Popstar! February 2009 -- FIRST LOOK

Popstar! February 2009 -- FIRST LOOK

With the new year just around the corner, tween mag Popstar! is gearing up for 2009 with their February mega-magazine filled with everything Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of the issue’s hottest stories:
Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle in Mexico
– On the Set with Metro Station filming their “Seventeen Forever” video
– Interview with Taylor Swift
Demi and Selena‘s Boy Pact
– Win-a-Date with HSM3′s Ryne Sanborn fulfilled
– The making of Dadnapped with Emily Osment

The mag hits stands in a couple weeks — be sure to pick up a copy!

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  • Luis

    jajajaja Im the first one… soo… Great edition…. the sad thing is that here in my Country Guatemala there is no edition of PopStar… or maybe there is but I havent seen it jajajaja

    Taylor Swift??!! Is she gonna get another crush soon??? Why did she get interviewed if she has her heart broken? OHHHH the drama… I love it… Controversy creates cash… In Taylor`s case it created a Album that sold more copyes than the Jonas Brothers jajaja

  • nathalia


  • Karina

    Taylor and Joe form a beautiful couple …

    But, Joe and Demi is better !

  • Angelica

    4th! :)

  • Krissy

    that’s alot going on in that magazine :S
    i so wanna buy it!
    looks amazing
    and all the stories are new
    AND are worth hearing about! :)

    different type of people.
    wasn’t perfect for each other.
    and is over
    so why bring them back again?
    it shows a different ,more troubled look from taylor just explaining herself again.
    I honestly, don’t think she can find love, after what she did, just to one guy, and every other guy, knowing she writes about them. But that’s just my opinion…
    I can’t stand hearing about the same thing..over and over again >.>
    new news please!

    DEMI And joe on the other hand
    are perfect.
    best chemistry & SHOULD be best couple
    all year round :D
    not camille.
    sorry to say
    but it’s true :S

    # 1
    taylor may have her fun now
    just conning out the jonas brothers
    and having first place in her album
    but atleast the guys
    know what’s right from wrong
    not causing any drama back;)
    AND the fact
    good beats evil any day..
    do you honestly, think taylor can beat them and everyone else..over one stone & one breakup that anyone else can relate too?
    I think not.
    but that’s just me.


    is it just me or is selena and demi more talked about in those little tween magazines now then miley? their pictures (on most) are getting bigger and bigger and miley’s is strinking. . . hmm wonder y

  • Ami

    Yea dem and selena are definitely taking up more space than miley in these mags
    idc i like them way better than her anyways
    And of course a jobro has the biggest picture on the cover haha
    nick j and demi rock


    I’m not a Jemi fan, even Demi says if they started dating, it would be really weird.

  • Dot

    Selena’s head looks.. big. And her hair is flat.. Which makes her head look… big.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    OMJ when i seen that huge pic of Nick Jonas on the the front my heart seriously stopped for a seconed hes so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • zanessa SUCKS!

    WOW no one from HSM is on the cover! I mean no one that matters! God Robert is sooo ugly. How can ANYONE think he’s hot? TEAM TAYLOR ftw!

    thank god at least they shrunk two of JB’s heads. Yawn. When are the JB fangirls gonna give it a rest?

  • lie

    i want to hear more about miley she is more interesting!love her!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    #11 the Jonas Brothers are NOT BORING and shrunken heads on a cover on a magazine dosent mean they’re not BIG and the Jonas Brothers are HUGE in showbiz and FYI ALOT of people L<3<3<3<3VE the Jonas Brothers so its gonna take a while for us Jonas Fanz to give it a rest so just GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Cherry-Jean

    no more zac efron?;-;

  • Littlewasserman

    NOOOOOOOOO Taylor Swift I beg of you DON’T GO ON DISNEY! It will ruin your carreer! I will hunt you down if you do.

  • Laylaaaa

    I think people are missing the point here.


    Uh-humm.. just thought I would point that out.

  • brie2009

    Aww I remember those days when I used to read PopStar!, J-14, Mega, Teen People, Tiger Beat and Bop. And Jesse McCartney was always on the covers and so was Usher. And I also remember in Middle school when I used to bring these mags with me and my friends and we would read them during PE. And then my friends would rip the posters out first! and I was left with no poster =(. It just seemed like it was yesterday! Thats what this cover reminded me of.

  • kristan

    is it just me or is selena and demi more talked about in those little tween magazines now then miley? their pictures (on most) are getting bigger and bigger and miley’s is strinking. . . hmm wonder y


    perhaps, and im just throwing this out there, its that miley is no longer liked only by the preteens that read magazines like tiger beat and popstar, which are essentially tabloids for that age group.
    miley can now be found on the covers, and all throughout, tabloids us weekly and intouch. and people. magazines that cater to an older age group, where she will be taken more seriously than demi & selena ever will be.

  • Laurl23

    Miley is on the cover, she has almost the same sized picture Selena does. Miley doesn’t have alot of parts to the magazine as Selena & Demi do though. What they usually do is do a part on Niley and then something about her love life. But what Selena doesn’t have is that Miley is in every magazine for older and younger age groups. :)

  • http://www.bebo.com/aliceKatex alice

    oh i wish i could read that. but here in stupid england they dont do it so even if u go to america on holiday and get it, you can never do any of the competitions :@ x

  • Savannah

    *clears throat*
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH *fan girl scream*
    omg i <3 them both sooo much…Taylor waaay more though :]

  • kaitlyn

    ROBERT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! luv him<333333333 and TAYLOR *sigh* they are so georgious.
    but nick eewwwwwwwwwwww groose get him off that pretty much ruins the whole magazing but than you look at taylor and robert and i feel much better

  • http://sodahead.com (Lexi) Alexaca Woodruff

    I Love you Nick

  • dakotaajonasbrotherslover

    jemi just saying i mean taylor and joe didnt really make a cute couple but now joe and demi are like perfect for eachother!!!

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