Preview The New JONAS Show!

Preview The New JONAS Show!

Joe Jonas is ready to battle the hundreds of screaming girls coming his way as he suits up in a baseball catcher’s uniform along side his brothers Kevin and Nick.

Coming to Disney Channel in May, JONAS stars the brothers as rock stars trying to maintain a normal life by attending private school at Horace Mantis Academy. Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson star as good friends Stella and Macy.

Sneak Peek at “JONAS”
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  • KOUrtney

    sweet! first

  • Menna


  • lauren

    okay, they need to stick to singing and looking good, they can’t act. everyone learned that in camp rock, but yet they had to make this show..

    and they make them act so immature and stupid. UGH, find something better to do with your time boys!

  • nathalia

    i love them soo much!
    they’re all SOOOOO hot! haha

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    Ok this is gonna be one
    of the BEST shows on Disney
    its gonna be HILARIOUS i
    cant wait i looooooooooove
    them sooooooooooooooooo
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Ariana


  • ”Kickin it since 1992”

    LOOKS GREAT!!!And lauren…don’t waist your time on oceanup and justjaredjr commenting on how Jonas brothers should work…common sense would tell you if they come this far,I THINK THEY KNOW WHAT THEYRE DOING!;D

  • e

    their acting…

  • nataly

    can’t wait!!!!

  • joeil4u

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!this is gonna be so awesome!!!!!

  • joeil4u

    but I dont like that they alays make kevin stupid…it’s not fair!!! pooor kevin

  • joeil4u

    always* sorry

  • izabella

    LMAO at the beginning :D
    they’re awesome, can’t wait ’til the show starts to air!! <3

  • jonaslover

    looks pretty good
    can’t wait!

  • :)

    these guys cant act this show will suck!

  • katie

    yeah can’t wait!!¡!!

  • Vanessa

    ok…stick to singing PLEASE….

  • letsdrop

    omg they suck stick to singing jonas brothers you guys cant act!!!!!!

  • http://Zacefron bradley

    I can’t wait to see this show.

  • Ari

    Ah this is awesome.
    Kevin’s facial expressions are priceless.

  • natalia

    son lo mejor de lo mejor

    los amoooooo

  • AJ

    It’s so cute when they slide down the poles!
    And running from the girls is exactly what their life must be like! God I love them :D

  • moooo

    what is the song at the end of this previewww?????????

  • Laurl23

    I can’t wait to watch this show! Now there are going to be two awesome shows on Disney! Hannah Montana & J.O.N.A.S.!
    Nick doesn’t really talk in the previews though… :( Only Joe & Kevin do.
    Plus why does Kevin always have to play the stupid one?

  • Ami

    Haha it looks funny
    I love the jobros and i can’t wait to see this show in May
    and yea they do always make kevin the not so bright one of the group that’s messed up lol

  • Karina

    Ohh, I can’t waiiit

    They are amazing !

    I hope this come soon for Brazil !!

    Love you , HOTT !!

  • felicia

    the song at the end is inseprable

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    wht do disney insist on making this stupid a$$ stuff? really the jonas brothers cant act, they should stick to singing even though they cant do that very well either. this show will hopefully get canned after its first season.

    what i really want to know is why disney insist on making kevin the stupid one, camp rock and J.O.N.A.S he is stupid, while really he is probably the most mature and smart one of the three.

  • ”Kickin it since 1992”

    It’s real funny how haters can tell if somebody can act in a 20 sec commercial

  • http://justjared shamilah

    cant wait love the jb’s they rock & they can SING & ACT!!

    haters are just soo S.T.U.P.I.D LOL :D
    just love 2 judge the jb’s dont they go & push of somewere else.

  • Annie..!


  • http://irina anna

    Sry girl
    but were not S.T.U.P.I.D
    just because there famous doesn’t mean they can do everything
    CAMP ROCK it wasn’t good at all

    they can sing (sometimes)
    but they cant act
    Disney just wanna make money
    So they will do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://irina anna

    sry girl
    But were not S.T.U.P.I.D OK
    the jonas brothers can’t act
    Camp rock was horrible only demi was good at singing
    they can sing (sometimes) but not act
    just because they famous doesn’t mean they can do everything ok

    Disney will do anything to make more money

    so don’t dare calling us stupid
    these are our opinions
    u dont have to call us idiots soo u can be A BIG JONAS FAN
    one day they will be history kkkkkkkkkk

  • cc27

    OMg ! i can’t wait to see them in this tv show !

  • paIGE

    Hahah i love it! its going to be great! and for all u haters out there giving negative commets shut up! if u dont have something nice to say dont say anything at all! x> k? and i agree with all u guess kevin is always the “out there” one! they should give joe the chance :)) hed rock at it! ily jb’s!

  • Krissy

    that looks amazing!
    I can’t wait!

    all you haters are stupid
    because you don’t know the jonas brothers
    so you say w/e just to bring there status down.
    seriously pathetic.
    IN camp rock
    that was called real ACTING
    and since they haven’t done it before
    i have to admit, they did pretty good
    musicians can transform into anything they want to do
    AND they don’t need people like you, to tell them, and judge
    what they can’t accomplish
    j bros have talent. and it’s no surprise they can come out with something new :)
    IF you were smart enough
    you would tell, that these guys, are acting as themselves..
    NOT with a script.
    SAME last names.. different first names.
    SAME concept on running away from fans
    and being in a rock band
    So think before you say anything.
    AND don’t bother to waste and comment on ppl YOU hate
    the more you say- the more publicity goes to them.
    I still don’t get, why you come on here and say your opinions , cuz YOU don’t matter and no one really cares about you.
    ACTUALLY haters
    your idiots to comment back and make a point
    when they don’t make sense.
    it takes a real person to annualized that.
    haters are gonna be history..
    and proven to, once and for all..
    you guys can’t really get attention..
    no matter how hard you try.
    pathetic losers >.>

    JUTS because there famous..they can’t do everything?
    uhh, im guessing you can’t tell the different between talented people and complete morons.
    PEOPLE like miley, demi and jo bros, selena, and every one at disney
    have talent..and they can do w/e they want to do..
    THEY think and know for themselves.
    AND even if they suck..there’s a word..called improvement!

    kevin is the stupid one
    joe is the one afraid of screaming girls
    and nick..just follows :P
    sounds awesome to me… not in a mean way..but the characters they play, really brings out the show, a little more :D


  • ash

    my friends dad works on the show and brought us all the scripts from the shows filmed so far. Ive only read a couple but its pretty much hannah montana as far as the jokes go. Its not that funny and seems pretty pointless. One show has a story just like camp rock. Some jonas fans r crazy on these comments! Just cuz u like them doesnt mean theyre perfect at everything they try, but ur dedication to them is cool

  • Kensie:))

    Oh yeah, you people who think they know everything about everything, Especially about how jb can act, sure know a whole bunch in a 42 second video. Y’all should get a prize!! Is that REALLY what you’re hoping for? Because smart and, lets say…. NON DRAMATIC people, would keep the negative comments to themselves and sit back and just, oh maybe, watch a more credited and outgoing show that is 30 minuites, not 1!!! So shutup, sit down, get your butt away from the computer, watch the show, and then come back and comment. Maybe more people will think the same, maybe less, and maybe… JUST MAYBE, you’ll have a better oppinion.

  • jobro lover

    the jobro hater should just keep there comments to themselves!!
    cuz no one cares… if you hate them so much then why do you even bother to comment about how much you hate them… OMG thats so STUPID…. the Jonas brothers are amazing :]
    i love them

  • Sparkie

    lol, it looks hilarious!
    kevin always seems to be portrayed as the stupid one compared to the others.
    it annoys me…

  • ariana

    nick looks so hot at the end :]
    so excited!
    may seems like forever away.

  • Cathy

    cant wait!! this series r going to be sooooo hilarious!!!
    oh… and I’m going to say something to haters: first of all, if you hate them so much why do u even bother seeing this… second, how can u judge someone telling they can’t act if u only saw a 40 sec. commercial… and if you think they can’t act or sing just save ur comment, nobody wants to know what u think

  • Selena

    For the ppl who s
    Say that we can’t write our oppinons
    Ur wrong
    Some girls are saying that just b/c we don’t
    Know them we can’t say anything bad

    Everyone does that Hun
    Havent u seen YouTube where everyone
    Bashes ppl who they don’t know

    It’s life
    That what some ppl do
    So don’t call them stupid

  • dsfafhajfksd

    4 some of u say dat they can’t act well its true
    have u guys seen camp rock and they’re r not great singer either


    haha woo cant wait May needs to hurry up and come!!

  • me :)

    ill be honest: ill check it out when it comes out. but seriously i hate these guys with a passion

  • Mary KATE

    ok wow the song they play in the background of this sneak peek is sooooooooooo inappropriate lol its called Chelsea Dagger if ne 1 wants to look it up its a great just a little wrong!

  • Ella

    It is really funny how people say that they are bad at acting.. Even though that clip was only like 40 seconds long..

    But I havn’t seen Camp Rock, so I wouldn’t know anyway..

  • Cherry-Jean

    Lol! I am SO going to watch this!

  • humm


>>>>>>> staging1