywood could you possibly get? :)

  • steph

    are you serious? hating nikki because of vanessa… mature!

    nikki is such a sweet girl, i wish her all the best in the new year.

  • Liz

    Hmmm well that was odd… Honestly Im like ok about her, dont really love her nor do I hate her.. She was good in Hairspray but the movie she did for LifeTime, Queen Sized was just ok… Its the same story again that says more power to ya when in all reality that kinda stuff doesn’t happen…

    To post #19 (or anyone who knows the answer) what do you mean she has an “imaginary relationship”?? I have not heard of this and it sounds creepy… Hmmm… Yea. LOL

  • jessic

    Thanks for posting the video! Nikki was so sweet to post that to her fans!

  • Lanie


    Nikki has said numerous times that Zac Efron is an important person in her life. She has never hinted at any sort of relationship other than friendship but it does not sit well with some people when she speaks of him as one of her close friends.

  • beth

    Lanie, the operative word here is she “claims” to be a close friend of Zac Efron. Her constant blabbing about that so-called “close relationship” is what ticks people off specially when it borders on obsessive. They were co-stars but the apparent lack of candids speaks volumes that their “close friendship” started with HS and ended after it’s promotion. Sad but true and Zikki fans needs to stop the illusion that there was ever something between these two and that there ever will be.

  • lozzie

    Thanks JJ For this video! I love nikki blonsky – she is sweet and a true person (unlike alot of those hollywood young actors atm) will always be a fan and support her in future – happy new year nikki! :)

  • Andreas

    It´s so sweet of Nikki to make that video. The point is to say thanks to her fans, its´s not supposed to be professional. I´m very excited to see her in Ugly Betty. Bianca may stared the hole airport event so that doesn`t make Nikki a bad person. Nikki is talented, beautiful and inspirational.

  • http://ZacEfron zac efron’s #1 Fan

    #29 Beth I agree with you 100% all the way.

  • Nikkifan

    I love Nikki! It´s so nice of her to make that video. Zac has said himself that Nikki is a good friend and why shouldn´t they, she is adorable.

  • Liz

    Lanie & Beth-

    LOL Thank you for clearing that up. I hadn’t heard about her and her “relationship” with Zac.. Yea thats odd… And I can see how others wouldn’t like it too much. LOL

  • EMMA

    Thanks of posting JJ, love this girl and cant wait to see what her talent will show us in 2009!!!

  • Jenna

    wow i think its kind of lame those girls sent the tip into just jared so that it would be obvious they were “friends” with nikki blonsky. how tacky and tasteless. here’s some advice ms. blonsky, if these girls are tossing this video all over the internet to get their names out there chances are they aren’t your real friends.

    come on ladies, hasn’t nikki been through enough this year? go ride someone else’s coattails.

  • devin-alicia

    I can’t stand her
    not because she’s fat i just don’t like her

  • Az

    Nikki’s such a winsome girl. I hope 2009 is a better year for her. :D

    And devin-alicia, if you don’t like her…Don’t post here. Simple as that.

    Happy New Year! :D

  • floramel

    Nikki is a really good actress and singer and she got cleared of the accusations from the airport brawl so what more can u ask for? We’ll see later on if she stays in the spotlight!

  • katey

    i like her a lot!! She is an amazing acrtress, but I can’t help but say it looks like she has gained a ton of wait–no offense or anything I mean she is still gorgeous– it is just that i noticed ok? and I love love love hairspray and cant wait to see her in ugly betty!!!! xOxO :)


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