Miley Cyrus: Happy New Year, Alison Kaprielian!

Miley Cyrus: Happy New Year, Alison Kaprielian!

Miley Cyrus will be ringing in the New Year in the O.C. — without Ryan Atwood.

The 16-year-old starlet and BFF Mandy Jiroux will ring in the new year with Alison Kaprielian, E! reports. A source dished, “Miley and Mandy surprised the girl at her house today. It was very cute.”

Alison gives her time to the Pink Ribbon Club for breast cancer awareness and won MTV’s contest to hang with Miley on New Year’s Eve. In honor of her work, all audience members must wear pink — males and females!

Catch MTV tonight @ 8PM ET/PT!

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  • michelle

    i love her!!

  • :)

    Love Miley :)

  • Zanessalover4ever

    love her

  • jonaslover

    awesome i love Miley that girl is like super lucky!

  • jazzy

    yayy!!! i know alison! she goes to my high school :D
    nd im goin to mileys show!


    Well Done Alison.

  • Kiara

    omg i cant wait to go and meet miley im so nerves i dont what im going to wear omg yay

  • niki

    not going to lie i got really excited when i saw ryan atwood. haha very misleading!!

  • joeil4u

    she’s so lucky!!! these are the times when I hate to be italian :-(

  • nathalia

    that girl is soo damn lucky!
    love miley :)

  • really

    miley rocks! wish she was going to be on dick clark’s again this year, but oh well.

    that girl is so lucky.

  • lie

    man! i love miley even at the end of the year miley still thinks about giving back she does have a really good heart. she was at the hospital singing for sick children with cancer and sick and now she doing this for someone that is doing something good for cancer umm i havent seen other umm disney star doing as much as miley does for cancer and people i just dont. she the best!

  • cant wait

    i hope they show some of the concert from the High School. Cant Wait. Miley ROCKS =D

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    omg im so gonna watch this can’t wait omg she is so pretty in that pic love her! lol

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!!!:)

    Miley is sooooooooooo
    sweet i mean who dosent
    L<3<3<3<3VE Miley Cyrus!?!
    shez such a giver i love when stars
    like her are soooooooooooooooooo
    down to earth and love to help others
    that comes to show that shez classy &
    kind and that she comes from a good family
    unlike some stars


    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Yarita


  • Dot

    Miley has such a good heart. I don’t get why people hate her so much. Is it because of the silly pictures that she took? Wow. It has been over a year now. She has forgotten about that. Why won’t they forget about it too? Geez.

  • vbgtt

    i love miley

  • f

    miley has such a good heart, i stilldon’t get how ppl hate on her, i guess they are just jealous, hope she has an awesome next year

  • mileyfan4ever

    wow that girl Alison is super lucky 4 that!
    love miley :D

  • Holly

    Dude that girl is SUPER LUCKY but it’s good that she does charity work and such, so she totally deserves that prize! haha

    Check out my website:

  • http://irina anna

    Love her
    i wanna go see her
    its like my dream

  • Emma

    good for ali! I can’t wait to see it. And the JoBros on Dick Clarks tonight!

  • Emma

    hahaha, they ‘stared’ my word above….LOL

  • olivia

    I really love Miley she is so amazing . she is my hero . I like 7 thing tmc award and fly on the wall at AMA award her performen . Miley Go Ahead !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chamaree

    i just finished watching a Miley-Sized surprise now i’m waiting for the Jonas Brothers To perform On D ick Clarks Now Ps Taylor Swift Did a good job performing still don’t understand why she took her jacket off and did anyone else notice the face miley made when alison said keep your boyfriend he is a keeper (WAY TO PUT HER BUSINESS OUT THERE I MEAN WE ALL SUSPECTED HE WAS HER BOYFRIEND BUT NOW SHE CONFIRMED IT)

  • babi


  • Wes

    Whoo-hoo! I just wanna say congratulations to Alison Kaprielian for a job well done on raising breast cancer awareness, and of course, earning a very special concert with Miley Cyrus. I’m a huge fan of Miley, and I wish both of you guys (and everyone) a happy 2009! HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND MILEY CYRUS ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! =)

  • Isabel Mesquita from Portugal

    happy new year miley

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    hey Holly i checked out
    your site it was AWSOME
    I LOVED it cuz Miley was
    EVERYWERE ;) but anyway
    sweet site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • wagi_xxx

    Argg!! i cnt believe u like Miley Cyrus. I guess i kinda like her songs 7 things and see you again.
    after the pics she tuk i dnt reali respect or like her anymore.

  • http://facebook tina217

    hey mily what happen u use to be cool why r u not in movies, on tv.or even on stage.??????//

    also why wo’nt you u try a new image… then u will be on top like u were???