Vanessa Hudgens Has Pirate's Booty

Vanessa Hudgens Has Pirate's Booty

Vanessa Hudgens has her hands full of snacks — including Pirate’s Booty! — as she heads back to her parents’ home in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

The 20-year-old High School Musical sweetheart was recently named best actress from Germany TV channel Pro7, topping big names such as Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Meryl Streep.

Vanessa will be heading out to Tokyo, Japan in January to finish out the High School Musical 3: Senior Year promo tour with on-and-off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron.

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  • :D

    ah :D love her ;D <333

  • narf

    Have a Happy New Year Vanessa!

    Keep up the great work, we look forward to all of your future movies and records.

  • Annie..!

    She looks tired, but she’s pretty as always!!
    Happy New Year! <3

  • feebz

    gawjeez as ever… always love her style

  • suzy

    Lol. I love the faces she makes.

  • http://VanessaHudgensHasPiratesBooty rubyred


  • Sami

    better actress than angelina jolie??
    C’mon, i love vanessa, but that’s impossible

  • erihar

    Gotta love our girl. Makin the most of her holiday season. She better get some much deserved rest. From the sound of it, next year is gonna be crazy for her.

  • ayen

    haha. Love the faces Vanessa.

    And Sami, it was actually a ‘poll’. So it was a ‘Fan Choice’.

  • bridgett

    i love pirate’s booty :DDD
    she is sooo pretty (:

  • VfanForever

    She is the best!! She will be the new big, big, big actress in Hollywood!!! Because: she is beautiful, talented, cute, good girl, not a party girl, very private person etc, etc…
    YOU ROCK VANESSA!!!! <3<3

    I wish you a Happy New Year and good luck with Zaccy Boy..^^<3

  • massie

    she is so gorgeous

  • B

    I dont get it, is it BIG NEWS when Vanessa gets named best actress by a non famous german channel, its not like BBC or CNN named her best actress, and favoured Vanessa’s acting over Meryl Streep’s so come on people be real. And she looks horrible. I am not jealous. This is my opinion why would I be jealous of Vanessa Hudgens? I have a wonderful family and I dont like Zac Efron. So why should I be jealous, I lead a perfect life, not trying to show off but this is defense if any of you want to bash me for saying my opinion. Pro7 isn’t a majorly known channel and their best actress thing isnt official not does it get an award. Its a online vote thing, one tweenybopper can vote for Vanessa 192737 times and the vote would get counted.

  • erihar

    i feel this was translated incorrectly. What it was meant to say is that she is the favorite. Because it was fan voted, we can understand why.


    Well done Vanessa!!
    She looks great, as always. Love the flats.


  • Rich

    Ahh, I don’t like the bangs, it hides her face. Still nice to see updates on her. ;)

  • Chloe

    Glad to have a sighting of her, as we havn’t seen her since xmas.

    Hope she has a gr8 new year, wonder what she will do. Probs spend it with Zac?!
    Can’t wait for the Japan pics aswell, they’re sure to be cute :)

    All the best of luck for 2009

  • Jessie

    she is awesome <3
    do you guys know what is the date of the japanese tour?
    i want to see zanessa <3
    but maybe they will hang out together tomorrow :)
    i love you vanessa and zac and happy new year!

  • Ale

    Pirates Booty taste really good >.>

  • zanessafen4e

    :D love her happy new year vanessa !!

  • ayen

    Jessie, the Japanese premiere is around January 28. Don’t know how long they’ll stay there though.

    oh and before I forget.


  • Jessie

    hope we can see more pics that she hang out with zac later lol

  • HsM_GiU


    I Love Her Shoes! xD

    This is so Stylish!!! xD


  • deka

    best actress… is that a joke?

  • cutie

    OK, do any of you go to public school??????????

  • Dani




  • Annonymous

    Happy New Year Baby V.

    All the best to you!!!!


    hhaha her faces je
    i love youu …she is very cool and funny

  • nathalia

    happy new year

  • zanessa/jashley

    she looks a lil worn out but either than that she looks great !! Hope she has happy and safe new years !!

  • liz

    Gorgeous. <3 And shut-up haters!
    And Number 13, if you hate her soo much, and you’re not a so called “Tweeny-bopper” why the hell are you on this sight, huh? Go on an adult sight, and stop wasting your “perfect life” here!!!!

  • kaitlyn

    pretty van <3 love her facial expressions

  • sabz

    omg i love vanessa so so so much noone can beat her she is the best HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLIN ILY LOADZ. MWAHH.

  • zanessa4everr

    shes so prettyyy!
    hopefully we get some zanessa soon.

  • ovarated.

    Well, congrats to her for being named best actress from Germany TV channel Pro7. That’s pretty awesome for her. Aha, she looks kinda weird here, but she still manages to look pretty. Have a Happy New Year Vanessa !! Good luck in ’09 !!

  • mary

    Pretty Girl

  • ashlee

    i know there are lots of little kiddies on the jjj site and LOTS of them can’t or don’t know how to read. or they read things wrong.

    and besides jj got the information wrong. vanessa was voted FAVORITE actress by her fans on a german tv station. as in she has lots of fans in germany. yeah, vanessa!!!!

    #1 Vanessa Hudgens – favorite actress
    #2 Zac Efron – favorite actor
    #2 HSM3:Senior Year – favorite movie

  • suzy
  • Vfan

    #24 You sound really stupid’re like is that a joke? shut the hell up. #13 Who the hell do you think you are ? Who do you think cares about your life HERE ? Coming here writing a paragraph saying oh I’m not jealous I have the ‘perfect’ life blah blah blah NOBODY CARES! It’s sad that you have the need to express your hate on somebody SO beautiful pathetic.

  • suzy

    it’s cute.
    Throw Down Preview ft Vanessa Hudgens

  • Karen

    Look people if you want to learn something then you are going to have to read. She was voted as best actress in the sense to being nominated for an Oscar and up against leading actresses in Hollywood. She was voted the favorite actress that fans want to see. They wanted to watch Vanessa more than anyone else–even Angelina Jolie! Zac received the same honor and HSM3 received the honor of being the movie most people preferred to see. SO, the bottom line is saying this is how much of an impact HSM3, Vanessa, and Zac had on the people in Germany—at least the ones who took this poll. It’s really not rocket science and should not be blown out of proportion. Those that want to hate on Vanessa in this thread about this only look dumb because they can’t get this simple concept!!

  • lacey

    omgsh i LOVE them flats.
    anyone know where they’re from??? lol :)
    i live in england and it like aint even summer here at all, but i would sooo wear them come rain or shine!!:)


  • vanessajonas

    iloveheeeeeeer beautiful as always


    i loooooooooove u vanessa u are the BEST ..

  • maria

    vanessa looks great!!
    i love her >33333333333333……

  • lily blue

    I love her shoes!!!!
    elles sont trop bellesss

  • http://http/ daniel

    happy new year vanessa
    #7 I think that vanessa is a very good actress but she needs to have a real roll
    vanessa needs to be protagonist

  • http://ZacEfron Cindy

    Vanessa looks sad maybe her and Zac broke up.

  • Peggy

    I see our buddy FOR REAL has abandoned us. I don’t actually blame him/her.

    I see the “Zac & V must have broke up” chorus has started already today. It’s like clock work on these boards.

  • vancrazed

    so true Peggy. We will probably fill up two full pages of posts talking about that alone.LOL