Selena Gomez: I Want To Start A Rock Band!

Selena Gomez: I Want To Start A Rock Band!

Selena Gomez tells the latest issue of BOP that she’s ready to rock out with the boys!

The 16-year-old Wizard in training dished about forming her own rock band.

She shared, “I would like all guys in the band. I’m looking for someone who’s very passionate about music and can show me that they can rock out. I like having people with me to lean on and write with and have fun with.”

Selena also revealed a JoBros collaboration isn’t out of the question. She says, “The Jonas Brothers offered to help me with my album, which is really nice of them. I would love to do a song with them.”

Selena scan inside…

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  • Dot

    She sounds like she’s trying to hard to achieve the things Miley has done.

  • vanessajonas

    she is so annoying so she should stick to act because i dont want her to infect the radiostations with teeny booper songs.. wannabe PARAMORE..

  • *Pri*

    i loove Sel (LLL)³

  • kenzie

    3rd!! i hope she does something with the jonas brothers!!!..cant wait 2 hear it! :)

  • yerr face

    Agree With # 1.

    I Mean She Said She Didnt Want to Be Anyone BUt Her Self.

    But Shes Going Into Singing;
    &She Said She Just Wanted To To Stick To Acting.

    Gosh What A Bopper,

  • Karina

    I love she soooo muchhh !!!

    She is the bestt ever !!!


  • sabreen

    Selena Gomez acts like such an effing goody good to make miley cyrus look bad but one of these days the world is gonna catch selena in one of her mishevious acts and the world will know the truth about her. Shes only a two faced desperate poser. For all u who disagree then u can suck it because thats the truth and if you dont believe me then youll see.

  • cc27

    o.O i think she should just stick to acting :D cuz shes rlly rlly good at it

  • Krissy

    I love selena!
    it’s amazing that’s she’s trying something new with her career <3
    the jo bros & selena working together?
    that’s so awesome!
    they did so GOOD with demi’s CD
    i cant’ wait to hear selena..
    she has such a great voice!

    all you haters
    would you shut up atleast!
    does it say, it’s illegal for selena
    to do w/e she wants, without having people
    making fun & judging what she does.
    ANYONE can do whatever they want
    and they don’t need people like you
    to be critiquing it
    if you hate her so much
    you don’t have to bother coming on here
    and stating what you think is WRONG.

    PEOPLE can change their minds
    into what they do.
    IT’S a new year..
    cut her some slack would ya?
    BESIDES she’s done singing before
    what’s wrong with her continuing it off again?
    AND nothing is there, for you people think to think
    she’s copying miley.
    MILEYnever started with be well experienced.
    ( if you’ve seen her, you would know)
    SELENA & DEMI have done acting and singing..
    all at the same TIME!
    AND the fact, there taking their times individually to be focused on one, instead of two, is fantastic!
    IT shows these girls HAVE talent..without striving to be perfect
    or having attention. THERE just being themselves.
    YOU know there’s a thing..called improvement..

    If you can’t except them
    then why are you here?


  • alexis

    #5 she said that she like to sing and would like to try it but acting was her real passion and after her album is done she would go back to acting but she will not stick with music she just want to try it, she can at least try and see what it is like to come out with a album would you?

    #2 paramore is her fav band and she said she looked up to haliey for being the only girl in an all boy band, so yeah it might be like paramore cause she love them and look up to them, she even said she wanted to have a paramore type of style so yeah it is going to be like paramore

  • Krissy

    # 7
    WHO the hell are you to say such a thing?
    act like a goodie goodie?
    you know, there are tons of celebs who are good goodies, that don’t try to make people look bad!
    nothing here states miley and selena have had a fight. THERE friends. JUST cuz one thing was blown outta proportion doesn’t mean you should make it more worse! learn your facts would ya?
    mischievous acts?
    i find it funny, you mistaken selena for miley.
    you can’t accept this girl
    for who she is
    and what she does.
    AND that more people like her for who she IS.
    OBVIOUSLY she’s not trying too hard
    to be something she’s not.
    SHE has talent..
    can you not see that? she’s done this her whole life.
    YOU would know that, instead of bashing on someone, who you don’t know about.
    SUCK up what?
    the fact she’s the best role model ever
    and doesn’t care what people think about her?
    yea..nice try
    to make people believe you
    but that’s ever catch on
    so do us a favour
    and make your own
    little hate selena group
    and work ship miley

    OH FYI
    i think the REAL person here
    who’s gonna be more worse
    is miley. YOU know, if miley couldn’t control herself, with new changes to make her image look good…
    it’s her fault
    she’s gone and isn’t gonna be recognized anymore
    SUCK up the fact that THIS is gonna happen
    AND quit your whinning and complaining
    just cuz SELENA didn’t do anything but CONTINUE her fame
    with the truth and being HERSELF.

    GET a life
    and get lost
    if you don’t know what your talking about.

  • maria e

    Well, I really like Selena, so I want her to do well in whatever she does.

  • rii

    You know Krissy, maybe it’s bad for people to be hating on Selena (and Demi) but can you at least take your own advice and stop hating on Miley? People can basically use your own arguments against you and pick out the many mistakes/hearsay you have stated.

    You say Miley is “gone and isn’t gonna be recognized anymore” but the fact, yes I just used the word FACT, is that Miley is still bigger than Selena right now. Will that change in the future? Who knows, but if you look at right now and all the projects about to be released for Miley or slated projects, they outweigh Selena’s. Miley is here to stay for a couple more years at the least because there have been announced projects already for the future. So you have to face the facts, Miley is still way bigger than Selena right now and the likelihood of her still being bigger in the future is pretty high.

  • AJ

    OMG !

    how exciting..

    i wanna be her drummer..

    im experienced !

    she is SOOO much better than miley.


  • http://none jessica

    She is a real ROCKER! She’s not a poser, she likes Paramore (Paramore screams rock).

  • kaylee

    If she’s so passionate about just the music then why does she care if she has “all guys in her band”?? She’s such a Paramore wannabe its not even funny, and she seems to be more concerned with creating an image of being this “cool rocker chick up on stage with all the guys” than her so called music.

    Selena’s music career is an accident waiting to happen. Hope she proves me wrong, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • AR

    boring who cares?

  • yerr face

    Dangg Krissy.!

    You Should Be Lawyer;
    You Got An Answer For EVERYTHING.!

    But Even When Your 0n A Selena Thing You Cant Stop Talking About Miley To Save Your Life.!

    & You SAy WE “Worship” Miley, We Dont Worship Her We Defnd Her.!

    You W0RSHIP Selena!

    Im Mean Dangg Get 0verr Her & Get 0ver Yerr Self.!

  • lexie

    Why are you people saying she’s a “wanna be Paramore”?
    What about “Hey Monday”? That band has a female lead singer and the rest are boys. I think it’s actually okay to have a female lead singer. It shows that women can express their individuallity and uniqueness and reign over male lead singers anyday. Stop fussing for Christ’s sake and grow up tweenies.

  • Anonymous

    lol yeah, shes so hardcore. NOT!

  • :)

    Oh no, I really hope she doesn’t do this.

    And Krissy, you can’t freaking make everybody love Selena. You say that ppl should stop hating on her, well … you should stop hating on Miley. Miley is and will be bigger than Selena. Sorry but this girl is just famous cuz she’s Nick Jonas girlfriend.

  • Krissy

    # 13
    I wasn’t trying to be mean about miley
    most people compare selena to her
    and that’s the only reason
    this was brought up
    i was TRYING to make a point
    Maybe it would be easier
    if haters would take their own advice and do the same for selena and demi!
    Well, my opinion is different amongst everyone else..
    so pick all the mistakes you want, if your trying to defend miley.
    I defend selena cuz i am a fan… do w/e you want.

    miley doesn’t seem she’s bigger than selena.
    IT’s been told, miley will lose her fame, and selena will take over.
    That was A FACT proven already.
    So i’m just saying how it is.
    Wither you like it or not
    Miley isn’t gonna be famous forever.
    She’s made too many mistakes to be carried on as a singer/ actress.
    That may be true.. her projects will hold her up
    but not for long.
    YET selena has done more as well…
    or is starting to do more than her..
    ( if you’ve seen it)
    MIley may stay strong now..
    but i’m just saying..
    her talent abilities won’t get her anywhere else..
    if her image doesn’t match as well.

    # 18
    OK..umm thanks ..
    i guess =/
    YES i have an answer for everything
    cuz it’s the haters
    who start the trash about selena and demi
    when really there not at fault, except being themselves!
    it’s great miley fans want to defend her
    but why do it here?
    THIS is a selena post.
    NOT miley.
    SELENA and MILEY don’t concern each other in fame..except being friends. MAYBE you should learn that, instead of comparing them against one another.

    I didn’t bring the whole miley save my life oK?
    MILEY and SELENA are two different PEOPLE.
    GET that around your head.
    They shouldn’t be compared – AT ALL!
    workship and defend are the same thing.
    your still for miley.
    SO either way
    comment on something else, that’s not related to miley with selena.

    Maybe you should get over self
    and stop reading what i have to say
    IF you don’t like it
    move on
    and quit whinning about how
    you people love miley
    and trash selena and demi!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!!:)

    i so agree with #1 #2 #5 #7 #13 #16 & #17 (esp #16 & #13) sorry to say but shes a wannabe Miley AND shes like trying to make a band like Paramore and of course she wants to do a song with JB shes trying sooo hard to be something shes not its GROSS i sooooooo know that her “music career” isnt gonna work out cuz shes no good at music in that WOWP episode were shes in a band with Justin shes lip synking and i doubt that she was even playing those drums in atleast 2 years everyone will be like Selena who!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHA and Selena lovers layoff the haters already were not gonna go away and you cant make us go away we have the exact same rights to make a statement as you do and ya’ll can say anything you want about us and we wont care and Krissy knock it off already so what if sabreen dont like Selena layoff of her she can say whatever she wants GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AR. kaylee. rii. Dot. vanessajonas. yerr face & sabreen
    ya’ll ROCK thanx for the truth!!!:)

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • Krissy

    # 21
    SELENA is famous
    cuz she’s been here a long time
    NOTHING there says, she’s a big shot, cuz of dating a GUY.
    I still don’t get why you people comment, if you don’t know NOTHING about selena.
    FYI- i don’t make people love selena. I MAKE people see her the way she is, besides believing something she’s not!
    JUST the way you, make people see how great miley is.

    Speaking of miley..
    miley was recognized before being with nick.
    AND she still is loved
    with everything she’s done.

    WELL the same goes for selena.

    End of story.

  • lala :)

    UGHHHH!!!! disney channel sendrome!!!!!!!!!! if you act and you’re GOOD at it ACT. if you sing and you’re GOOD at it SING. if you’re good at BOTH acting AND singing. ACT and SING. I personally don’t favor selena as singer; i really don’t favor her that much at all really, but i’m trying not to hate anymore; new year’s resoulution. but whatever.

  • mileyfan

    wow Failure ans yeah she is deffintely a paramaore wannabe

    the end!

  • yerr face

    You Do The Same Thing With Miley!

    & Im Not Bashing Selena Nor Demi Because Not At 0n Time Did I Say Anything Bad About Them.

    Selena Is A Good Actor.

    But I Dislike The Girl.

    & Worship Is Not The Same Thing As Defend.
    & You Know What.
    Ima Stop Here.
    Cause I Really Dont Care;

    Lets Make A Deal Krissy.

    You Stick The Selena’s Post;
    & Ill Stick To The Miley’s Post.

    You Dont Like Miley.

    I Really Have Nothing Against Selena.

    So Next Miley Post;
    Ill Comment[:

    Next Selena Post You Comment[:

    I Dont Talk About Selena Because I Dont Know N0THING About The Girl

    You ST0P Talking About Miley Cause You Know N0THINg About Miley Either.[:




  • yerr face


    Stick To Miley.[:

    Dont Get Me Wrong Miley Is The Shizz;

    But Dont Like SelenaHey;WhyWasteYerrTimeRight.?

    &Selena Fans;SameGoesToYou.![:


  • rii

    Krissy, yet again you are saying the same stuff. If you say Selena haters should shut up then you as a Miley hater should shut up too. Even if you dont think of yourself as not being a hater, you talk more BS than the people who do think of themselves as haters. I dont talk crap about Selena, but I’m a Miley fan i guess so I’ll keep on defending her.

    “miley doesn’t seem she’s bigger than selena.
    IT’s been told, miley will lose her fame, and selena will take over.
    That was A FACT proven already.”
    uhhh Miley is definitely bigger than Selena, fans, haters, or neutral ppl for Miley all should be able to see this. do you really think Wizards is bigger than Hannah Montana? I’m not asking this as a fan, but just regularly if you get what i mean. You HAVE to admit it’s Hannah merchandise all over rather than Wizards.
    and you use “it’s been told” as fact? THAT IS NOT WHAT A FACT IS! i’m not trying to be mean but you should really look up the meaning of fact. the media has said Selena is the next Miley for months, and Selena’s popularity has been rising, but being called the next Miley? that means she hasnt surpassed Miley but is trying to catch up to her. and i say yet again it has been months that the media has called Selena the next Miley and she still isn’t as big as Miley. Miley was pretty much a literal overnight sensation with HM and her popularity is still just as big or even getting bigger. Selena is trying to catch up to Miley’s level even after Wizards has been on for over a year.

    and btw, it’s not like Paramore is the only band with a female lead… but Selena wanting to be the lead in an all male band is probably influenced from her Paramore being her fav band so I can see why she said that. i just dont see why ANYONE who is serious with music would say that tho. cuz i dont see a band as just a bunch of hired musicians. i mean sure, you look for a drummer or a bass player, etc when starting a band, but you dont set out to find a bandmate with a whole list of conditions (well i guess somewhat you do, but not like this). it just irks me cuz you see the majority of bands have people who were friends for a long time who want to make music for a long time. not some commercial band, which i know im being biased, that is made for the money or cuz its a trend, etc.

  • Vynnie

    Paramore is Selena’s favorite band. She looks up to Hayley Williams, She’s musically inspired by Paramore. But does that really mean she’s gonna copy Hayley’s poses, clothing style, dance moves, music style or something? Even if she does like at least one or two of them, it still wouldn’t really matter. All this “she’s gonna copy this, she’s gonna copy that” is kindergarten-ish.

    In an interview Selena said that she wants to experience what others singers are experiencing right now. People say that singing in front of thousands of people and hearing them sing along your songs is one of the best feelings in the world, so I guess Selena wants to feel that too. You only live once, why stick to just ONE thing? Why can’t she take all these exciting opportunities and just try as many things as possible and do everything?

    I realize that some people aren’t happy with Selena doing the whole “music” thing, but if they don’t like it, then don’t listen to her songs, don’t buy her album, don’t go to her concerts, don’t listen to her sing. If you hear her sing in the radio, then turn it off and leave it to the Selena fans who are actually excited about it! Don’t be all selfish and say “stick to acting, stick to acting” when there are thousands of other people saying “sing Selena, sing Selena!”.

    Overall, I’m really happy for Selena and I really can’t wait for the album. I’ll definitely get tickets to see her in concert!

  • blahhhh

    for some reason i dont like selena, shes just seems to be copying miley cryus and so is demi.

  • ash

    she should make a band with friends not strangers that come to an audition. an album must be in her disney contract she shouldnt rush it or it wont be any good but maybe she has to meet a deadline. i agree selena is more famous for being nick jonas’s gf, her interest went way up after being linked to him. Im not saying she wouldnt be anything w/out him but she def would not have all the interest from media outlets

  • Emy

    Ugh. Miley sucks and so does Selena!! They both suck at singing!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Smiley

    krissy listen here you think selena is bigger then miley………WRONG!!! selena and miley are different well here are some different things about them miley is not a wannabe and she could sing,act but that is miley now krissy you got me started on selena and sorry if i make you cry selena cant sing,act she wants to be miley i mean come on you probly already know that yourself and i mean come on that is weird that she is trying to be funny like miley and how come on her show that she is trying to sing like miley. that is all i am going to say for now o and krissy put your comments were your mouth is dumby bye! bye! dumby lv smiley. :)

  • grace

    #30 vynnie! your so right :]
    i personally love selena,
    but im not going around
    bashing miley :S

    just because she wants
    all guys in her band, doesnt
    make her a paramore wannabe!
    its something she really wants
    to do, and i think she should do
    it! why waste your life doing ONE
    thing?? shes still young and has
    time to express herself and find new
    things she loves to do :]

    so i say she should go for itt :D


    love her<333
    cant waiiiiiit:]]]]

  • lilix

    if she wanted to be like miley she would have taken pix of her where she’s nearly nakd!!!! this girl is very down to earthm she wanna have fun and she not narcissistic like miley! rock out selena, YOUR DA BEST!

  • :)

    #37, Bashing Miley for those pics was sooo last year hunny. That was something personal, and ppl make mistakes.

    Miley is very down to earth too, she is the real deal. You don’t see Miley trying to be something she’s not.

    Im not saying that Selena is a bad person or something, she seems very nice. But seriously, she can’t sing. And everybody knows MILEY is the biggest teenstar. Thats just a fact.

  • liz

    OmG. I love selena, she’s totally one of my role-models. She’s pretty, down-to-earth, funny, and a great actress. But… she’s not my fav singer. She’s NOT copying Miley, it’s a true fact that almost any teen girl on Nickeolodeon or Disney get into singing.

    I LOVE her. But I don’t think singing’s the way for her to go. I have a feeling that she’s not very good at singing live. I may be wrong, or mistaken. And yes, I have heard her sing in her youtube video. But she didn’t really raise the bar on it. She only sang a few notes, which any fairly-good singer could sing.

    I myself am a TERRIBLE singer, so… LOL, at least she’s better than me. All I’m saying is that I don’t think she’ll be a very successful singer slash rocker.

    Anyways, i guess it’s wrong for me to be judging her… but, I’ll support her. <3 Selena, you’re amazing!

    xox Liz

  • mario

    i lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove selina gomes,alex ruso

  • LIZA


  • rightttt

    Wow, okay, people need to stop being way too one sided… there are always going to be haters and there are always going to be people who absolutely love people. Honestly, you can’t change their mind. So get over it and move on. You can be a fan by going out and getting her cd if it ever happens… and haters, you obviously won’t but I don’t understand why you waste your time trying to convince people of something they can’t be convinced with

    If they don’t like her, they don’t like her. OH WELL.

    Sam goes for miley.

    Personally, I like selena more but whatever, they’re both famous and that could change in a heartbeat.

    That’s all =]

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Maddie

    Why can’t Selena do the things that she likes? I wanna be a singer but I wouldn’t mind acting on the side because it looks fun. This might sound insulting to people who are serious about there acting careers but that’s the thing it just for fun! She’s not trying to copy people and I understand her wanting boys in her group maybe it’s from paramore maybe it’s her own preference. Oh and alot of bands don’t have to be best friends to work together.

    Face it people, Miley isn’t getting more popular. She can’t act very well and unless she gets a very good acting coach she will just be forgotten Miley’s first job was a guest role on her dad’s show while Selena’s was a recurring role on barney. She isn’t being anybody but herself gosh I hate this whole poser thing if you can’t believe somebody is being themselves but still manage to fit in and be cool the your the poser. I feel bad for her being a small town grl having to deal with all this criticism.

    I used to like Miley but she’s become… ugh the fame has gotten to her head and she compares herself to people who are much more talented and more experienced. So can we just think about Selena only and not compare her to Miley she must be sick of it

  • Maddie

    #34 it is a well known fact that a lot of disney shows have singing it was on That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Cory in the house, The proud family and how is she trying to be funny as Miley? She doesn’t wanna be Miley she said she’s glad to be compares to someone so successful but she doesn’t thinkk she’ll take the same route as her.

  • thedancer

    Do any of you personally know Selena Gomez?
    Didn’t think so.

    So who are you to say things about someone you don’t know?

    And Nicky stop commenting on every Selena article, writing something bad, it’s so childish.

  • thedancer

    commenting bad things, that is.

  • http://JustJAred JEss (:

    I Reckon disney people shouldnt sing except for some like Jonas Brothers!Different people have different opinins so everyone needs to get a life!

    Shame you guys are LOSERS!

  • JEss (:

    Oh and y do people care so much gosh man.. and i kno im just as bad cause im writing a comment but i couldnt help myself!

  • Larissa



  • fã Selena

    eu acho que a Selena vai se divertir muito nessa banda eu sou do Brasil e queria que um dia ela a demi e os jonas gatos (brothers)viessen aqui no Brasil para ir na minha casa!
    Selena continue assim admiro muito vc e sua família

>>>>>>> staging1