Miley Cyrus: I Love Being Billy Ray's Daughter

Miley Cyrus: I Love Being Billy Ray's Daughter

MTV invites you to meet the real Miley Cyrus backstage at the Goya Club in Berlin, Germany.

The 16-year-old pop star was interviewed during her platinum Breakout tour through Europe, where she revealed how thankful she is for all that her dad, Billy Ray, has taught her.

Miley shares, “When I was born, my dad was on tour with Achy Breaky and he would be in Brazil and Australia one day and somewhere else the next day. I guess I kind of grew up around that and the crazy show biz schedule. It was hard, originally, stepping out of that shadow and not just being Billy Ray Cyrus‘s daughter but being Miley Cyrus. I think it’s really cool that I’ve had the opportunity to step out with that but I still embrace it. I love it when people are like, ‘This is Billy Ray‘s daughter, Miley,’ It’s really nice.”

Check out the full interview!

MTV Meets Miley Cyrus, Pt 1

MTV Meets Miley Cyrus, Pt 2

MTV Meets Miley Cyrus, Pt 3
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  • LuckyL

    No wonder she acts the way she does. She saw too much on those tours.

  • jo

    How does she act luckyl??
    Like a normal, down to earth teenage girl who will make mistakes like any other?

    I cannot believe how normal Miley is for being such as huge superstar.

    I think she’s great and has such a fun personality.

  • d

    It shows just how normal she is. She’s so funny and such a talented performer.
    If you dont like the girl, DONT support her and move on.

  • LuckyL

    Well, since you were polite I’ll explain. A person who takes scandalous, semi-n*de shots and post them on the internet for all to see. And not just, once, twice, but several times. Someone who starts dating 20-year-old men when she is a 15-year-old child, now just recently 16. And also someone who always looks over-dressed with too much make-up or under-dressed in dresses that are too tight and show too much skin, basically not dressing her age at all, and not to make this too long-winded, I’ll end this with just in general, not acting her age and trying to grow up too quickly, and someone who unfortunately, through fame initially spurred on through her father, has become a role model to young, impressionable girls when she really is a poor choice in someone to look up to. I forgot that people will argue and think that you should admire someone just because they make lots of $$$.

  • LuckyL

    But anyway, I checked this place out for two other stars, and I’m not here to peruse this girl’s threads for too long.

  • Cals

    LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    i love Miley shes so cute & talented :D

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • laura

    i love miley,shes great,generous,and talented

  • sezza

    rock on miley!!! i love u soooo much!!!!!!!!

  • cc

    Miley is THE BEST!!!!!

  • Billythekid

    LuckyL……. those photos can hardly be described as semi-n*des. what is semi-n*de? a bathing suit? At the very least they weren’t taken and posted for all the world to see, as you say. They were stolen and uploaded for all the world to see. As for her dating someone older than her, bravo to that. That last boyfriend was too immature in my opinion. As for her style of dress: Thats the Hollywood life style. I doubt if you can name any female of significance who doesn’t try to dress for success. I think she dresses just fine. And as far as being a role model: I honestly don’t believe Miley is teaching these kids anything they don’t already know! Kids are immensely bright these days and are on the ball with everything going on. Miley just happens to be in the middle of it all, and some people would like to hold her to a higher standard than they probably even set for themselves.

  • I_Love_Miley

    To LuckyL:
    you are delucional, Miley don’t show to much skin. she goes alot without make-up and she have a fine balance between beeing imature and mature. Her pictures are old, she have learned. She is dating a guy that she obviouly like, he may be 4 years older then her. But if she is happy, that is what really matter. And you are not the one to chooce who people are gonna have as their role-model. Just becasue you don’t like her, and you see her trough a haters eye. does not mean that everyone have to feel like you. I personaly admire the girl for beeing her self and not beeing fake. She is a real teenager, with real teenage problems. Only diffrent is that she have millions of people that almost kills her for every mistake she does. I will much rather have this girl as my role model, then any other of the disney kids. Because of her work moral, and the fact that she neither looks perfect or try to act perfect. People that try tonact perfect and plays on that level is disguesting(but Just My opinion).

    Miley with the way she act’s today, and how talented and beautiful she is. Will be my role model. W/E yo haters say.

    Miley Cyrus=love.

  • http://. Vic2763

    Great interview. I Luv it =]

    Miley’s rocket ride to fame at the age of 12 has brought the attention of Hackers and Detractors over phone pics that were at the most just stupid mistakes by a 14-15 yr old taking at pajama parties or sent to her bf. She has carried herself with grace through it all and apologized and asked for forgiveness of her fans. Miley has vowed to learn from her mistakes and do better. THAT, is an example of how to handle oneself it that kind of situation.

    Miley continues to positively touches so many lives. Her destiny truly is to bring Hope =D

    She has an amazing supportive family that is always involve in her life. She has a bf that is a gentleman and very close with her family (thats right, I said it: JG=bf). Good to see Miley’s Smiley again =D

    OK, I feel better now. If you’re still with me, thanks. MILEY<3

  • vbgtt

    love miley

  • Annie..!


  • nathalia

    i just love her
    she’s sooo pretty

  • jonaslover

    i love Miley she is amazing!

  • theresonlyonevenus

    Miley is amazing. She may not be the greatest singer or actress but what she’s achieved is outstanding. You can say it’s down to her being Billy’s daughter, but I think it’s down to her perseverance and determination to succeed.
    I’ve seen so many interviews with her and she really is just a kid, trying to grow up and find herself in a world dominated by paparazi. She chose to live this life, that’s true but do any of us really know what it’s like living the way she does?
    She enjoys what she does, but there is good and bad in everything.
    Go Mliey!!!!!!

  • jackie

    and that’s how she got her hannah montana spot.

  • Britt

    She is so Immature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nichole

    to britt, #20.
    and it’s much more mature of you to be ragging on a 16 year old, who gets critized for every move she makes, right? yeah, no. she’s very mature for her age, you cannot deny that. she can go crazy if she wants, she’s 16, newsflash, every 16 year old lets loose every once in awhile.

  • no name

    Some of you are delusional! She is not a great role model. First there was the scandalous pictures. Have you noticed that now she is trying to be a good girl yet at the same time her 20 year old boyfriend is living with the Cyrus family…..what’s up with that? As for her show it encourages kids to be sassy at their parents and to do whatever they want. Yeah not my kind of role model I want for my daughters!


    Ohk wel first of all i agree with #20 so # 21 Can go somewhere beause she is imaturee shes a terrible role model, she flipping showed nude pictures like wth ? no one wants too see that and Plus what do you think Parents thought when they found out that there kids liked a girl who was like that ? Like come on now so talking a bout a NEWSFLASH, why dont you lil missw i know everything because maybee you like her but everyone else has a strong Opinion About this Freaking geyyy assss TERRIBLE MODEl, may i addd !
    p.s Miley Cyrus Sucks so who cares.

  • laso

    really research your information before you talk any bs ok! first the pic were stolen from her personal album she was a victim of a thief. the hacker the person that stole the pic try to sell them and he stolen them nobody wanted to buy it!! so he stared putting the pic slowly on the net as proof he has those pic. he was caught by the FBI and they confiscated all his computers!! and to tell you the truth those pic were not that bad big woop she showed her stomach in her bedroom we see more than that at the beach. i didnt see her vagina or her breast or her butt in any off them did you because i didnt!!! she didnt show absolutly anything major!! her stomach wow lets call the fashion police how naive i bet you show more than that at the beach!! at least she was at her house not in public!! and thats all you can come up with last year news man cant do better than that!!! why dont you focus on the good the charities event she does for people to bring awareness to cancer, why dont you focus on animal shelter she help yeah she goes on to help even the animals!! why dont you focus on the facts that she was the only disney star that went to bring hope on little kids on her vacation and sang to them and spend time with them! how about alison at the end of the year bringing awareness to cancer and help out oh you dont see that!

    you know what she is a great role model because even thought nick her stupid ex boyfriend bailed out on her to keep his image clean eventhought he as for those pics. she stood tall and handle everyting with grace and class and face everything head on without fear and she didnt let anyone bring her down!! she didnt hide like her insecure boyfriend she face it apologice and work for her dreams harder and more fiercelessly than ever and came back stronger and to me thats a role model someone that doesnt give up! some that makes mistakes and handles them and apologice for something some else did that she didnt do anything to that person!! she showed everyone to stay positive and not to quit trying because an obstacle came but to tackle that problem and move on . now all girl can relate to her that they will make mistake but is the way that you handle them that makes you great is a lesson of never given up!!! so yeah she a role model more than ever!! we admire the way she handle everything and as for her boyfriend justin he seems like a gentleman and he seems really nice she already tried dating a guy her age and he was immature and played games thing she doesnt care to do! she wants someone that lets her know they love her and she is more mature. she tried dating and that little kid nick insecurity couldnt even stand up for her why would she want a guy like that!!! she wants a real guy that can protected her like justin is doing i love them as a couple! he a real man that wont hide when things get tought!!

  • Ashlee

    she’s BORING!
    and she sound like a guy

  • merry

    are crazy i un star Immature

  • merry

    are crazy Immature…

  • merry

    are Immature…..i love

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