The Jonas Brothers Hit Up Pancake Pantry

The Jonas Brothers Hit Up Pancake Pantry

Kevin Jonas sports his best red pullover and waves to the paparazzi as he and brothers Nick and Joe exit the Pancake Pantry restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

The musical trio were just added to the list of presenters at the 66th Golden Globe Awards. The annual show will air live on Sunday, January 11th @ 8 PM ET/PT on NBC.

On Sunday, the JoBros performed to a sold-out crowd at the Ryman Auditorium, singing with country and Christian musicians alike including Vince Gill, Martina McBride and Steven Curtis Chapman.

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  • Kiara

    they are going to present at the golden globes where miley is nominated

  • Annie..!

    OMJ Finally something about my sweeties :D
    They look hot!
    I love them!
    I love u nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    they’re cool but i dont like them anymore

  • VanessaHudgens number 1 fan

    joe= hot
    kevin= cute
    Love them

  • PILAR jonas brotheeers

    nice piic


    i love them!


  • heather

    joes facial hair seems to groww VERY fast hah :D
    aww theyre so sweet and amazing.


  • bobokeysha

    i was at that concert that they just performed at and joe looked sooooooo HOT!

    what happened?

  • thfan

    Omg first time ever I think Nick is sexy :O

    Im a tokio hotel fan -_- .. but seriioulsyyy Nick looks fiiiine ;D

  • Jayden

    Can u say hotties!?!?

    God I LOVE them!

  • Tia

    wtf WHy are they going to the golden globes?! so ridiculous

  • Weronika

    I love you Joe! You’re so hot!!!

  • cc27

    Nick is really looking good i gotta say that =D lol… joe is looking different lol Love you Joe >3 .. kevin lookng cute xD

  • http://justjared shamilah

    i love u joe soo much!! you’re soo hot & cute xP
    awh love u guys :)

  • mmeee!

    hhahahah Joe looks very bad at the last pic but I LOOOVE HIM
    and i love nick & kevin too=P

  • AJ

    What did Joe do to his hair? Looks different.
    Also looks like he’s growing a mustache

  • J oE u u

    OMJ ! Joe looks “horrible” w/ that beard !! ewwwwwww !!
    Ok , Ok , don’t attack me XDDDD I LOOOOOVE them , maybe the word “horrible” is a bit strong actually ^^’ but it doesn’t fit him @ all , u know ??

  • Krissy

    pancake joint?
    glad there out, having fun and waving to pap’s in a nice way :)

    i can see a few boys looking good while eating..

    ALL three of them= hot & cute
    to the extreme
    not doubt :P
    OMG! joe , nick and kevin are all red coordinated.
    how adorable is that? ^_^
    joe’s new look..
    that’s something..
    but sadly to say..not as good, as before
    i hope he knows what he’s doing with his hair..
    it’s starting to looking like nick’s, and kevin’s
    BUT it’s OK
    cuz there all brothers :P

    i hope they do good on the golden globe :)
    there all amazing, sweet and talented
    AND that’s the truth!
    NEVER have the changed in bad way..
    GOTTA love the Jo BROS for that :D


  • Nshvslvr

    Who cares about the Jonas Brothers? The Pancake Pantry is AWESOME!

  • natahsaaQ!!~!!

    nick must have not eaten anything there.
    he can’t eat pancakes.

  • http://irina amy


    its too good 4 them

  • lala :)

    yukkkkk. stop spoiling nashville with ur ranset feet! ughhh i’ll never step foot in that town again!

  • clare

    WHOA THEYRE STILL IN TOWN? does anyone know the date of those pictures? sunday, monday, or tuesday? i hope i see them around! pancake pantry is a classic.

  • Yvonne

    I love Kevin. He is too cute here

  • M
  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    Nick+Nicky=<3 LOVE 4 EVER <3
    looooooooooove Nick soooooooooo
    much :P he looks sooooooo hot in these pix
    love him and his bros
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • jenny

    they are so cool and are so cute

  • Emily


  • ti

    what beard do you think you see? geesh… guys have facial hair and they can’t shave 24/7. If you like Joe, then you like him… and that is part of him.

  • hannah

    whoa, nick is becoming hotter than joe.
    yeahh not diggin that mexi-stach


    whoaa!! They´re so cutee!! (L)!! i lovee them!! i’m from Spain (L)!
    please come soon!!

  • nathalia

    they are sooo freakin hot

  • Marissa

    i love the jonas brothers

  • kathleen

    Does anyone know where there filming the golden globe awards?

  • Ami

    I love themm!!!
    Nick and Joe are so freakin adorable

  • cc27

    nick may be looking hotter than joe.. but joe will alwayz be my favourite :D and not cuz of the looks xD