Vanessa Hudgens: Thanks, Fans!

Vanessa Hudgens: Thanks, Fans!

Vanessa Hudgens pops in from the Paris stop on the HSM3 promo tour to say thanks to all her fans on Officially Zanessified.

The 20-year-old starlet was all smiles as she thanked her fans for a fanbook they made for her. She gushed, “I just want to say thank you guys so much for this book, it’s really sweet. I can’t wait to go through all of it and read it and hope you guys like High School Musical. Bye guys!”

Check out Vanessa‘s message below!

Vanessa Hudgens – Thank You!
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Credit: Vincent
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  • kiarita´sKiss

    ohh …. nessa rocks!!!! xD

  • keri

    I love her, she is soo sweet. it should be a crime to hate her

  • Jonessa 4ever

    Shes so sweet and nice. Really pretty too! Now Zac needs to get out of the picture… Joe Jonas + Vanessa thats a better couple

  • elenee

    awh :)
    I love Vanny.
    you need to get some Zanessa pics JJJ! :)

  • giz

    so freaking beautiful. I hope Van has a great and successful ’09

  • http://zanessa sara 12
  • alyssa

    she’s so freakin’ adorable!
    i just love her


  • i hope zac not in Hairspray

    oh thx 2 i hope zac not come in Hairspray pleas pleas

    stay with ur girlfrind vanessa maybe she need u ? any time i dont wanna anything happen to them like wt happen for miley and nick

    pleas stay and doo any movie with vanessa

  • mari T

    She is so sweet ^^

  • Amélie

    HEY :O:O it’s the book I translate all the messages for the web site who give her that :O:O

  • vanessa

    It was her birthday book! Lots of fans off of afew of her fan sites wrote and stuck pictures into a book that was sent to her originally intended to be given to her on the Sweden leg of the tour, but got there to Paris instead

  • tina

    I think she is so cute. I think it is great when celebs acknowledge their fans and when fans do special things for them like make books.

  • kaitlinas

    she is ugly

  • kaitlinas

    U-G-L-Y GIRL. She is soooo a nobody has been go to ocean up and see how no one cares about her.

  • kait

    pretty van <3 nice of her to thank her fans

  • anon

    Kaitlinas- STFU. k? thanks.

    B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L girl. LOVE HER

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She’s sooooo sweet ♥
    Vanessa Hudgens, You ROCK!!!

  • suzy

    she looks cute.

  • OHoH

    humhum. Look fr

  • kay

    love her!

  • sara

    She is sweet
    I love her

  • lina

    i love her

    she is amazing (:

    unbelivebal beautiful

    the best



  • laura daniela

    Oh my gosh she looks SOOOO beautiful in that video… It’s soo kind of her saying thanks to her fans..: I just love her

  • zanessa rox ur sox!

    OMG. she is no nice i love her so much! she is so pretty iim glad she took time into making that! love her forever! go zanessa!

  • 1zanessa3

    i love her to death!!! she is sooo sweet 4 thanking her fans

    BTW: kaitlinas, SHUT UP, nobody cares if you dont like her, your just giving her attention(thanks for the attention, but she doesnt need the negativeness!!!) you say she’s ugly…show us a picture of you and we’ll be the judge!!!thats what i thought.

    ZANESSA FAN 4 LIFE!!! ☺♥☺

  • ayen

    Good to know. ^^ Kinda old, but great nonetheless…

    Kudos to the club that gave it to her.

  • Ann

    Oh! p;ease, Miss no talent give us a break

  • Samantha

    Hey (:
    Please delete the video from your article (:
    1 – Cause’ its not the real Vanessa Hudgens –’
    2 – Its from A Website Who have met the hsm cast ( –’

  • Vincent

    It’s a fake!!! It’s not Vanessa who upload this video but me two month ago!! i met nessa in private with all the cast!!! You don’t believe me?? Okay go to club-highschoolmusical . com (now it’ officially-zanessafied . net) and you will see that i met zanessa!!!!!
    I give her a book we can see that it’s call “clubhighschoolmusical seniorbook” I let a message in my website^^

  • Hi

    From september hum. The 30th, when I give her a book… go to see my website
    club – high school musical . com … “we met zanessa” (it ‘ s now officially zanessafied)

  • Lily

    ‘took her time?’ it was 9 seconds long..loads of celebs do this kind of stuff anyway

  • jo


  • Karina

    OMG, she is really nice

    And we have to Thank you for everything !!

    Love youu !!

  • Rich

    Kaitlinas, go away you annoying kid.

    Jo, someone already took her name.

    She’s so sweet, and it’s nice to see more updates about her.

  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    OMG! im so happy she did that 4 her fans shes awsome i love her and she looks so pretty! im happy she took time 2 make that video! she rocks!


    Thank you guys :D

  • Vincent

    thank’s Justjared ;)

  • vanessajonas

    aw she is so cute and sweet
    btw #3 if also a jonessa fan=)
    if zanessa breaks up maybe joe and vanessa should try it, joe ahs said a lot of times he thinks vanessa is hot and zac is a lucky guy hah

  • kaitlinas

    Joe has never said that ”Vanessa is hot” stop making up rumors VanessaJonas. And Jonas fangirls dont even care about Vanessa so why would they want this fictional jonessa. they can’t even handle jorenda and nelena.

  • :)

    I don’t get how anyone could hate vanessa.
    She seems soo nice!
    i’d LOVE to meet her.
    P.s kaitlinas, vanessa hudgens is the furthest thing from ugly!
    she’s stunning

  • vancrazed

    LOVE YA V! Keep being your lovable self. Can’t wait to see what 2009 holds for you.

  • baby.v.

    I don’t think Joe Jonas and Vanessa will make a good couple, #3 (Jonessa 4ever). Zac Efron is soo much hotter than Joe. And Zac and Vanessa are the cutest couple ever! Love them! <3

  • Nicole


  • sweetnessa

    awwwwwwwwwwww i love you V!!!!!!!


    Kaitlinas honey, Joe actually did say that he thought Vanessa was hot. But that was years ago, back before he and his brothers really became famous, and I believe it was something he said in passing to one of those tweeny magazines. He probably didn’t mean anything by it, and even if he did, so what? She’s with someone now so it doesn’t change anything.

    As for this, it’s old, but cute. And sweet of her, one of the many reasons I like Vanessa.

  • guillaume

    Cool Article.
    I was with Vincent, the webmaster of officially-zanessafied.
    I bought the flower that Vanessa holds.
    Here a picture of the meeting :
    have a nice day ;) !

  • zanessa4everr

    awww shes so sweet! i love her!

  • vancrazed

    #46 Thanks for sharing that. That was really sweet of you guys to honor them in that way. It’s cool to hear a real live account as well of how grateful they truly are. The haters need to hear that

  • kait

    thanks vincent and to all the people that run thanks for sharing the vid and pics :)

  • ashfan

    fyi, that youtube account ran by hollywood records.

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