Robert Pattinson Hates Contacts

Robert Pattinson Hates Contacts
  • Robert Pattinson would like new contacts for New Moon
  • Miley Cyrus has her own high school musical
  • Ashley Tisdale shows off maltipoo Maui
  • Dancer and singer Julianne Hough has a hottie body
  • BFFs Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had their SayNow numbers hacked for the new year. When a fan would call, an innapropriate song would play. Sources now say, the numbers have been fixed.
  • Taylor Swift is the best-selling artist of 2008. Her sophomore album, Fearless, sold 2.11 million copies in two months.
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  • nathalia

    rob pattinsson is sooo hot

  • nathalia

    i was first :)

  • sam

    I LOVE him , he is SOO HOT

  • liz

    awww poor rob that would suck wearing those!
    i love him! so hot

  • Vanessa

    Go Taylor! Congrats

  • joss

    robert pattinson! <3 he’s sooooo hot!

  • Mowgli

    they should give Rob the gel contact lenses

  • UnintendedChoice

    Would Rob also like a new girlfriend?

  • emmawatsonfan♥♥♥


  • Kari

    Maybe they should get him different contacts. I’ve been wearing colored contacts for 6 years and they’ve never bothered me, ever

  • Silver

    Rob is so gorgeous! 2009 is his year baby!

  • ana

    hey rob i love you=*

  • nicole

    Hey Robert umm.. i would just like to say you are something special i know some people say your hot your gorgeous but i think your something more then that.My opinion is that you stand out, and you have a unique look. Also do you have any idea when Twilight New moon is coming out. Because im looking forward to that coming out.Since I have read all the books.Well thanks for listening..

  • alice

    you are so hot robert! i think you are just perfect and i can’t wait till new moon,

  • Noelani

    robert is such a handsome guy! i am ridiculously drawn to him. i feel so absurb when i always end up looking him up on here. mostly because i try super hard to fight having an obsession over the guy :). yet he’s just so alluring and has an unfathomable way of drawing all of the female race to him… okay okay i guess i am obsessed… hahaha.

    God he’s just so gorgeous!!!

  • camille

    i love rpattz! :D, he’s so awesome. i love his
    music too, though it’s a little different from
    my fav genre it just sounds so unique.

    i’m looking forward for new moon on NOV 2009!
    hehe =)

    p.s. too bad with those contacts though. & i’ll be waiting
    for your hair to grow. [ i liked it better ].

  • trainwreck*

    Robert is ammaazzziinnggg.

  • jessica

    hey rob u r so special i want to be an actress so hopefully i can meet u:)

  • jordan

    omg rob i love u so much and one day i am hoping to meat u and hopefully when u look in my eyes u will fall inlove with me and we can spend the rest of our life together. u r so hott i love u

  • jordan

    heyy robert omg i am so happy right now i just saw ur movie i loved it so sorry about the contacts that must stink. hey did u know that u r very hott well i know and some day i am planning to meet u and then u will look into my eyes and u will fall in love with me then u we will live a happy life together forever that is how much i love u and i know every thing about u u could ask me anything and i would know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u so much and i cant wait untill we meet and u look in my eyes then we will start our lives together just like i said. make sure u wait for me dont meet anyone untill u meet me or u will regret it.

  • Mckena

    he is so whiny about everything. it’s getting annoying.

  • Andrea

    Robert is so awesome. Can’t wait until New Moon.

    Visit my new celeb blog:

  • jordan

    he is so not i love him so much and i think that he is the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!


    yay taylor!!!!!!


  • http://dani Daniela

    Hola soy de argentina y vi la pelicula elo crepusculo y jamas me habia llamado tanto la atencion un actor… es por eso que decidi escribir ojala entiendas este msj desde ya 0jala algun dia pueda concerte pesornalmente…aunque creo que eso va a ser imposible ja ja ja …

    Besos daniela

  • kate

    you know, I’m actually a little bit in love with him! <3 <3

    he is a fabbb actor!

    and pretty damn cute too!



    rob pattinson aka EDWARD! is so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 HOT! i luv him sooo much. me & my friends r always fightin over who gets him. <3


  • Shan

    after looking at these messages girls i feel so much better
    i thought aaah crap, i seriously need to stop lookin up ole patterz everytime im on the computer!
    im ‘ridiculously drawn’
    i doubt he’d date a fan tbh, were all too nuts about him aha

  • cady

    He’s so HOT !!!
    I like him a lot

    JJJ please put more about him

  • ashley

    I hope I can meet u Robert! U seem like a very kind person. And if I don’t meet you then I wish u the best of luck in your acting and music career. You are absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo juliet

    hi rpattz i really hope i can meet you some day you are my acting inspiration i have been reading eclipse and im almost done with all the books i love london england and i hope to move there some day i love your hair it is so cool!i have your poster and i pretended i got married to it im 9 years old i just want to be your friend because your cool and down to earth and i have a british acent cause i kind of taught my self to.u are my favirote charecter in harry potter oh and i have the twilight cd my favorite song is when you are singing.i have watched twilight like 2 time s already hope i can meet or win a contest and meet you i bet all those girls who can mee you are so lucky beacuse your the coolest person ever

  • twilight fan

    i luuuv you rob i hope to meet you one day i wish i could promise that when iand if i did see you that i wouldnt screem but if i did promise that the promise would be broken when i saw you lol

  • Vicki

    He is SO hot ♥