Taylor Swift Rings In Rockin' New Year

Taylor Swift Rings In Rockin' New Year

Taylor Swift sheds her coat as she rings in the new year in the Big Apple’s Times Square on Wednesday evening.

The 19-year-old Fearless female performed a medley of her songs including “Picture To Burn”, “Love Story”, “Forever and Always” and “Change.” Taylor even shed her warm Tahari winter jacket in one degree weather for a glittering dress by Stephen Burrows.

Taylor completed her New Year’s Eve outfit off with Nordstrom gloves and Swarovski earrings. Check out Taylor‘s performance below (hint: crank up the volume!)!

Taylor Swift New Year’s Eve Medley, 12/31

25+ pics inside of Taylor rocking out the new year…

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Photos: Steve Mack/WireImage.com, Roger Kisby/Getty Images
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  • http://Zacefron Bradley

    Taylor rock.

  • lala :)

    YES!!! she sang forever and always!!! in your face joe!!! YES!!!

  • Ava

    Okay, how awkward was that for Joe……the idiot deserves it, Taylor rocks.

  • qwerty

    I was so happy that she sang Forever and Always because Joe was there. But something is seriously wrong with that girl in the bankground lol!

  • liz

    Wow, it’s a good thing she was so mature about the breakup. It’s not like she used it for publicity or anything, I mean what a coincidence that it got her so much attention right before her album came out! It’s really too bad how such a serious, long lasting relationship had to end. It’s especially a shame how Joe has went on every talk show out there proclaiming it for the world to see, making Taylor seem like an evil heartbreaker for breaking up with him over the phone. It’s not like their schedules are busy or anything, she should have at least had the decency to fly all the way to LA to break up with him. He even demanded that a song he wrote about how she promised him forever be put on the album, telling everyone who it was about just in case they didn’t catch it. At least Taylor has a little bit of comfort knowing that Joe can’t really sing live, as seen above in that horrific medley.

    Oh wait…

    Come ON people, they’re teenagers, they’re somewhat good looking, they had a little thing. It’s expected. But the fact that she is milking her predicament (read:getting dumped on her butt because she was too needy) for all it’s worth is just absurd. Team GET OVER IT!

  • Dot

    Taylor sounded amazing. o_o
    It was super cold there and she took off her coat. Crazy talented girl..

    I’m so glad she sang Forever and Always. In Joe’s face. >:D

  • Unknown

    I think Taylor was crazy for taking off her jacket in 19º weather!

    But she was born in PA so I guess she’s used to the cold winter nights.

  • Littlewasserman

    Oh My Goodness! Best Performace ever! But Come on I was so dispposnted with the other celebs that they picked for the show! Like Come On

  • Celebritie$everyday

    cool! (y)
    luv taylorr


    comment :D

  • Cory

    4 songs into 1 – well almost. Awesome performance by Taylor and her band. Really had the crowd going with Change too.

  • bridget

    here’s a better version:

  • http://justjared.com zashley4ever

    Taylor is so beautiful.
    I love her voice she is super talented.
    And when she took off her jacket, crazy! haha

  • http://JustJared AMANDA IS IN LOVE WITH JB

    I know I am a JB fan…but I guess I like taylor.
    She did okay too. But when she sung forever and always..i was like UH OH! lol
    I do think she needs to drop it though!!
    I mean Joe is the mature one for letting it go ages ago.

  • rii


    honestly.. taylor didnt even need the publicity. her album is doing better than the jb album and im pretty sure she was the top selling artist of 2008 or somewhere in the top 5. her fearless album was also like #6 i think for most sold in 2008 too. jb was on neither list. taylor has sold more with 2 albums than the jb have with all 3 of theirs.

  • natnut

    Taylor’s album sold more than 2 million in less than a month. The over-rated Jonas Brothers can’t even crack 1 million AFTER 3 months of sales and despite the MASSIVE Disney publicity machine behind them.
    AND.. Taylor is still the number one album in the nation with a good chance of spending another week at the top(total 5 weeks at #1).

    She’s graduating towards superstardom while the JB’s will be relegated to an interesting footnote in history.

    A few years from now, people will be saying:” the Jonas bros? Didn’t they use to be popular for a short while, riding on Disney’s coattails and one of them dated Music Legend Taylor Swift for a while?”

  • Jeantte

    I love Taylor, but she is crazy!! I live in NY, and I was out last night, and I was freezing, with a coat, gloves and scarf!!!

  • Noelani

    taylor is awesome.. but that girl has balls the size of something that is…. i can’t think of anything that big right now.. but dang i thought that was a tad bit of a low blow. whatevers he didn’t seem to care so it’s all good :)

    but that dress was… i’m gonna say it…. it was pretty darn ugly. the cut wasn’t right for someone of your stature. it made her look clunky… yet again she has balls for that because it’s friggen freezing in new york.

  • Noelani

    amen to comment 13… i’m not a taylor hater.. i mean i got all her cd’s and everything… her music speaks to me.. but she really should drop it already.. it’s like alright we know about the whole thing.. your milking it a lil too much.. live life and be happy.. stop going back to the bad part of your life and move on to a new year happy :)

  • Amanda

    Nothing was said about the incident between her and Joe. She just sang a song from her album that happened to be about him. BIG FLIPPIN’ DEAL! Was performing Picture to Burn on tv a low blow because it’s about a guy she broke up with? No. The only difference between the two situations is that this guy happened to be there when she sang it. I don’t think she was singing it to be a jerk. I actually think the song is going to be a single and that’s why she was performing it. It’s a good song whether it’s about Joe or some other random guy she dated. All her songs are about guys…in case you aren’t very perceptive and haven’t noticed that….Joe isn’t going to be an exception to the rule of break-up songs just because he’s famous.

  • I can’t nbelieve it

    I just can’t believe she sang “Forever & Always” right when Joe was there. She’s such a drama queen. What else would she do for publicity??
    It’s incredible, I think I’m starting to don’t like her, I know she seems like a good person, but for this I think she isn’t, I’m so dissapointed!!

  • allycat

    amen to comment 5!!!!!!!!!!!

    i like taylor’s songs.. but she is soooo flippin immature about this situation. He already posted on his blog that SHE hung up the phone at 27 seconds… yeah okay it sucks that he broke up with her… but GET OVER IT!! quit using it to sell records…

    and comment 15– she DID sell more than JB.. but because she used her situation and breakup to do it… that’s pathetic if you ask me. I’m sure she would have done well without it.. but because of her fake tears and constant media attention.. she did better.

    also… there will be no LEGEND t swift.. the girl can’t sing live worth crap… the only performance ability she has is taking off a jacket and getting pneumonia… congrats girl… you’re a winner…

    stop talking and just perform… that’s your job.. not your relationship…

    ps: i found it funny when they did the count down– jb and demi were all hugs and smiles together… (joe was awkwardly avoiding looking at taylor) and there was taylor… all alone.. and STARRING joe down…

    i think she’s a psycho.. and should just write songs… she should have her speaking privileges revoked…

  • jessica

    Seriously so awkward with her & Joe on the same stage.

  • ……..

    ugh. i cant believe she sang forvever and always. although i love that song, joe was there. i feel so bad for him. she just keeps rubbing it in his face. ugh. im so on joes side. i do like taylor but im sick of her not dropping it

  • delia

    i liked her performance
    she must be freezing when she took of her jacket

  • Dot

    …I’m sure that if Joe broke up with the Taylor haters, they wouldn’t want that to happen to them. Think about how Taylor would feel..

  • Krissy

    4 songs in one day
    taylor is amazing to sing so much, for 2008!
    2009 i hope rocks even more! =]

    jaylor is over
    stop freaking bringing them up
    it’s their lifes. not yours.
    so stop critiquing how it SHOULD/Shouldn’t be.
    honestly. forever & always right when joe was there …
    i think taylor should stop singing, and bringing forever and always in front of joe’s face -.-
    I feel bad he had to KNOW and hear that song..in front of his face.
    GIVE HIM A BREAK -HE didn’t mean to do anything bad to her.
    THINGS change. PEOPLE have different feelings.
    MOVE on already.
    IF she wasn’t over him..why does she keep repeating the ONE true song, she confessed to be about him..on a new years party?
    seems to me, she’s making the same move as miley did with nick.
    Seriously..girls, should learn to deal and face the facts..
    that the relationship is NOT all about them alone.
    uhh taylor was never mature about the breakup.
    Tay trashed joe saying he wasn’t a good guy, and told the whole world. HE never told anyone..except mentioning it on a myspace blog. That’s called FOR HER to be a drama queen and getting all the attention.NOT once did she say, she was the one, who hanged up the phone, to make it 27 seconds.
    She’s not using it for her album. It’s for image..and how people should react towards the situation. Seems to me, she wants to win over the jonas brothers, more than anything else in the world.
    There schedules were busy..and that’s why you don’t see joe flying over to break up with her, then fly back. That’s a waste of time!
    And taylor should have known and comforted joe..instead of NOT knowing what happen. [ she called more than once and was annoying to him. plus being very serious into the relationship]
    i can see why..BUT exploiting him, when he did nothing, but try to be fair and reasonable, when she couldn’t handle the truth?
    JOE doesn’t deserve that! TAYLOR needs a reality and personality check..cuz all i see, is her stuck up self, being at fault & not him.
    I understand she was upset about the whole thing..crying over the one true love she had.But it’s not the end of the world! people break up for reasons – and love that’s opposite from each other, is not gonna last forever! I’ve heard and seen breakups that’s worse than this!
    OF course taylor has a knack for writing about guys. That’s her life priority basically. GUYS may be jerks..but they don’t need that kind of embarrassment..and tell the whole world who it’s about. ( ever think, it wasn’t his fault..but maybe yours too as well) -.’-
    AND that’s her whole album for you there. She just likes, making a fool outta her self..and being the center of attention.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain who wins what..part of the breakup.Just leave the jaylor situation alone.
    WE know what happens
    but why keep talking about it, if it’s over!
    i love joe and taylor
    but seeing this happen all over again..
    makes me hate one than the other..
    they don’t need that!
    one bad breakup- that’s not gonna be remembered for A LONG time now..should be a waste of time .
    Just admit, there both at fault..
    ACCEPT it & deal with it.


  • annie

    i love her performances and that she sang forever and always. its one of a favorite song on her album.

  • Ariana

    dont get me wrong i freakin loveeeee taylor i love her to death but i was kinda dissapointed by this performance she didnt sound too good i mean i know it was cold but im just saying…

  • kristan

    i dont care what anyone says – i choose taylor swift over joe jonas ANY DAY.
    she is handling this situation EXACTLY as i would expect anyone normal to handle it. she’s not trying to act coy about it and answer questions evasively, she’s right on point all the time, and upfront in interviews.
    even if she was the one that hung up the phone after 27 seconds, joe should have had the decency to know that you don’t break up over phone calls. you just dont.

    team taylor all day every day!<3333

  • Ariana

    am i the only one who was dissapointed by this performance?

    i mean i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee taylor to death, im a huge fan but when i saw this i was like ehh she doesnt sound to great it probably had something to do with the weather but still…

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    I’m not suprised just the same Taylor performance boring and stupid and yet again singing stupid love songs JUST GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY GOD SHES STUPID
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Lover her song “Love Story”

  • Tia

    Taylor Swift is amazing. Joe Jonas is a jerk.

  • Amanda

    i love herrrrrrr and she did an amazing job considering that it was like 19/20 degrees Fahrenheit and like only 1 degree Fahrenheit with the horrible wind chill factor!!!! it was soo windy and blustery yesterday!!! ahh but she did great and i cant believe she was even brave enough to shed her coat and put fashion/style before warmth!!!! haaha but yeahh great show last night, i enjoyed watching all the wonderful performances!! this video is kinda odd though with the commentary and talking and even a little bit of singing along in the background by whoever the person was who taped this from when it was on tv on ABC channel last night. hahah whatever, still a good video. :) Happy New Year 2009 everyone at JustJared and JustJaredJr.!!!! i love love love these websites, and Jared does a great job of running the blogs!!!

  • Amanda

    and must have been a bit awkward with Joe Jonas there too last night in Times Square, NYC on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest!!! hahhaahand especially since she sang part of the song that she wrote ABOUT Joe, “Forever and(&) Always” !!!! lol

  • Zoey

    Krissy, do us all a favor and learn to punctuate.

  • http://athletedate.com Bobby

    Di ck clark is really struggling with his speech. Taylor is awesome, she have more material to use in her songs after braking up with joe jonas.

  • Leah

    Even if she isn’t the best singer she is still an awesome entertainer.

  • sara

    Hahaha, I can’t belive that she performed “forever and always”, so funny hahaha. back up Joe did you forget?
    I love Taylor she’s is amazing

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    I’m tired of this stuff. She sang good, it was a good performance. She must have been freezing, but you have to realize she did grow up in PA. It’s FREEZING here all the time.

    But seriously, now. She sang Forever and Always. WHO CARES?! It’s a new song off her new album. Yes, she wrote it about Joe. But is she supposed to just forget about the song, just because he’s known? Yeah, no way.

  • http://dressliketaylor.net Emily

    Oh, and can I just say, that to those haters who say “Taylor should just get over herself.. Joe’s the better person. He’s more mature. etc. etc. etc.” Would you be saying the same thing if you were in Taylor’s place and your beloved Joe broke up with you?

    I like the Jonas Brothers. I’ve liked them since their very first album came out and nobody else liked them, but hell! I’m a girl. And if a guy, especially one like Joe, broke up with me like that, I’d be pissed.

    Also, how is Taylor supposed to get over this all if the media and everyone else keeps bringing it back up? Yeah. She won’t be able to. She’s trying, and I think she’s moved on. So just get over it already!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM team selena and demi

    at the end b4 the dropped the ball the stood farthest apart and she looked at him but he wouldnt look at him he was lookig up and to the side


    p.s.luv her new album i got it 4 christmas

  • mileysupporta4eva

    I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!! i think she’s handling the situation perfectly…and besides…she shouldn’t never have to sing the song cuz it’s about joe…besides…forever&always is one of my fave songs..lol…I MISSED TAYLOR SINGING!!! was she in the first half hour?? cuz i didn’t watch that part but i watched the rest of it…

    OMG..on the stage when the ball dropped??? AWKWARD!!! they were standing as far away from each other as possible..everyone else in my family was just watching..but i was like squirming in my seat..LOL…

    on stage, everyone else was like jumping up and down and acting excited and everything..but taylor was just staring down and she looked like she felt uncomfortable..i felt bad for her…and her smile looked fake too…it sort of looked like demi gave her an encouraging smile and then she sort of jumped up and down and they hugged each other..

    well..enough with my rant..lol

  • Natalia

    ha i love how almost everyone is bashing on Joe when he was a gentleman to call taylor and try talking to her so he wouldn’t lead her on. to which, she was the one to end the phone call. then she has the nerve to blame it on him and call him out. her “sad” act was great, she should take on acting. seriously. the jonas brothers did amazing this year. they put out what they want people to hear which is music, unlike others who used sob stories to get sales. sure, i will admit that taylor has great lyrics for a song, but she doesn’t have a voice well enough to back up the lyrics. the fact that she is dissing Joe while her performance, is completely childish and stupid. she was too busy trying to come up with disses that she forgot to sing well. this was definitely not a good performance from her compared to her others. i loved the jonas brothers performance. they put all they had out there and had fun. Joe looked like he was having a blast and didn’t even notice the awkward taylor on the other side of the platform. i love how the jonas brothers choose to keep their life personal and not let the whole world know everything to the pin point, unlike others. JB ROCKED!

    jb ’05

  • Noelani

    okay people stop trying to avoid the fact that she is still milking the whole break up. i mean if you have an option to say that she’s amazing for sticking it to the man, then why can’t other people who think otherwise have the option to say that she’s being imature?

    i mean she is awesome and i am a fan but she really needs to just get over it already. and to other fans of her’s, seriously stop pulling the blind eye to her flaws because she’s not perfect. and if she was she wouldn’t have to write soo many songs about boys screwing her over…. i do like those songs but she does have a lot of them so it makes me question what kind of gf she is… she mustn’t be too good at love. just saying.

  • thedancer

    hey, stupid people
    what did joe ever do to you?

    ya, that’s what i thought.

    i love the jonas brothers, as well as taylor swift.

    it’s their business, not yours.

  • http://www.myspace.com/swift_taylorxoxo Taylor Swift FAN


    Is a privet myspace for you fans that want to get to know her better….
    Just add she excepts everyone….

    I know it is her she sent me a picture holing a sigh with my name on it….

    So add her…. Love