The Secret Life of The American Teenager Premieres Tonight!

The Secret Life of The American Teenager Premieres Tonight!

On-screen mother-daughter duo Shailene Woodley and Molly Ringwald are carefree and eager for the return of their hit ABC Family show, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Shailene, 17, dished to Entertainment Weekly about the show’s huge fan following. Secret even kicked Gossip Girl‘s ratings butt last Spring when it debuted on ABC Family! She shared, ”There are a lot of high schoolers who are going through this every day. What we’re showing is like real life.”

Season two of American Teenager will see Anne (Ringwald) and George Juergens (Mark Derwin) move towards divorce, while Amy (Woodley) and her boyfriend, Ben (Ken Baumann), will become closer. Amy’s baby daddy, Ricky (Daren Kagasoff), is also a major player in the story.

Series creator Brenda Hampton shares that tonight’s premiere will kick off with a wedding, “and not one of those weddings where someone rushes in at the last minute and stops it.”

Check out the official website to catch up on all things American Teenager and then tune in TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family to watch Amy and Ben get hitched!

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  • michelle

    That’s a great picture of them! I’m so excited for the premiere. I’m not happy with the wedding though.

    Be sure to check out my sites for the show and for Daren:

  • Jeanette

    Sorry, watching Gossip Girl. I wanted to see it but Gossip Girl trumps this. It was so stupid of them to put it at the same time as GG.

  • michelle

    #2: The Secret Life is actually going to be airing back to back from 8-10 so you have two chances to catch the premiere :)

  • …..

    I like the Secret Life of an American Teenager but I think that they should not have put it on at the same time as Gossip Girl. Like Jeanette said, it was stupid for them to air them simultaneously. GG is my top choice…

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Yay I ♥ this show!
    Can’t wait. But i dont think Amy & Ben will actually get married. They’ll probably stop at the last minute or something.
    Can’t wait till tonight!!

  • workinhard

    It is a beautiful picture of them!! I am thrilled for the premiere tonight, and I really don’t mind the line up with Gossip Girl. Secret Life is definitely my first choice, so GG will just have to take a backseat (or wait patiently on my DVR.)

  • Christie

    I am so watching gossip girl. I read spoiler sites on that show and it sounds like the rest of this season will be so good!

  • Katie

    I’m watching this show not gg. I saw one show of gg & didn’t think it was to great but i like this show =D

  • CarrieRocksTheHouse

    Im watch in that now!

  • Amanda

    Anyone know what channell it is on on cable? i can’t find it anywhere… :(:(:(:(

  • :S

    Just saw it.

    Loved the episode,

    hated the lack of Grace/Ricky scenes,

    DESPISED the preview for upcoming episodes.

    I don’t know /what/ I’ll do it Ricky and Amy get together.

    Gricky fan for life.

    Gossip Girl sucks.

  • Emy

    I don’t like gossip girl or this show. haha

  • jasmine

    I cannot wait to see this I love this show i’m watching it now as i speak and they look fabulous in that picture!

  • justme

    I love it! I’m watching it and recorded GG. LOL. Team Ricky,y’all!

  • mary

    pshhhhhhh i know like 2 people that watch Secret Life.
    and wow. take a hint..
    the only reason why more people ARENT watching gossip girl
    is cause of the reviews of it being ‘too sexual’ or whatever
    so parents wont let their kids watch it.
    SUCH a good show, and doesnt have thaaat much sex in it.

>>>>>>> staging1