What's Disney XD? Listen Up, Boys!

What's Disney XD? Listen Up, Boys!

Disney is going EXTREME.

On Tuesday, February 13, Disney will launch it’s new boy-focused channel, Disney XD.

Content from XD will have themes of adventure, accomplishment, gaming, music and sports (developed with ESPN).

New shows to air on XD include Zeke & Luther, RoboDz, and Bruno the Great.

The debut of the channel will feature the premiere of Aaron Stone. The series is about a champion video game player who, in a popular game called Hero Rising, uses a crime-fighting avatar named Aaron Stone ” at least until the game’s billionaire creator asks him to become the real-life Aaron Stone (Kelly Blatz). The series will start @ 7PM ET/PT on Disney XD.

Disney XD will also feature episodes of the popular animated series, Phineas and Ferb.

WILL YOU WATCH the new shows on Disney XD?

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  • Karina

    Disney channel rockss !!

    This is the best channel !

  • Karina

    Firssst !!

  • Danniel MMM.


  • jenny

    what channel is it on?

  • amber

    the disney channel used to be so cool.

  • abby

    nahhh .

  • witchygirl


  • Romi

    I agree with amber,
    it is slowly getting boring
    I still like it,
    but used to be better!

    I know for sure I will not watch Disney XD!

  • Ami


  • amber

    that kind of seems like a good idea cuz disney is mainly aimed towards girls and now boys have something to watch

  • M E

    no sounds kind boring
    and i dont even have that channel
    i have comcast basic cable so i only get disney channel

  • Bre

    I will not be watchin’ it. Doesn’t seem like my kind of thing. Disney is ruined!

  • Cherry-Jean

    i dont think this channel will be in Malaysia. :(

  • hkhi


  • mhorn617

    okay im a parent trying to figure this channel out. is it a new channel that we would have to subscribe to or is it on the internet? what is it?

  • http://aol arianna

    i think it is pretty cool but i agree with amber disney channel used to be so cool it was for boys and girls i think becase it had suite life of zack and cody and hanna montana it should go back how it use to be

  • emily

    @mhorn617 Disney XD is just a new and remodified version of Toon Disney. Disney just decided that not enough people watch Toon Disney for it to be worth anything so they decided to change it into something thats aimed for boys, since most of their viewers now are girls. You need a special cable for it, so it doesn’t come with basic cable.

    Also, does anyone remember when Disney used to be Zoog Disney or something like that? With all those cool characters? What happened to that? I wasn’t able to have cable for a few months and when I came back it was so different!

  • http://wwe.com/worldwrestlingentertainment dylan dipietro

    this is hot but i am irish and porchugese

  • Adam

    Disney XD is the best! If only they had SOnicX. It seems to fit with the scope OF Xd. and 4kids= ;(

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  • Arian

    What channel is it on?

  • http://Lacantna1@xd.co Shirley Reyes

    What say is on Disney xd

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