Dakota Fanning: 'Push' Role Was Perfect

Dakota Fanning: 'Push' Role Was Perfect

Dakota Fanning is breaking out of her child-actor comfort zone and ready to take on more mature roles.

The 14-year-old actress stars in the upcoming comics-inspired thriller Push as Cassie Holmes, a snarky, teenage “watcher” who can glimpse images of the future. Director Paul McGuigan shares with MTV that Dakota was the only actress he wanted for the role. He said, “When I read the movie, the character that stood out was her character. I said to everyone, I can’t do this movie unless Dakota Fanning‘s going to do it, because to me she was perfect for the role.”

Push is about a government-trained psychics on the run from a shadowy agency. The movie, which also stars Chris Evans and Camilla Belle, hits theaters February 2009.

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  • daniela

    I love Dakota :)

    Eh, the movie seems like a HEROES rip-off.

  • Karina

    I don’t know who is she , but she is so pretty !! xD

  • suzette

    how come you don’t know her
    she’s the only teen actress with ACTUAL talent
    i love her

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    wow she grew up FAST
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • gradyB

    Heroes is a rip off of X-Men, Watchmen, and every other comic-only done badly.

    Push was written before Heroes and the chances of it being much better is a certainty.

  • mina

    I’ve only seen promos of it but it looks fast paced with lots of action. DF looks strong and brave. (I hope DF doesn’t turn out to be an over processed, painted bimbo.)

  • joss

    she’s so pretty! can’t believe she’s already 14!

  • a huge fan

    Suzette, that is sooo true! I love Dakota Fanning. She is an awesome actress with pure raw talent!

  • mary

    shes the best 14 year old actress in the world.

  • Lulu

    Ahh, ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dakota! She’s so talented and down to Earth… God bless her! The movie doesn’t look original to me but maybe i’ll be surprised.

  • Anna

    When I saw the preview I totally thought of Heroes

  • joeil4u

    I hate her and her costar

  • girly2

    Saoirse Ronan is twice the actress she is. AnnaSophia Robb is not far behind when it comes to teens. Dakota plays the same role every time. Situation is different, but she’s always the wise young girl.

  • miley

    i saw a screening of this movie and it was so bad! dakota tries to be sexy and grown up and she looks ridiculous! i wouldn’t waste my money.

  • sunsetgirl

    I think Dakota is growing into a beautiful young woman. I have been a fan of hers since I AM SAM. I congratulate her mom on how she has kept her grounded.

    My daughter ,who is also an actress is a huge fan, Aliie Grant from the Showtime hit Weeds.

  • http://www.girleygirlnihthyhihk.com Girleygirl12

    I hate her to hell.
    She´s such a showoff!
    She thinks she´s the best ,but there are many more good teen actresses who r not like her

  • nINA

    I like her. I’ve always thought she has the most amazing talent. she looks mature and well grounded and very classy and stylish. not like a few of the starlets today. and she doesnt at all look like she’s eating the media attention. if we let her just be a great actress and show us what she can do in adult roles, i think she can turn out to be one of the best we have ever seen. shes just always so sincere. people who hate her are just jealous i think. jealousy makes you nasty, and i’ve read a few very nasty remarks.

  • http://asorb.tk zeeky5678

    lol at Comment # 16: you sound just like my 9 year old sister, who calls everyone in a film that is HER age a show-off, hahahahaha, #16 you act like you actually know dakota fanning or something. lol. that’s hilarious! I will definately be going to see this film, and what’s with the “Heroes” rip-off talk, i mean since when was Hereos the FIRST people to introduce moving objects with your mind, seeing the future, etc. EXACTLY it WASN’T, it’s probably just been the most sucessful in showing these abilities in an interesting way, but yeah if Heroes wasn’t here right now, trust me, this film would probably still be being called a rioff of something else. I mean it’s like people saying Prince Caspian, ripping off Lord of the Rings, despite the fact that the book the film was based on was written and released BEFORE Lord of the Rings was. lol. What ever happened to that common sense thing that people USED to carry around in there pocket all the time?

  • Bezerkchicken

    Haha well guys and gals, I loved the film… Not because Dakota Fanning is “soo amazing” but because it was a pretty good film. Honestly it amused me, had suspense, had actors who could say their lines without looking for their notes…. And some Asian girls! (it’s a guy thing) all in all GG well played

    And as foe that originality thing goes #16 think of something new before you open your mouth or touch a keyboard again.

  • http://twitter.com/Hannaharguelles Nicole HAnnah

    I Love Dakota Fanning!!

  • echo

    I LOVE her! She is so AMAZING! She`s my favourite Actor! Her style, Her Talent! She is just Perfect

>>>>>>> staging1