Stella Hudgens: Here's Your Proof!

Stella Hudgens: Here's Your Proof!

Stella Hudgens aka Vanessa‘s younger sister, uploaded a video to her personal MySpace page to prove her web presence to skeptics.

Shortly after posting it, she took it down! But lucky for us, the video of the 13-year-old starlet was uploaded on another account for us to enjoy. Stella chats away on the phone with friend, Sophie, and shares, “I’ve been getting a lot of comments saying that I’m fake. Yeah, am I fake anymore? Here’s your proof that you’ve been asking for.”

JJJ has learned that she has made a new account but all of her videos are now private.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Stella’s new vid? Doesn’t she sound exactly like Vanessa???

Stella Hudgens – Here’s Your Proof
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Credit: Thanks, Ashley!
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  • Karina

    Her voice is exactly like Vanessaa’s

  • I/am/me

    she loooks and sounds SOO much like her sister!

  • aw

    Why exactly are you posting it on here? She’s Vanessa sister & not famous on her own yet. She was already getting harassed for being one of those “Posers” to the point that she had to post this vid. There was a reason she deleted it. Some moron who doesn’t get that uploaded it again & put it up, not her.

  • Helen



    I was like the first one 2 see this video.And i’m gald for stella for posting it because there are so many fakes on bebo and everyone is sick of them,, so rock on stella!! i think you and vanessa are beautiful!!!

    Happy New Year..x


  • Bre

    Oh lord… that IS her sister… XP

  • Vicki

    OMG!!! ………. She looks and sounds just like Vanessa!!!!!! Shes so pretty!

    I love Vanessa :)

  • http://netlog zanessahasmyheart

    she does sound exactly like vanessa its weird but i like stella

  • justniki

    she is cute:)

  • Melissa

    her voice is just vanessa’s, also the way she talk and how she said the sentence it’s just the way Vaneesa would say it. i love Vanessa Hudgens.

  • kendra

    jared take this off this was deleted for a reason! i dont mean to be mean ahaha but she took it off so ppl wouldn’t steal it.
    take it downnn’

  • palomita

    THE SAME VOICE AS NESSA !!!it’s unbelievable they REALLY look like each other ! stella ‘s just so cute as her sister
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ( i live in Paris)

  • Tam

    She Is So Cute :) God Bless Her.

  • Sheelpa

    ummm x
    Whats her new youtube ??? x
    i saw this long time but… whats her new youtube? xx

  • vanessajonas

    :37 creeepy! the same chuckle of vanessa jaja
    she is so cute too.. i mean of coruse , she has a beauutiful sis(=

  • ariana

    She’s a little feisty for a 12 year old.
    Also, you’d expect her to avoid the media, after everything she’s been through with Vanessa. Stella is almost chasing it.

    Hopefully she doesn’t turn out like a brat.

  • Mech

    Oh My Gosh. She haves the same voice that Nessa has!

  • beebee

    oh wow. she’s thirteen, not sixteen. she needs to stop acting as if she’s that old. even i didn’t curse that much at her age. dumb kid. she should’ve known that uploading this and cursing people out who bashed her on the channel would only give her sis a worse rep.

  • Lauri

    I talked to her on her old account STGhomie
    And I believed her.

    but yeah she get’s lost of comment’s that she was fake.
    but yeah she looks nice

  • Charlene


    You can totally tell it is Stella because of two reason. She looks and sounds extremelly alike to Vanessa!

  • ania

    jajjaajj her voice sounds like vanessa’s.

  • nathalia

    omg she looks and sounds extremelly alike to vanessa!

  • =)

    Yeah well, it isn’t going to be taken down from YouTube.
    So what’s the point in taking it off of JJ?

    She deleted her youtube for reasons unknown.
    She stated that she just felt like deleting it sooo,
    NO MORE STELLA, @ least for now.

  • elenee

    her sister is cute,
    but she looks alot more into the famous stuff than Vanessa is?
    but yeah, she does sound like vanessa!
    but i still love vanessa more ;)

  • Tiptoes

    Take this down JJ… Not good…

  • zanessa/jashley

    it’s a mini me Vanessa..she’s so adorable !! They both are.

    ..Hm, it’s..interesting..omg, and give her a break will you ? She ain’t a brat. You can tell by the video that she’s really annoyed by the people who keep saying she’s ‘fake’. Plus, she actually does have a life too.

  • amy

    There’s no reason for this to be taken down. On her personal account where she originally posted this, if you read the description, she even says to just look at the date of that video than the rest, and that shows that its her real one, and not her fake one. In that account, it also has a video showing her dogs, so it really is her youtube account.

  • pop86

    Hopfully,Stella’s parents and Vanessa will have a talk with her about posting things on web, and how to handle fame(even if it’s fame by association).

  • ashlee

    ya she sounds really like vanessa..and she’s kinda cute and pretty when she smile(at the end). i think might be an artist in future…

  • Divine Goddess

    She’s awfully cute! She’s gonna be GORGEOUS just like Vanessa when she’s older. It’s sad ppl are posing as her when she’s not even famous. It’s good she cleared things up.

  • Erika

    I love stella she’s so pretty and cute just like vanessa!

  • pop86

    Happy New Year everyone.

  • Ca

    I agree with #3.
    She’s following Vanessa’s wrongs steps

  • jo

    i don’t think you should post her cos she’s not famous, just stick to vanessa. don’t exploit the family members, i don’t think she wants to be on a gossip blog just cos of this..

  • kim

    whats the the attitude? she’s 13 and seems like a brat.

  • ashley

    np jared!!!!

    I’m Stella’s friend and i wanted people to know!

  • Tia

    wtf she is effing annoying!!!! she acts like shes the hottest thing ever in that vid and shes like…13! doesnt she realise that her SISTER is the ‘famous’ one, not her! She needs an attitude adjustment. Brat.


    she doesnt sound like Vanessa

    Vanessa’s voice is more annoying.

  • euge

    aww she so cute aw

  • Stella

    How do you people get these videos?
    I think its really mean to copy videos, okay?
    And NO ONE will ever find out the new account.

  • http://ijusloverher zanessa_love

    oh my gosh!! she’s exactly like vanessa!!! and it’s wierd ’cause her voice is EXACTLY like nessas voice!!!!!!

  • Jenna

    Gorgeous, bless her.

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    if u close ur eyes, and just listen to her voice, you´ll think is Nessa!
    Amazin’ :O

  • DavidHenrieLUVER

    close ur eyes, only hear wut she’s saying, you’ll problably think its Nessa!
    Amazing :)

  • Krissy

    Stella hudgens sounding like her sister
    well no duh! there related
    and the fact they look and talk the same
    is not 2 hard to believe.

    cute & adorable!

    Looks like Nessa is her Role model :)

    sure she may not be famous
    but it’s not like she’s using her sister
    just to have her own youtube/webs
    obviously she has fans
    and people adore her, for being with nessa
    you see her all the time
    so why can’t she not have her own privacy and a way to contact people?
    she was acting as a brat
    cuz she was telling haters who didn’t believe in her
    to get a life. and notice that IT’S the REAL stella hudgens.
    I don’t blame her. MOST people don’t believe in the real thing..
    but then again, she doesn’t have to stoop up to their level..
    so that’s why she deleted the video :)
    pointless. but at least the message was confirmed all over.

    13 years of age?
    who cares!
    She’s growing up , not down.
    Most 13 year olds, act maturely …
    and not stupidly in their videos..
    which is exactly what stella was doing:)
    this girl was making a point
    and not acting like she’s center of attention
    of course, her sister is the famous
    one and not her
    but since SHE is indeed related to her sister, and the fact she’s seen with NESSA all the time..
    she has every right, to contact fans who love her :P
    AND if haters can’t see that and except the fact
    this girl only looks up to her sister
    and has people who adore her and respect her
    YOU don’t have to judge someone so quickly
    based on what you think is right.
    NO one knows her.
    SO why bother to assume and say things about her ?
    pathetic & arrogant much=/

    Hate her?
    why not hate yourself
    to waste time
    doing nothing, but talk trash that doesn’t make any sense.
    STELLA was right to tear down that video.
    WE don’t need people
    like ” haters”
    to criticize real people in their true intentions.
    why not get a life
    if you can’t seem to find one :)


  • Brianna

    When did she curse?

  • rissa

    she sounds so much like vanessa and looks a lot like her. haha.

  • Elly

    HAHA what an idiot. She sounds like a little brat. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already has naked pics like her sister.

  • angie

    Some of you are SO stupid she looks nothing like her sister, Vanessa is prettier.

  • Divine Goddess

    I don’t think she’s trying to be a brat. She had some kind of account and she doesn’t want ppl pretending to be her. Stella never implied that she was the famous sister at all. I’m sure you’d be annoyed too if you were the sibling of someone famous and you were being impersonated! So #47 why are you so upset? It’s odd. I find it funny that her voice seems deeper than Vanessa’s. V has a cuter voice.

  • monica

    she lookssss kinda bitchy.

>>>>>>> staging1