Nikki Blonsky Ready For Hairspray Sequel

Nikki Blonsky Ready For Hairspray Sequel

Nikki Blonsky was just cleared of assault charges (along with former Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden) and dished to OK! mag on how she’s doing.

The 20-year-old Hairspray star dished:

On her celeb crush: “I’m not going to lie; Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. I think he’s adorable!”

On the sequel to her blockbuster hit, Hairspray: “Zac [Efron] has said he’d love to do it again, and I know Brittany Snow is down for sure. I don’t know about Amanda [Bynes]. I hope she will. I want to put on my Tracy Turnblad wig again and dance my little heart out.”

On what she’s learned since her airport scuffle: “I saw the dark side of the industry. I never knew there were people willing to do anything to get their name in the paper. It’s a shame that someone will ruin a person’s life and beat them up to get their 10 minutes of fame back. I think it’s disgusting.”

On her New Year’s Resolution
: “Live my life and not let people get in the way.”

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  • AllisonC


    Zachary David-Alexander Efron! NO!

    As for nikki, her stab at the model? Hi, you were a has-been as well until you got into that infamous “scuffle”. So now what?


    Any interesting news on someone who doesn’t make my lunch come up>?

  • Carrie

    AllisonC I completely agree! There is no need for HS2 except for the fact that the studio wants to make money. From what I have read about the script it sounds DUMB! HS was an amazing play and movie and they are trying to ruin a fantastic musical by attempting a sequel. Leave it alone!

    As for Nikki… can she just go away please!

  • cindy

    hate her!

  • vanessajonas

    so she is saying that the model use her famee? well she is only famous for hairpsray so nicky.. SHUT UP!

  • John

    Nikki is amazing – so talented an beautiful. Good that she was cleared, so we can get more focus on her career. They just started working on the HS2 script so I believe it will be great.

  • Blobsky

    She should just make cheap …or maybe not coz that would be mistaken for a horror movie.

    Ed Westwick? Yeah right.
    But she secretly lusts on Zac. :P lmfao

    And please stop being a hypocrite. You’ve used a certain boy’s name too to get people talking about you…”i love him with every inch of my fat body” remember.
    Question: how many inches does your waist measure?..just curious.

    I love you Nikki

  • Alice

    Oh NO

    I dont really like her ;s

    Zac is to hot for her

  • steph

    no Zac, NOOOO!!!!!
    DO NOT DO IT!!!!

  • lozzie

    i LOVE her – Nikki you rock :) dont listen to these people who have nothing nice to say..ever…cant wait to see you in HS2 and ugly betty!!

  • anon

    hairspray was a really great movie. i dont want a hairspray 2 though, i feel that it would just mess everything up. i dont want anyone to sign on to HS2.

  • Andreas

    They are going to make a great HS2. Nikki looks fantastic and her Ugly Betty episode Jan 8 will be awesome. She have also done several very good shows by the way. Keep going strong Nikki.

  • Elllla

    What was the whole airport thing? I just heard something about it..

  • joss

    oh please no! we don’t need a sequel! ughh nikki is too annoying…

  • John

    Nikki speak about being comfortable with your self and believe that you can reach your dreams. I think that is a great message.

  • mylanta

    Ugh i hate that i have to comment on this cause im giving this woman hits on your page JJ and that just spurs you to continue posting pathetic news about her but Sweet Jesus! I was afraid of this. I knew her being cleared of charges from that assault will allow her to freely run her mouth about HS2. I was hoping that she’d be tied up in this scandal for another year-hell maybe serve some jail time with the damn model…anything to keep her away. How the bloody hell are you gonna make a sequel out of something that has historical closure?! I’m sure they proved integration and all that jazz, what else is there to do?

    I really hope Zac isnt stupid enough to sign onto a sinking ship that is HS2. He will forever be known as the boy who does musicals and i know how much he wants to branch out in the business. PLEASE ZAC DONT DO IT!

  • keri

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have nothing against Nikki but PLEASE can they NOT make a sequel. That Zikki kiss almost make me wanna PUKE. Zac please DON’T DO IT PLEASE!!!!!

  • sam

    i totally agree with #15 if Zac wants a to adult movies he better not do HS2. PLEASE ZAC DON’T DO IT. your fans are begging you not to.

  • L

    I used to love her. I really did. I thought she was a great role model for the bigger girls, like me. But you know what? She used her 10 minutes of fame too much. Sure, Hairspray was really good… but she doesn’t deserve anything else after what she and her father did to Bianca and her mother. I know that Bianca isn’t the nicest of people… but still. You can’t just go around beating people up.

    On what she’s learned since her airport scuffle: “I saw the dark side of the industry. I never knew there were people willing to do anything to get their name in the paper. It’s a shame that someone will ruin a person’s life and beat them up to get their 10 minutes of fame back. I think it’s disgusting.”

    To what she said there… that is basically what she and her father did. They beat up Bianca and especially Bianca’s mother… and why? That is so stupid. She sent out a negative message to everyone. Everyone thought that she would be a great role model to the bigger girls… but she isn’t. She got her 10 minutes of fame for Hairspray and when that was gone… she beat up some girl and that girl’s mom just to get her fame back…

  • maria

    EWWWWWWWW! that means i have to endure another Zikki kiss, Gross, i agree with #15 and 16. Zac don’t do it, he will forever be known as the guy who does musicals. if he wants to do an action movie, he better say NO! i will probably only watch the movie for zac’s sake, and didn’t he say that HSM3 will be the last musical that he would be doing?

  • andreas

    Nikki is still a great role model for every girls. Nikki didn´t beat any up, she is cleared remember. Nikki have upcoming projects so she dosen`t need to do this to get fame.

  • Nash

    Instead of putting the blame on someone else, Nikki should atleast take some of the blame after all it is her father. I know that Bianca isn’t the nicest of people, but come on she isn’t crazy to the point of beating Nikki up for no good reason. Nikki must have said something that aggrevated her. And just when did Zac say he would want to do HS2 I never heard him mention it, and that is another thing that bothers me about Nikki all the name dropping especially with Zac. Another thing Ed Westwich PUH-LEAAAAAAAAAASE, he’s your clebrity crush, YEAH RIGHT!!!!

  • nikki

    NO ZAC DONT DO IT the story line to hs2 sounds TERRIBLE has zac even seen the script?!

  • bb

    completely agree nash.

    no one is totally blameless, hence the charges still pending against her father. and what ever the provocation, bianca’s mother didn’t deserve to be beat until she had to be airlifted to a U.S. hospital!!!!!!

  • kacee

    puhlease! you’re in the same league as bianca. you’re not even that famous. shut up and stop pointing fingers.

  • michelle

    she’ll never get ed though, ahhaha.

  • kay

    Zac NOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE i am begging you, don’t do it!

  • zaclover

    i hope zac doesnt do it.. but then again.. it would be nice to see his face hahaha u have to agree!!!.. but i dont like nikki… she is like in love with zac.. i think zac is creeped out.. he is only nice in interviews.. and at that preimiere she held his hand and he didnt wanna be rude and let go..!! so stupid!!

  • angela clarke

    OMG you guys just don’t see the inner beauty in Nikki OMG I can and Zac can and I would love for him to come back in HS 2 I mean he played a AWESOME Link and I would love to see him back as Link in this one.

    plus I think ZIKKI is soo cute.

  • angela clarke

    #27 I don’t think zac would be creeped out I mean cmon any girl would admit that they are in love with him I mean who could blame them I mean he is talented, hot and a great dancer and singer.

    I thought it was cute when she said that.

  • Jessica

    Yea, dance your little head offf, cuz it dosn’t match your
    HUGE body …xD
    And I bet Zac just said he want to do it again is because he feels sorry for you, I mean C’mon Nikki, GET OVER HIM!!!!!!!
    He has a girlfriend, and I don’t think He will leave her for …… Well you.
    Take a picture of yourself and put it next to a picture of Vanessa.
    Ehm …. You see??
    If you think kissing you AGAIN will make him fall in love with you, well you have a good emagination.
    Since I think he will probably be MORE grossed out about it.
    And I don’t think he should do it if his character is gonna be on drugs.
    It’s a bad statement for his teenage fans.
    But hey, thats just what I think!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Ewww I hope Zac doesn’t do it.
    He needs to get away from musicals. And Nikki!
    I hate her a lot.
    Not cuz she’s fat, she’s just annoying to me.

  • Jessica

    And just because I have more to say:

    The script sounds STUPID!!!!!
    I would only watch that because of Zac,
    and I would close my eyes
    every time Nikki even TOUCH him!!!
    (If she decides that I would have to close my
    eyes during the entire movie!)
    Ewwwwwwwwwww And I just heard there was gonna
    be a …. You-Know- Scene between Zac and Nikki…..
    I’ve got 2 words for ya…:
    Damn I would need a bag to puke in!!!
    Unless they just showed Zac and not Nikki! xD
    No cuz I would HEAR her!!
    Ew if theres a scene like that I REFUSE to watch it until
    I can skip that part!!!!
    And Nikki, what you said about Bianca.
    Girl, its clear to all of us that you were fighting back! And that means you have to take some of the blame. Jezz, I hate you even more now, I seriously didn’t think it was possible! You’re weird ! At first I wasn’t judging you because you were size xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl, but you’re pathetic and what you say about Zac?? I’m surprised Vanessa havn’t hit you yet. You’re so good at cat fights apprantly, so instead of saying you love him in interviews just CONFESS your love for him so he can turn you down and we can all move on and stop felling so sorry for you (Only because you think he likes you!) And at the Hairspray premires, when you were holding his hand!! What was that about? I bet he just woulden’t let go because he feels sorry for you.
    You pathetic and annoying. Not to mention ugly, stupid, ou have no talent! And did I mention you were pathetic?
    DAMN it felt good to get all that out. :D
    And as for you Zachary:
    I would see the movie for you, but I can’t promise to like it.
    And you’ll be forever known as the guy who does musicals!
    I wanna see you in a action movie, with a gun and wearing a torn up shirt and a nice tan. XD!
    Damn I would LOVE that!
    Again, Nikki U suck! Go hide and cry about those 10 minutes of fame you had!!!!! It’s so CLEAR you’re trying to break up Zac and Vanessa, when you held his hand at the premiere, I bet Vanessa got mad about that!!! And I understand, not that you come anywhere NEAR her, but it’s not fun when some OBSSESED girl is trying to hit on your boyfriend when you’re not THERE!!!!

  • angela clarke

    jeez ppl what has nikki ever do to you nothing so why pick on her for ok.
    guys sure outer beauty is all that but its inner beauty that counts the most and Zac saw that in Nikki ok and I mean sure she loves him to death but cmon I red awhile back that Brittany admitted that she loves Zac too I mean cmon cut Nikki some slack.
    don’t just insult her cuz of her weight not everyone in hollywood has to be thin and pretty ppl who like that just wanna show off NO OFFENCE.

    I love Nikki cuz she is really funny and pretty too.
    plus I love her singing as well and shes really talented she was totally born to play Tracy Turnblad.

    ok im done.


    I find it funny how Nikki accuses people of trying to get their name in the paper, yet that is all she ever tries to do herself. Show me one interview that she has not dropped Zac’s name to keep people interested, and I can point at out at least 5 that she has. Girl’s obsessed, not very subtle about it, and kinda creepy. He has a girlfriend! What part of that doesn’t she understand?

    As for the fight, she needs to take at least a little responsibility for it. Bianca may not be nice, but I honestly don’t think she would have attacked if she hadn’t been coerced. And her dad sent a women to the ICU. It takes two to tango.

  • aw

    Of course she would be ready and of course she would jump at a chance to give exclusives to ok mag.

    She needs to stop answering for other people.

  • Lpipperoni

    JJ thanks for posting on Nikki it is always nice to read about Nikki. Glad to hear that some of the cast is at least up for coming back for a sequel. Nikki is going to have an amazing year I can just feel it

  • haha

    be quiet, fa ttie. They need to re cast her.

    I lovee the rest of the cast, and the movie, though.

  • http://Zacefron Bradley Bobst

    # 28 , 29 and 33 I agree with you all the

  • Madi never lies

    I not gonna lie, she was pretty good in hairspray. But I really think their pushing it, Hairspray 2 will bomb (if they make it which I hope they don’t) no doubt about it. She seriously shouldn’t be talking about ’10 minutes of fame’ because she did the same thing, and it wasn’t even in the news, or atleast I didn’t see it. She must’ve provoked Bianca or something to make her snap, just saying. Anybody who doesn’t value my opinion, I don’t care.

    Oh and Zac will (hopefully) not sign on to this sh it.

  • rockstar

    I doubt Zac will do the sequal.

  • Brenda

    So far the only person saying that Zac is doing HS2 is Nikki. And John Travolta had already said that he wasn’t going to do it and that is a big strike against the movie and there had known on JJ that Brittany Snow and Amanda and Michelle and Queen Latifia had not said that they were doing the movie, and with out the whole cast then they don’t have a chance and John was one of the biggest draws to the movie with him dressing as a women.

    but some of the script had Link using drugs according to JJ awhile back. I truly hope Zac doesn’t do the movie, it would be the bad move for his career,

  • zac is a rat

    Of course she’d love Zac to do HS2 with her then that way they could be togrether as everyone knows that Zac does’nt really care about Vanessa and had a thing going on with Nikki you only have to look at the photo’s and watch the kiss that they did on the show, everyone says that Zac was forced into it which is a load of nonsence he was more than happy to take part in it knowing it was going out on national tv and not giving a dam how it would make Vanessa feel. H ecould have politely refused as they was’nt filming the movie but no he was more than happy to oblige.

    Why Vanessa puts up with his flirting ways and showing no concerns for her feelings is a mystery.

    Nikki and Zac deserve each other.

  • Cherry-Jean

    oh come on, she’s like all of us. going crazy about zac efron. i know that all of u r jealous unconciously but she’s a teen. she’s crazy about him. i dont know about her that much but she’s like all of us.

  • http://JustJared AMANDa’s in love with zac!!!

    Ah man! I really hope nikki wasnt correct on Zac doing the Hairspray two!

    YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME ZAC! I dont want him to do it! he need to movie on!
    I love you baby, but please, these musicals has got to stop!!!

  • deka

    i think SHE is disgusting and no sequel is necessary

  • mac

    Oh God Zac….if you want to be taken seriously as an actor then avoid HS2 at all cost!!! And better yet, ran from Nikki at all cost!!!

  • Blobsky

    Is this news true that Nikki has a poster of Zac in her room and she looks at it when she masturbates.

  • I/am/me

    Nikki, if you ever read this I want you to now:
    I tink you’r a great actess an a singer, but please do not overdo this. I kow you and zac are just friends, but when you held his hand on the premiere, I thought that was vey rude twords your fans, zac and mostly vanessa. vanesa is zac’s girlfriend, remember that. Think how vanesssa feels. is not easy to have a boyfiend every female are in love with. I think you shouldove on and get a boyfriend instead on klinging on zac, when you know the only girl for zac is vanessa.

    I don’t think its true that zac and nikki would do shouch a scene. HS is a family comedy, not an r-rated movie.

    I’m sure zac is, and will continue being faithful twords vanssa –> even how long he’s going to be gone and nomatter who he is working with.

    And if there relly is gonna be a squel, this is gonna be iven worser than have inmagent if Amanda Bynes not gonna be in it. It would be a tragical movie – without any humor.

    and jj, why haven’t you posted the article yet?

    Vanessa Makes Zac A Better Person! January 3, 2009

    Zac Efron says girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens makes him a “better person”. The 20-year-old heartthrob – who met Vanessa on the set of Disney movie ‘High School Musical’ in 2006 – claims their relationship completes him.

    He said: “You can’t describe the feeling of being in love – when you meet someone who makes you a better person.”

    Zac and Vanessa – who play basketball star Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez respectively in the hit movie franchise – were voted the Favourite Couple of 2008 last month. The sweethearts topped the list of the best pairings of the year compiled by

    —-> found this on

  • haley

    #33- Nikki did not do anthing to us its just that she always mentions Zac ‘s name in almost every interview. And it makes her look annoying and pathetic. I hope Zac does not do HS2 because he will always be known as the guy that sings and dance in movies. Nikki is actin as though the fight between her and Bianca was not her fault, when she should be carrying some of the blame. Bianca is a complete NUTCASE, but i dont think she was that crazy to start a fight with Nikki just like that. Nikki probably said something that made Bianca snap. I really dont like her because she come across as someone who wants attention. Her 10 minutes of fame was up when HS was done ad it seems as though she will do anything to ge her fame back. i don’t known why she always mentions Zac’s name, maybe is to keep he interview interesting and get attention.

    Any one else agree?

  • maria

    I agree, Haley. I don’t dislike her because of weight, looks, or anything like that. As a matter of fact, I used to be a fan. I just don’t like her over-the-top loud personality and her behavior. It’s REALLY rubbed me the wrong way. Her screaming at Zac at that awards show REALLY turned me off to her, and everything she’s done since then has been downright tacky and classless.

    I also think HER 10 minutes of fame is pretty much over too. Other than John Water’s HS, I doubt Hollywood will be knocking down her door.