Fashion Faceoff: Battle of the Blonde Wigs

Fashion Faceoff: Battle of the Blonde Wigs

Wizards of Waverly Place starlet Selena Gomez was spotted wearing a platinum blonde wig outside the Pepsi Holiday House earlier today.

Former O.C. actress Rachel Bilson was seen on the set of her upcoming movie, New York, I Love You, sporting a similar blonde wig in April.

Who wears blonde best — SELENA GOMEZ or RACHEL BILSON?

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Photos: Clark Samuels/Bill Davila/Startraksphoto
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  • Katie


  • sezza

    selena gomez 4 sure!!!

  • cc

    They look the same lol

  • tori

    selena looks just like rachel!
    both! hahaa

  • LOl

    They look alike lol. But Selena looks better with blonde by far. Can someone tell me what movie or show is Selena wearing this for?

  • gloriaaaa[:

    RACHEL !
    selena is bleck.

  • sara


  • trainwreck*

    rachel, selena sucks.

  • baby v #1 fan forever!!!

    Rachel hands down, selena sucks

  • Ilovezemogsel

    I love her. So cute. And so beautiful.. :)

  • justice

    baby v #1 fan forever and trainwreck, YOU GUYS SUCK!
    that is really rude of you to say selena sucks. what has she ever done to you? wow. what has the world come to. people waste their time by saying other people suck. how nice are you guys?
    way to start the year off .. like really..

  • mike


  • JJ


  • LANE


  • overated.

    hm, they both look the same…it’s hard to say. But I think both look fine with blonde.

  • remy

    i LOVELOVE selena but i’d have to say rachel pulled it off more :D

  • Alexis

    I think Selena looks better, but I think Miley looks better than she does

    I woner why Selena was wearing the wig, though…

  • addie

    psht, SELENA.

  • nicole

    They’re both nobodies

  • molly

    selena looks cute, but shes too dark to look blonde and it look unnatural. it looks unnatural on rachel too, but not as much as selena.

  • Kelsey

    Rachel 4 shure!
    selena looks way better with her natural Brunette hair
    brunette is better than blonde anyway!
    rachel looks really cute tho

  • meme18

    RACHEL!!! she look so much better.

  • liz

    I’ve always thought they both look alike!

  • joss

    wow selena looks so much like rachel!!
    but i have to say rachel looks better

  • menna

    Rachel fo sho.

  • ariana

    love selena.
    but i’m going with rachel for this one.

  • celina

    rachel bilson no doubt

  • lol


  • i love the jonas brothers

    miley cyrus! selena is trying to hard to be like miley!! i hate her!

  • vanessa


  • Ochii

    Rachel Bilson…! (:


    RACHEL BILSON! not only does she have natural beauty unlike selenas artificial face, but she actually has talent too. and anyways, rachel wore that wig before selena so she pretty much thought of it first

  • MCalltheway

    who does she think she is?
    she has no sense of style. shes a 16 year old who either dresses like she’s 5 or dresses like she’s 20. and that blonde wig? seriously??
    looks waay better on rachel.
    but overall i think miley cyrus does the best “blonde wig” thing. at least miley can pull it off and still look hot or cute, unlike selena who looks like some poor marylin munroe wannabe

  • Jay

    umm its really NO COMPETITION……..Rachel all the way

  • Brunette

    they both look the same!

    but definately selena gomez.

  • Whitney

    well they are SO smiliar. at first i though selena might be rachels lil sis. love um both!!!!!

  • Rosa

    they both .. SUCK !!
    blonde is NOT for everyone !!

  • sam b

    If Selena had lighter eyebrows, I think she’d pull it of better


    selena looks very bond. SELENA SELENA!!!

  • asdfa

    definiitely selena

  • osama!!

    i like ash’s blonde!!

  • riana

    id have to say rachel even tho they both look very simalar but i do love selena- shes awesome wayy better den that ugly chipmunk miley ugh!

  • Emily

    I don’t get what this is for!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is Selena wearing a wig?

  • caitlin

    defss rachel cause selenas eyebrows are to dark for it

  • Sina

    Rachel..!!! fo sho

    selene looks weird with it.. doesnt fix her at all

  • Kristinaa


  • Gracie

    Rachel, Selena’s eyebrows are too dark.

  • Andy

    rachel. selena looked not-so-natural in that wig.

  • AnonymiusOrSomething

    Rachel did!

  • gossip girl


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