Vanessa Hudgens is Smoothie Sweet

Vanessa Hudgens is Smoothie Sweet

Vanessa Hudgens slurps on a smoothie after her daily workout in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 20-year-old actress, in her Nike flannel jacket, took her younger sister Stella and mom Gina out later in the afternoon, stopping off at a frame shop where Vanessa purchased a large picture of a butterfly.

FYI: Vanessa‘s name means butterfly. Wonder if she’ll frame it and post it in Zac‘s bedroom?

15+ pics inside of Vanessa and Stella on a smoothie run…

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vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 01
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 02
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 03
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 04
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 05
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 06
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 07
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 08
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 09
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 10
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 11
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 12
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 13
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 14
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 15
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 16
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 17
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 18
vanessa hudgens smoothie stop 19

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  • suzy

    She looks cute.

  • Ella

    Love Vanessa!

  • woofwoof

    yay im first!!!!!
    shes pretty

  • ariana

    the picture on the right isn’t her best.
    but her outfit is cute

  • http://http/ daniel

    vanessa is the best
    jjj keep posting

  • rawrambo

    her eyes scream STONED. haha. sorry, just had to say that x]

  • http://http/ daniel

    hey what it means she’ll frame it and post it in Zac’s bedroom?

  • aw

    She looks cute

  • kay

    Not looking her best but still love her!

  • chloek


  • http://http/ daniel

    #6 are u stupid ?????’

  • baby.v.

    Vanessa has awesome style.
    Love her!

  • vanessa.

    she looks pretty as always[:

  • baby.v.

    oops! Or not..
    Love Vanessa!

  • vanessalover

    AKFNKG i love heeeer!
    vanessa you are the best ♥

  • http://http/ daniel

    #6 stupid or something

  • http://http/ daniel


  • http://http/ daniel


  • emily

    She looks gog every day!!! She is so beautiful… :)
    Pretty good girl

  • zanessa/jashley

    She’s always looks pretty :D I love her outfit. And her hair looks good in ANY way she puts it in. I’m lovin’ the sweater too :D

    ..Stella looks adorable too !! She’s like a mini-me Vanessa. Cute.

  • overated.

    Aw, her name means Butterfly ? ..That’s adorable. Hm, maybe she will put it in Zachary’s bedroom. Never know XD. Ok, this is what it’s all about, i admit, she looks bad but then again she still looks gorgeous as ever. Naturally beautiful.

  • choconessie

    Vanessa is so glamorous!

  • http://http/ daniel

    ANY1 know when is the premiere in tokio, japan?

  • http://http/ daniel

    happy #2 new year

  • Cherry-Jean

    her face looked pale. it’s like a ghost is drinking a smoothie. but she still has her voice. i only care bout her voice.

  • Anonymous

    i rather see pictures of Hayley Williams..

  • WOW

    She looks absolutely amazing. Vanessa is one of the few stars who look breathtaking without makeup. She just glows.

    Her beauty truly is stimulating.

    Man, mix people are so damn beautiful. She is HOT as HELL!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    beautiful as always!!! love her so much! i missed her a lot.. vanessa and zac fan forever!!!

  • zanessa4everr

    shes so gorgeous! in anything she wears!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    gosh!! if you dont like her dont come here!!! she is sooo beautiful and like everyone she have a normal life,i mean,one day maybe you dont have to love her face or something,but she still the same…the best!! vanessa rock!!!

    plz..dont say bad thing about her ! it hurt! maybe she[s reading this now.. love her style like always!

  • Rich

    Haha, she looks weird on the picture on the right. Nice to see her out with her family.

  • http://Zacefron Cindy

    I think Zanessa broke up.

  • Isabel

    Love Vanessa! She’s beautiful.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    lovely as always

  • Tia

    the thing with vanessa is, shes really not THAT gorjuzz and outstanding to look at, but she wears make-up really well, so when she actually has some on, it totally transforms her face, but without it, naturally, she is a very average looking girl, theres totally nothing wrong with that, but Im just saying I dont think she posesses that natural hollywood beauty that some people may think she has. But she is def cute.

  • WOW

    #25 Anonymous (dumbass)

    I got two words for you. Google images. If you’d rather see pictures of Hayley Williams, you might want to check that out next time.

    Also, try this; if you don’t wan’t to see certain celebrities, just simply scroll down or get off. That’s right. It really is that simple.

    I hope your dumbass realizes you do have the ability to take control of things you want to read and see. Unless you had somebody pointing a gun to your head forcing you to click on this thread, don’t complain.

    Oh, in case you don’t know, google is spelt G-O-O-G-L-E, type in the person your heart pleases to see and then click “images”.

    …You’re welcome!

  • ashleylover

    she looks pale because she has some cream stuff on her face if you look at the pictures carefully you’ll see that.

  • k

    family bonding
    i miss the BF

  • hsmgirl218

    She looks like a ZOMBE!!!!!!! Aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  • k

    i love her
    nut where is the BF?

  • ashfan

    she doesn’t look gorgeous as usual when we see her in premieres and stuff..
    but this girl is beautiful naturally too….

    if people took photos of me drinking from straw, I will look like an idiot…

    in her case, Vanessa looks weird, but still cute….

  • elizabeth marinas

    i can’t wait until the movie bandslam comes out in july

  • yets

    nice to see her with her family again,.

  • vanessajonas

    aaw she looks cute.. maybe she just wants to decorate her new home!=)

  • troy

    I’ll admit that the picture of Vanessa drinking from the straw isn’t her best but I would challenge anyone to look “hot” while doing that. Maybe that’s her strategy;’ if she tries to look unphotogenic the paps will back off. Unfortunately for her she’s incapable of looking bad so that probably won’t work.

  • http://http/ daniel

    stupid haters of vanessa go out to other site
    see that video

  • liy

    VOTE vanessa on SHINEON-MEDIA.COM ….

  • jenny

    love vanessa! she’s awesome! did she get rid of her bangs? well who cares, she looks great anyways!:)

  • kay

    Vanessa actually is a natural beauty it’s just today wasn’t one of her great days. Look at this:

  • http://http/ daniel


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