Miley's New Year's Resolution: Exercise!

Miley's New Year's Resolution: Exercise!

Miley Cyrus gets stopped by the paps as she gets into her car on Thursday afternoon, New Year’s Day.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana starlet was asked to share her own New Year’s Resolution. She shared, “For the new year…exercise.”

Miley rang in the 2009 on Wednesday night with contest winner Alison Kaprielian at MTV’s New Year’s Eve Special at Beckman High School in Irvine, Calif.

Miley Cyrus – New Yea’s Resolution
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  • Karina

    Love her so muchh

    She is incredible !!

    Firstt !!

  • She so sweet!
    Love her hair like this too!

  • monica

    haha, at least she talks to the paps unlike OTHER stars.

  • nathalia

    i looove her

  • joeil4u

    shes so sweeet (-: (-:

  • nathalia

    is justin gaston with her?

  • C

    she’s such a nice person…and yeah, that’s justin

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!!:)

    GoOd FoR hEr I lOoOoOvE MiLeY sOoOo MuCh ShE rOcKz!!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • tori

    #3, its nice that she does.
    but you cant blame stars for not talking to them,
    you try getting followed by them 24/7

  • marine

    mil’ is the only one to talk with the pazz’s , she’s so nice ( more than Vanessa and co!)

  • Annie..!

    I love her! She’s soo nice!! Even with the papz that r following EVERYWHERE she goes!

  • Naja from Denmark

    miley is a cool girl!
    she is an awesome role model, I think it is good for everyone to make some mistakes. YOU ROCK MILEY!:D

  • klog


  • sacha

    i love miley so much and check out the guy standing in the background when she’s standing out side the car

  • vanessajonas

    i wish her resolution would be: shutting her mouth=)

  • miley fan!

    #15 your really stupid if you dont want to hear her then dont listen to her, its easy! and btw your not funny!

  • vbgtt

    love miley omg

  • vbgtt

    posta eu amo ela porra

  • laura

    awww!!!shes so nice and generous,love miley cyrus,shes a great person

  • laura

    shes so nice,love miley cyrus

  • diama

    she rocks

  • ?

    i don’t get this
    she made a song
    about pap’s
    now she’s suddenly liking them?
    this girl makes no sense!

    I’m sure she’s sucking up to them
    just so they can leave her alone
    MILEY said it herself
    she doesn’t like the pap’s following her around
    and who would?
    you can’t blame other stars to be nice all the time!
    they have their life’s to live
    and not 2 be exposed!

    BUT if she’s giving back
    and being nice
    that’s a big mistake
    cuz there gonna be all over her
    even more! xD

  • Oh Gosh!

    haha. she was like trying not to deal with the pap.
    ya know..
    she’s all..
    Yesss??? ha..
    I’d be door slam and drive away.

  • jinksy

    Miley is the best!! She is the most popular search on the internet, the biggest teen star of all time….way to go, Miley!

  • Vic2763

    Miley is always nice to the papz. She handles them with grace and better than most. Luv Ya Milez =]

  • Ashlee

    because she is getting fat

  • HMVegas

    Love Miley Ughhh I think its nasty what Justin Gaston Is doing Hanging Out W/ Miley -Its Still ILLEGAL! :-p
    Don’t _U_WisH -That_U Could_Be-A_Fly On the WaLL!

  • sirun

    lol this is at the americana parking place. and the man in back of her is a cop. he told my dad once to put out is cigarette lol. thats so funny. im like that man looks familar hahaha

  • no name

    Oh please Miley has so got an attitude. Listen to it again. She doesn’t sound quite so nice now does she?

  • jazmine

    omg!! i like miley and stuff but she look so bad in this pic

  • andrea

    well… she does need the exercise…!

  • heythurr

    she is awesome. what a friendly girl! :) shes a couple of years younger than me and I look up to her!! shes a really amazing girl! so talented and beautiful and what an incredible personality!

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