Miley Cyrus Rocks Ripped Tights

Miley Cyrus Rocks Ripped Tights

Miley Cyrus was spotted rocking a stand-out ripped pair of black tights while out shopping with “special friend” Justin Gaston at a local mall on New Year’s Day (Thursday , January 1) in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet wore her ripped tights with a cropped leather jacket, a white dress, black pair of leather boots, and a purple handbag.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley‘s ripped tights — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty Images
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  • :)

    Love Miley :)

  • Krissy

    OH MY GOD!
    why would anyone, want to show their legs
    and a piece of their skin
    with ripped tights?
    that’s just nasty!
    just by wearing that..
    it looks LIKE it was by accident
    and not on purpose ;)

    who would want to have holes in their tights?
    i mean socks – sure.
    pants- sure
    BUT tights!
    people wear them you know..
    AND IT doesn’t mean, they should create something new..
    just to be in style:S

    Sure i may hate miley..
    but her style is not getting anywhere..
    i’ve seen better from different people.
    AND Lindsey lohan made hockey gears with tights..
    that was even more worse!?!

    shouldn’t try to hard
    to be a good role model & a fashion ista.
    that’s just 2 much
    for someone like her!=/

    if you people agree, to having ripped clothing..
    that’s fine.
    don’t bash on me
    for having oppisite opinions than you.
    AND not agreeing to this new style :S

  • trainwreck*

    ^ what the hell… get overself.

  • mileyfan

    They are so cute. I love miley

  • izabella

    I really don’t like them!!
    jeans that are a little ripped I can handle but tights!?
    no, tights are not supposed to be ripped, it looks
    but I loved her leather jacket though and she usually
    has great outfits on :)
    Miley’s awesome <3

  • Rachel

    they look horrible!!

  • suzanne

    That was the ugliest outfit I’ve ever seen.

  • diama

    love Miley but not these tights!!!!

  • deb

    I like them!

    Person up top who wrote the novel needs to CALM DOWN.
    She likes them, so she wears them. You dont? Then you dont have to. Stop overalyzing.

    Anyway, i think theyre unique.

  • Krissy

    i didn’t expect people to agree with me
    i just said, if you don’t like my comment
    don’t bash on me, for disliking it!
    i can see she likes them. and wears them.
    and if your a miley fan, obviously you can adore and support that!

    but since i don’t.
    YES i don’t have too.
    overalyzing that?
    other celebs create the same thing, of ripped clothing.
    so miley isn’t the only one, who has created this type of style.

    # 3
    maybe you should get over self!
    my opinions are different from yours.
    YOU can’t make the whole world be revolved around miley
    and expect them to ALL love her.
    I admit this girl HAS some style
    some not for her age
    but this is just 2 disapointing.
    AND i speak on my terms
    NOT yours. SO get over self
    and quit bashing on people
    with opposite likings.

  • d


  • laura

    i think she rocked it,love miley,she rck

  • faith! : ]

    Woah its a Sequal to the Novel *cough*#9*cough*

    and the tights are really working for her

  • faith! : ]

    really NOT oops forgot not in my comment

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    OK those tights are gross but when Miley wears them…………HELL YEAH she ROCKZZZ EVERYTHING she wears she AWSOME i LOVE her!!!! :)

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Oh Gosh!

    This is kind of trashy..
    umm not good. I have my own style and like it and I mean maybe that’s her style but I just don’t like her in general. So…Whatever…

    Not cute.

  • Anna

    woah; #2 and #9 no life ??
    i think its pretty cutee !
    i personally wouldn’t buy it but she rocks it !
    oh and krissy im waiting for ur response. ;)

  • hahaha


  • Allie

    it makes her look slutty,
    and i love miley,
    but it looks like something a hoe would be wearing as she’s picked up by some trashy guy.

  • haha



  • Rachael

    I think they are pretty cool, and she is being different with her style right now, i like the direction she is going with her style it is much edger and rocky i love it, and the ripped tights are awesome, but it weren’t her idea, i seen her brother trace’s girlfriend hannah beth in them a hile back and she wears the alot so that probably who gave miley the idea.

  • Brittany:)

    Ummm they kind of give me the chills, it looks like a disease :D Ohh well what ever floaaats her boat :)

  • hahaha


    Miley honey, if you’re trying to being a “fashion icon” and “start a trend” it’s not working. Take your lame fashion advice elswhere. Like maybe outer space? Trust me, no one here on earth would miss you. No sane people with a sense of class, anyway. Your boy toy might, for instance. And maybe your fangirls who are just as trashy.

  • Erika


  • iloveashleytisdale

    soooooo NOT!

    Now if ash wore those, however. It’d be pretty hot.


  • Dot

    uhm. “hahaha”, if you want to bash Miley, try changing your name. -.-;;

    Miley rocks it. If Selena wore those, I would die of laughter.

  • Anna

    and plus what is wrong with being different
    i wouldnt be the same with everyone…
    miley is unique.
    watch selena or demi or anyone eles start to wear them and them let me guess its gonna be cool and in and everyone is gonna want them.

  • vanessajonas

    trashy and slutty

  • rawrambo

    Not -_-

  • tori

    trashy, very trashy.

  • kickin it since then..


  • deb

    Maybe they arent everybodies type of look, but trashy!? How are they ANY different than ripped jeans!?
    It’s just a different look, but the same concept as ripped jeans.

  • Vic2763

    Rocker Chic style. Gives the outfit an edge. The dress and jacket are beautiful. Miley’s not afread to try something a little dif. Rock On Milez =]

  • umm

    You Must Like Miley.
    Consedring Tha tYou ALWAYS Talk About Her;
    I Mean IfI Didnt Like Her I Wouldnt Wast MY Time Writing About Them;


    I Personally Like Miley; But No Ripped Tights.[:


  • lie

    i love miley but not the sock i like jeans personally. i know miley always has the latest on fashion because she loved but this fashion i dont like! she usually really good about her alfits and usually match them pretty great but i dont like the rip socks. any way she looks really pretty with long hair!

  • Yanloi Mak

    You could make them work, but not on miley

  • PaulinhoO

    Of course, HOT a LOT! :D

  • Tia

    Im in shock that her parents let her out of the house looking like that.

  • kathy

    UHASUSHAUSAHUSAHSAUHSAUHASUSAHSA MISSED THE HOLE, FREAKIN’ GENIOUS! I was going to go with something more like “Geez, Miley, change after you leave the bed” or “Is he really going that heavy on you?”, but that was so hilarious I fell off my chair! Congrats. Not to Miley, of course.

  • fabulous


  • Stephanie

    Love Miley. Don’t approve of those tights, though.

  • hannah

    youre still writing your novel krissy

  • http://justjared Elise Tavita

    I guess shes just trying to experiment new sence of style it doesnt hurt to try….and i give her props for that:)
    dont be scared to dress the way you want to dress!!

  • kiarita´sKiss


  • Just Jono

    Not Hot.
    Sorry Miley =]

  • swe3t23

    who freakin cares… you aint wearing them. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

  • ?

    A NOVEL?
    i don’t honestly like miley cyrus
    so you people get a freakin life!
    i say one thing, and you make a next topic
    just for the record..
    more people on here
    posted comments that are the same as mine
    so why don’t you bother on bashing them..instead of me!
    God you people can’t read!
    get a freakin life- if you can’t understand what im trying to say!
    and yes i know miley cyrus
    and i would write everything, there is, to know about her!
    happy for that?
    considering you people fall for lame crap.
    I admit some of her style is OK looking..
    but i wouldn’t be caught looking like trash.
    IF you people would
    that’s fine by me..
    BE just like her.
    Different or not.

    THIS was already created before.
    HHAHA go for last years
    season wear if you must :P

    and yes we waste our time commenting on people we hate
    better than writing lame stuff, like miley rocks.
    I’d rather write what i DO know
    AND not expect people to listen and believe it.

    comment all you want
    but i don’t F’in care.
    ACT like immature people
    who can’t take a hint!

    and what makes you think
    you know her too?
    you her, but not the stuff she wears..
    even this?
    HA! i call that even!

  • Ami

    hell no those thangs ain’t hot


    I think they are cute!

  • Rosa

    OK, one word
    STUPID !!

>>>>>>> staging1