New 'They Came From Upstairs' Stills!

New 'They Came From Upstairs' Stills!

Ashley Tisdale stands close to Austin Robert Butler and her cast-mates in this new still from her upcoming comedy, They Came From Upstairs.

The 23-year-old actress stars as Bethany Pearson, the older sister among a family who are vacationing in Maine and are forced to protect their home from invading aliens. The flick also stars Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Doris Roberts and Kevin Nealon.

They Came From Upstairs hits theaters in July 2009.

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ashley tisdale came upstairs stills 01
ashley tisdale came upstairs stills 02
ashley tisdale came upstairs stills 03

Credit: H-S-M
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  • zanessa/jashley

    Aw. Pic #2, totally got me. Ashley and Robert (Hoffman) look so cute together !!

    Can’t wait for this movie to come out !!!

    Does it come out in the Summer ? ..Cause that’s what I heard.

  • zanessa/jashley

    Er, I meant to say WHEN in July…I heard it comes out on the same day Vanessa’s new movie, Bandslam, comes out too…

  • overated.

    movie sounds interesting. might watch it just cause Ashley is in it.

    zanessa/jashley, yeah i agree Ashley and Robert do look cute together but Jashley’s forever. I heard it was coming out on July 31st but im not sure and if Vanessa’s movie comes out that day too then i won’t know which one to watch!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    i love her a robet hoffmen together. pictures are so totally HOT.

  • Neg


  • ashfan

    ashbert ? LOL

    roshley ….

    but yay, she got a HOT co-stars…

  • victoria caplan

    sooooo pretty

  • kait

    her new nose looks so weird in this movie

  • Shiko

    luv u ash …..waitin’ 4 the movie!

  • natasha

    this movie is gonna be awesome! i lovee ashley nd the best part abt it is that i got 2 see her while shooting in auckland nz

  • ZJ207

    I can’t wait for July! That movie looks amazing!! :D

  • Stevani

    I cant wait to watch this film!!
    Ashley looks fabulous :)

  • http://bebo zashleyfan

    yay can’t wait and it was shooted in New Zealand where I live yay!!!

  • ashnessafan

    gorgeous! the third pic is def. beautiful!


    this sounds more interesting. :)

  • teteu

    she realy look like a pretty woman in this stills, i love my tizzy *—-*

    and i think she is go a great movie!

    ash <3

  • Janelle

    This movie looks like it’s going to be stupid, sorry to say. And Ashley looks weird, was this when she was still healing from her nose job?

  • lauren

    wow! this film must be beautiful! ashley is wonderful !!! is also his nose !!!

  • dany

    this film is fabolous !!! ashley look amazing !!!

  • dany

    this film is fabolous !! ashley look is amazing !!

  • Ashleytissdalefan

    looks gr8!!


    #15: yes, she hasn’t recovered yet!

    ASHLEY LOOKS GORGOEOUS! Can’t wait till this movie come out!

    this is a 3D – Movie. Right???

  • ash rockz

    I think the movie will be great :D
    I love Ash so I will watch it!
    Robert & Ashley look so cute together <3

    GO ASH!

  • ladysdsandiego

    i love ashley and everything but this doesn’t really sound like a good movie. not that it looks stupid but i mean come on, an alien movie.

    ashley is an amazing actress. she could do better. i hope her next movie is more interesting.

    still gonna see it though.

  • dani

    I HATE HER ¬¬’

  • biggie

    sorry but im not watching this movie. ashley just doesn’t have that x factor that would make her career last long. she’s not even beautiful enough, her nose makes things even worse.

  • biggie

    & by the way to those who are hallucinating about an ashley/robert hook up or loveteam, no it’s not gonna happen. robert has said in an interview that his current girlfriend is waaaayyyy hotter than ashley. and yes i’ve seen her gf who’s also an actress, she looks more like Vanessa, hispanic beauty.

  • jayana

    the movie looks awsome!

  • nathalia

    can’t wait

  • jennifer

    I don’t think this movie looks good. To me Ashely Tisdale in a movie about aliens is a little weird.

  • (:

    is the trailer out?

  • tizzylove

    i am soo going 2 watch it!!!

  • Carrie

    Ashley filmed this movie BEFORE her she had surgery on her nose. I also think the movie looks kinda cute, although I do think its meant to reach a younger audience. Its more of a family comedy.

    Also, it does look like as of right now both Ashley’s movie and Vanessa’s movie come out on the same day. So it should be interesting to see how they do up aganist each other, but again I think they target different audiences.

  • Daniel

    biggie shut up if you are a girl you’re jellous -.- and if you are a guy you are gaay -.- ashley looks hot that guy in the 2 picture is lucky! (:

  • kait

    carrie. she actually filmed this movie after her nose job. i think jan or feb of 2008. she no longer has a bump on her nose. it’s pretty obvious

  • Alfredo


  • riana

    dis movie looks awesome it was filmed in new zealand which is pretty cool and different i think itll be interesting watchin her in a movie bout aliens an apparently she has a few action scenes aswell cant wait!
    luv ya ash!

  • Krissy


    I’m so IN!
    THIS looks amazing :D
    I can’t wait for JULY ( the same month as my birthday…. stoked! stoked! stoked! )
    she’ looks pretty and beauitful as always :)

    AND what about her nose job?
    doesn’t any one realize it’s for health matters only and nothing more?
    stop making such a big deal about her new looks!
    people can change for many reasons- and ashley’s reason was A MAJOR issue for her, considering she couldn’t breathe!
    learn that, than saying, that’s un relevant to what/how she does things.
    who cares!
    She’s healed and ready to go – SHE’ HAS always been!
    I’m glad ashley is back and ready for anything!
    ( new album + new move = LOVE )

    WELL it’s nice
    if some people don’t wanna see this movie
    that’s fine.
    but don’t make it such a big deal and take away the excitement for others.
    A movie about aliens?
    well, there’s tons of movies that were created before, that were based on fictional characters..
    so i don’t know, why your’ complaining that a movie about aliens, is such a big drag -.-
    JUST cuz ashley is in it, and not her type..
    doesn’t mean you should hate it!
    It’s amazing, she’s trying and doing different roles.
    that she can handle – hello! miss tiz is talented!
    she can pull off any lead if she wanted 2 ;)

    I hope this move is filled with TONS of action scenes
    & drama …like E.T. xD


  • zanessa4ever

    Oh my gosh i wanna see this so bad!! i’ve seen it before but now im TOTALLY gonna wanna watch it lol haha. :)

  • lívia


  • vanessajonas

    uhm looks plain boring

  • Karla ^^!

    I love Ashley!!!!

    I can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!

    it’s gonna be fantastic, although it is not exactly the kind of movie I like!

    I’m gonna watch it just because Ashley acts there!

    Ashley is the best person inthe whole world!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • hate vanessa

    i’m a big fan of RPatz . And biggie, u are so stupid! Rob doesn’t have any gf right now! So SHUT UR STUPID MOUTH UP!

    Ashley is a hottie!

  • biggie

    #43, ur a big fan of RPAtz? man, ur so screwed, this movie doesn’t have ROBERT PATTISON in it, it’s ROBERT HOFFMAN. so you shut up! ur so dumb! i’ve been a big fan of robert hoffman since forever and when Step UP 2 came out, everyone wanted him and his female co star to hook up but he made it clear he had a gf. don’t go around telling people you’re a big fan of someone without even researching. it makes you look really stupid!

  • biggie
  • tell-tale

    sounds very stupid. when exactly was the last time a movie about alines was successful anyways. hopefully this movie will bomb, her along with it, and that will be the last we ever see of ashley tisdale. if she would stop singing, thatd be great too, kthanks.

  • duundich

    I watch Vanessa´s movie…!

    I don´t really like Ashley..!!!

    Vanessa is much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1