Taylor Momsen Works It Out

Taylor Momsen Works It Out

Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen pumps her own iron as she works out at Club H Fitness in midtown New York with Teen Vogue.

The 15-year-old actress dished to the mag about her exercise routine, Gossip Girl and her rock band. Here’s what she had to say:

On her red-carpet style: I don’t work with a stylist. I definitely do it myself, because I think style comes from within, and you have to add your own personal flair to it—otherwise it’s not you.

On what she wears to work out: My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don’t feel good when I leave the house, then I’m not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I’m doing it.

On the best part about Gossip Girl: It’s just great to be part of something that’s successful. There are so many shows that just don’t make it, and none of us had any idea that ours would be such a success. It’s great to have a job and go to work. Not to mention, everyone’s really great, so it’s not a chore. We’re all friends, so it’s fun to go see everyone.

On her passion for music: I’m also a musician and singer, and I write music. That’s a huge passion of mine. Huge, huge! I’m currently working on an album with my band, so I would love to do something with that. That would be the next big thing I’d like to accomplish.

Check out the full article and more pics of Taylor exercising @ Teen Vogue.com.

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Photos: Teen Vogue
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  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    shes freaky
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • LIZA

    um okay..

  • baby v #1 fan forever!!!

    she is 15 and has a belly ring?

  • pookie

    attention boys and girls
    please view the demonstration on anorexia

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com sabreen


  • http://www.justjaredjr.com sabreen



  • Nobody

    ”I’m also a musician and singer” LOL

  • Ally

    whats that patch she has on her left side?????

  • Ally

    or i guess her right side, our left

  • overated.

    ..im the same age as her and she already has a belly ring !? …I’m not allowed to get one till im freakin’ 18 !!!

  • baby v #1 fan forever!!!

    #7 same here.

    but when i am 18 i am sooo getting one. ust like baby v!! =)

  • baby v #1 fan forever!!!

    i meant just like….
    not ust like..

  • pookie

    ok in response to the israel hater
    congrats you can count. now all you need is a frikkin clue.
    get a life and get your facts straight. don’t even talk about a so called killing war- look how many thousands of Jews were killed by crazy arabs and terrorist bombers. people taken hostage, and why might you ask? FOR BEING JEWISH.
    so please, in the nicest way possible screw off!

  • really

    I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL! She’s cool. and like her hair.

  • ariana

    don’t like her…

  • liz

    Ugh. I hate her. I used to LOVE her. She seemed so sweet when the show started. I absolutley loved Jenny and her character. But it’s disgusting. She’s 15, and she looks like a friggen 25 year old. And DAMN she wears alot of make-up. Definietly not a good role-model.

  • jo

    i didn`t kno she sings ! whatever , i love her <3 gossip girl is like , the BEST show ever (= never missed an episode ;p

  • http://myspace.com/wildntrendy monica

    shes weird looking

  • annika Lord

    I hat her hair but luv her charecter Jenny

  • remy

    like for reals i think she needs a stylist
    not to be mean but seriously… she should dress more appropriate and when i say “appropriate” i mean more like a 15 year old…

  • mary

    SO WHAT with the belly ring… i mean, she’s 15, i get it… but what if she had it in an unappropriate place.. i mean, here in Arizona, there’s actually A LOT of people that work with the whole body piercing thing and they DO allowed people under 18 to get one…

    NICE =)

  • joso

    No offence to her(well, not really), she really looks like a freak. And she looks like she’s 30, not 15.

  • ashley

    stop complaining over the belly ring. im 15 and i have one too. no big deal.

  • ellen

    16# just because she isn’t perfect does not make her a ‘not a good role model’ a good role model is someone who SHOWS they aren’t perfect.

    she’s not trying to be someone she isn’t , she’s being herself, so shut up.

  • overated.

    ..the big deal for me (and to some people who aren’t allowed to get one yet) is that i have to wait 2 more years till i actually get one, but i want one now.

  • teebebz

    Why is she wearing make up to WORK OUT? and is that a birth control patch? O_o

  • jess

    I am 14 and I have a belly ring so??
    sorry but having one doesn’t make you a bad person
    she is gorgerous :)

  • hannah

    okay, she looks like a white trash mom that lives in a trailer and smokes.

    srsly, look at that haircut. D :

  • melisa

    belly rings = trashyyy.

  • becca

    wow.shes skinny.

  • Ashlee


  • Ashlee

    And everyone shut up about the belly ring,
    MILEY has one and she’s 16, and i bet all of you would not be hatting on her!

  • Missy89

    Is she wearing one of those contraceptive patches? I really hope shes not ..shes only 15!

  • teli

    i agree nothing wrong with the belly ring but her haircut makes her looks like shes 25…when she first came on the scene in gossip girl and her hair was way longer,she looked more her age now shes far from it

  • Karen

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  • http://HIHOIOIO kizza

    yeh get over the belly ring!!

    i had mine done when i was 14…. it fell out at 15 then i got it done agen…. it hurt alot the second time! but seriously shes pretty you just should just leave her alone! shes doing her own thing! dont like it bugger off!


  • #1 Dakota fan

    taylor should not be critisised for having her bellybutton pierced, i am 16 and a lot of my friends who are younger than me have had it done years ago. I also think people should stop saying that she dresses inappropriately because she doesn’t try to make herself look older than what she is, she has just got her own unique style and i personally think she looks great in anything that she wears. And also my gosh i wish i could look that good when i am working out.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-Taylor Rocks!!!-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gracie

    The fact she is 15 and clearly works out so much is disturbing. I didn’t start doing a proper work out to tone until I was 18, when I knew I was fully developed.

  • bee

    she looks good! very pretty.

  • Eva

    She does not need to work out.
    It looks like she can barely lift those small weights!
    I love her and all but she shouldn’t have been doing a shoot like this :)

  • haley

    omg! HATERS GO AWAY!!!!! your just jelaous. Taylor Momsen is AMAZING! I love her – and her hair :p
    and, alot of 15 year olds has a belly button piercing, so ppl??
    get over it.

    gosh… and JJJ? please, please, please post more Taylor Momsen :)

  • hannah

    i love taylor and her character jenny.. i love her style and i think everything thats happening to her is great and its her life so she can decide how to work it out

    the only thing that really bothers me is that patch.. i mean.. she’s just a girl, 15 years old! so i can only think of three types of patches:

    1. contraceptive – she’s way too young for that.. and its messing with her hormones

    2. nicotine – i know she smokes so it may be an option.. but again its sad that she’s smoking at such a young age

    3. diet patch – she’s soo skinny! and workin out madly.. bad too

  • Joyce

    i thought those patches were used to help people quit smoking.

    or it can just be a bandage cause she got hurt there.

  • newport beach, 92660

    > #10 -

    i know it`s stupid , actually no my parents are , the day i turned 18, ( last summer ) i got my belly button pierced ,

    wooow , taylor seems to have a pretty nice life , like teenvouge … wow ,

    ♥ audrey , ;)

  • lyssa

    haha y u guys trippin on the belly ring? im 15 and i have a belly piercing. practically every teenager here in Cali has plugs or piercings everywer
    its typical :p

  • jilli

    Ok the belly button thing really isn’t a big deal! I got mine done when I was 15, but I didn’t tell my mom, and she flipped out, so I had to take it out, but on my 16th birthday(last month) she let me get it done. Nothings wrong with getting one at 15, 14 and younger…that’s a little freaky. As for the whole workout thing…WHY!? She’s a f*cking twig(literally)! if anything she needs a burger, that’s who Penn should tell that too! She just makes me mad on so many levels.

  • Squeeky clean

    I know some one who got their belly button pierced when they were 14

  • shaky

    #3 soo ?? im 12 and i have a belly ring =] !! there just so cute =P

  • http://OELALA@HYVES.NL Riëlle

    I have a belly piercing now for 2 years so i was 15 when i got it.
    I live in Holland and it’s allowd there!

    I love taylor!

  • 32e

    thats a birth control patch she’s wearing

>>>>>>> staging1