Brenda Song Goes Down To Boogie Town

Brenda Song Goes Down To Boogie Town

Brenda Song is going to slip on her dancing shoes alongside Marques Houston of Sister, Sister fame in the upcoming dance flick, Boogie Town.

The 20-year-old Suite Life sweetheart will join Houston, Mykal Anthony Bean, and Vanessa Simmons in the modern West Side Story tale. Taking place in a future New York City where battle dancing has been outlawed, Micah (Houston) and Jay (Bean) are leaders of rival dance crews and Micah starts to fall in love with Jay’s beautiful sister Natalie.

Boogie Town dances its way to the big screen in June 2009.

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  • Karina

    She looks so greatt

  • Karina


  • B

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV YOU BRENDA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    I seriously can’t wait!!!!!!!!! Brenda’s character name hasn’t been confirmed yet but she does play the lead roles in the movie. There are alot of sites saying that she plays Natalia that is a very likely. I love Brenda, she is so amazing, talented, inspiring. This is her breakout chance, to prove that she is more than a teen star. I can’t wait. This movie is distributed by the same company that is doing New York, I love You. This is going to rock, she is going to gather a much older audience!!!!! Love ya Queen B :)

  • Haley

    Happy New Year Brenda!!! I can’t wait to see Boogie Town, it is a much darker movie, Brenda is going to play Natalie!!!!! YAY.

  • suzy

    happy that she has something new for me to look forward to.

  • Hanni

    I luv Brenda. I want to see Boogie Town NOW lol lol it’s her time to rule the box office. The films is sure to be a hit!!!! I loved Brenda’s Like Mike and I can’t wait to see this one. I was a huge Brenda fan way before Disney Channel.

  • baby


    Happy new year, Brenda!!!!!

  • brit

    OMG i wanna see this for sure i am sooo soooo sooooooooooooooo excited finally a mature adult role finally a serious movie great job brenda. the movie is starry marques, brenda and vanessa. this is the cast order according to variety. so its brenda’s movie i dont know who mkyal is?

  • lolo

    i am in love with brenda song. Boogie Town is bound is top the box office, I mean how can it not. Amazing storyline. Amazing cast and amazing company that will release the film. And promote it a lot. Since the same company is going to do New York, I Love You (2008). i love brenda song!!!!!! and boogie town!!!!!!

  • Leyton

    Brenda is a divine godess :D I can’t wait to see this!!! I hope that Brenda plays Natalia, it’s a very complex role and different from the other roles she has done in 2005-2008. In Like Mike, Brenda did a fantastic job playing an oprhan and she won awards for it so she is def gonna play the role amazingly.


  • jorendafan4ever

    I am VERY excited I want to dance and scream to show my excitement I am going to see this movie 2938474 times. Brenda is beautiful in the inside and outside and I support her all the way

  • brendasongfan4everandalways

    Am I dreaming?? Someone pinch me!!!! Brenda Song returns to the big screen and this time she plays a major role which is strong and mature. Some one please pinch me. I saw College Road Trip hoping that her role will not be disneyfied and sucky, but no offence to bren, it sucked!

  • kiki

    I love Brenda Song shes so cute and i can’t wait 4 boogie town

  • Sel

    WOAH Can’t wait

  • sushiluver

    This film seems very interesting the plot rocks. Just Jared Jr, Brenda may play Natalia. It has not been said who she will play but what we do know is that her character is one of the main ones and part of the plot

  • Sophia

    She is going to be one of the big major stars in the big world Hollywood. She made it big in the teen world and kiddies world so she is definitely going to make it in the big world. She has the potenital and the talent. Lets see how her performance in this movie turns out to be. I absolutely loved her performance in like mike. By the way happy new year everyone.

  • alyandajfan

    I LUV YO BREN!!!! I am not going to miss this movie. Really can’t wait

  • mrs nick

    I love Brenda SONG I wanna see this right away….. she is QUEEN B

  • nelena/jorenda fan

    I think that everyone is going to see this movie because of Brenda just like in college road trip. This time it’s Brenda everywhere, in the posters screens streets, tv!!!!!! yay yay

  • Jamie

    awww so cute but this movie is going to be dark a new darker role for brenda is perfect for 2009 :D

  • Susan

    Brenda Is So Pretty She Is The Queen I Can’t Wait To See Boogie Town Kudos To Brenda For Accepting This Role I Want To See This Movie Now So Bad I Love Brenda For Ever And Always I Hope That Brenda Is Natalia Because Its A Serios Character That Falls In Love With A African American Dancer

  • Little L

    Fantastic! Brenda is the next Angelina Joie if she keeps on these kind of movies for sure her acting skills are absolutely amazing she can pull of anything from a poor orphan to a rich millionare hieress I think that many people forget that she starred in the hit movie Like Mike which got over 100 million dollars worldwide

  • starry


  • bbgood2me

    Oh so amazing cant wait huge brenda song fan finally a hit movie

  • JBBrenda

    I love Brenda, I admire her passion and her work. I also admire her style and the way she leads her life. She is truly amazing and has literally made history. Brenda is… my idol and I am proud to say it. She makes us Asians and Americans so proud.

  • katrina

    This is her time!!!!1 To BREAKOUT and to be finally considered a serious young actress. I wish that she never joined Disney and continued her film career when Like Mike finished.

  • wanna


  • dance

    I luv brenda song and this movie is def gonna be rocking the charts

  • dance

    The 7 Things I love About Brenda
    Her passion
    Her Good morals
    Her love for this
    Her god vices
    Her style
    Her fine work of art
    Her love to everyone

  • dance

    It wont even post my other comment.

  • mileyfan

    i love brenda this is going to be so cool brenda in the boogie town underworld can’t wait

  • Kylie

    So is Brenda going to dance I would love her to play a double or triple threat role she did in Wendy Wu and I loved it. I knew that in 2009 she was going to do a serious theatrical film. I am dying to see it, the first one inline. I love Brenda. A fan forever and ever!!!

  • KJS

    Have a happy new year Brenda I love you <333

  • bella

    I look forward to seeing this!
    Happy New Year, Bren! <3

  • newygirl


  • yaylondon

    i live for brenda stuff yay cant wait

  • Rachel

    She is the best!! She will be the new big, big, big actress in Hollywood!!! Because: she is beautiful, talented, cute, good girl, not a party girl, very private person etc, etc…


  • gabby

    CANT WAIT <3


    Brenda is very talented, she is set to make it big. I love her movies and shows and I can’t wait to see this movie. She is an amazing actress her acting is excellent. Boogie Town is going to be amazing like Brenda ♥


    oh and Happy New Year Queen B.

    All the best to you!!!!

  • littlefashionaddict

    I am brenda fanatic, happy new year queen b. wish her all the success and happiness in 2009.

  • chris

    I can’t wait to see Brenda on the big screen again.

  • starry

    brenda is…… beautiful and happy new year brenda!!!! i cant wait for her in 2009!!!!! its going to be her best year ever!!!! boogie town is going to rock!!!!! yes cant wait for it!!!!!!

  • parker

    I WANT 2 SEE HER ON DA SCREEN NOW. I can’t wait till the Summer :(

  • Selina

    OH.MY.GOODNESS. She’s amazing =] Truly beautiful! She just glows!!!!! ♥ Happy new year Brenda!!! and good luck in 09 and totally cant wait!!!!

  • stace

    love her soo much !!!!! Brenda 4-EVER!!! Happy NEW YEAR EVERY1 And CAN’T WAIT FOR BOOGIE TOWN

  • luvya

    OMG OMG OMFG!!!!!! I wish Brenda Song all the best this is fantastic, she appeals to many audiences and this is a way to show it. I can’t wait for her movie, she is a good girl, cute, beyonf beautiful and amazing at everything she does. I cant wait for this!!!

  • fbi teen

    she is an angel from heaven. i love her :D cant wait for her film and her character will be amazin and so will the fillm she is amazin love her forever forever forever xooxoxooxooxo happy new year brenda!!!!!

  • beth

    i love brenda s!!!!!!!! boogie town is going to change her disney starlet image cant wait!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, BRENDA, JOE, AND EVERYONE