Selena Gomez Turns Into Tinkerbell!

Selena Gomez Turns Into Tinkerbell!

Selena Gomez puts on a pretty smile on as she turns into Tinkerbell in an upcoming episode of The Wizards of Waverly Place. (She also sang “Fly to Your Heart” on the Tinker Bell movie soundtrack.)

In episode “Fairy Tale”, Alex (Gomez) takes over for her best friend Harper (Jennifer Stone) in their school’s production of Peter Pan. Phil of the Future actor Dan Benson guest stars as Peter Pan.

Tune in on Sunday, January 18th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

FYI: You can also catch Selena in ABC Family’s Cinderella Sunday. Her movie with Drew Seeley, Another Cinderella Story will air @ 8PM.

10+ stills inside of Selena turning on her Tink…

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Photos: Ron Tom/Disney Channel
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  • Zuzann.

    She looks soo cute <33

  • Atilla

    OMG she looks fluttery and magically beautiful!!!!!!
    I wonder what happened to Harper…….
    Btw keep up the gr8 job in acting and singing, Selena!!!!!
    ♥ u!!!!!

  • ME


  • honoush

    really cute

  • nathalia

    she looks really cute!

  • Vynnie

    omg Selena looks gorgeous! Green is definitely her color, lol!

  • Izabella

    she looks adorable :)
    she looks good in green ♥

  • jezz

    selena looks amazing! go selena! luv ya, muah

  • *Pri*

    Sel is very very beautiful *–*

  • assyhole

    she looks very pretty & cute!

  • Cherry-Jean

    good thing she didnt wear that blonde wig.

  • dan

    I love selena :>>

  • lilix

    love her she’s so cuute! nick+selena 4ever! nelena 4ever!

  • lorry

    she sucks! she looks horrible, tinkerbell is beautiful, she’s not

  • Carey

    #14, you must be blind cause Selena looks REALLY pretty. She’s an amazing actress and such a sweet person, she rocks!!

  • Meg

    Tinkerbell…is a blonde! BTW, Selena is a total Miley wannabe!!! No offence to Selena fans, but…

  • jenny

    she is so cool. Can’t wait

  • jenny


    selena is selena gomez not a wannabe Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus stinks

  • amelia

    if selena was a miley Cyrus wannabe, she would have taken half naked pix by now lol

  • emily

    She looks so cute!!!

  • Stephie

    sooo swweeet ms.sel

  • dkfkfjscsdkcsdds.

    Aw she looks so cute.

  • alex

    Meg, you’re the wannabe Miley Cyrus. Aren’t all Miley fans wannabes?

    She looks flawless in green. What a sweetheart ♥

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    OK why does she even try just cuz she sang a song for the Tinkerbell movie now she has to be Tinkerbell shes desperate she needs to get a life #23 alex we Miley fans are not wannabes if we were we would act like you going gaga over Selena so one question alex PATHETIC MUCH!?!?!?!?!?!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • mochi

    you so right MEG. miley cyrus is such a great role model to little girls because she knows how to take slutty pictures, make a mean parody on youtube, and date older guys.


    selena is the best role model out there for young girls and shes not a wannabe, shes just making changes; to what little girls should act


    omgawd she isextremely gorgeousss:]]]]]]]]]
    love herrr<33333

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    #25 knock it off that was soooo last year those pix mean nothing now you’re just looking for an excuse to hate & bash Miley and Selena is no better than Miley and who cares about “role models” why would you even want to be anyone else but you i dont even have one cuz im just being me and so is Miley shes not trying to be anyone else but herself unlike Selena now shes trying to be Tinkerbell it sounds like shes unhappy with who she is wich is pretty sad Selena is so shallow ;) and you are to #25 trying to bash on someone for what they apologized for and why do you even care if shes dating older guys shes 16 hes 20 a 4 year age difference thats ok you cant date anyone 10 years or older than you so when you decide to bash on someone find a good reason for it or you’re just gonna look ignorant OOPZ!!! TO LATE!!!!

    Lv Nicky B :)

  • katt

    selena ROCKS!!!!

  • SimbiAni

    ..what’s with all the hate?? FYi, both Selena and Miley would be disappointed in their fans hating the other, what kind of fans are you? Every post about either of them turns into some bickering fest!

    They’re both equally fine, and they don’t need to be anyone’s “role models” just cuz their famous – *I* didn’t need any “role model” growing up cuz at least I had the sense to understand what’s right and be myself and just live life positively and with love. If you’re the kind of kid who needs to copy someone else (or parent who wants a saintly celeb for their kid to copy) then you need to stop being so immature and start realizing life doesn’t revolve around “riské pictures” and “who’s dating whom”, just quit insulting ppl who aren’t your ideal and work on improving who YOU are as a person, all by yourself (and for parents, being your own kids’ role models cuz that’s YOUR job that you signed on for when you had kids).

    Also, Nicky B? Just cuz someone is cast in a role, doesn’t mean they’re “trying” to be that character, omg wrong perception much? LOL Disney owns all of them, so anything they do on tv, is PRE-WRiTTEN and part of their jobs. Selena playing Alex playing Tinkerbell does NOT make *Selena* “shallow”, wtf. (lol altho, I do think Alex’s character is overall written to be very shallow, but I don’t blame Selena for it!) And how can someone “try” to be Tinkerbell anyways? You think that someone that you don’t like, isn’t allowed to dress up as someone that they like? Get some maturity and FAST!! lol omg seriously..

  • msfreek93

    she look so cute in that and david is so cool and i just love them both
    in wizards and i cant wait to see this episod

  • Marine

    Selena – you rocks (L)

  • Ashlee

    She is so pretty :D

  • SillySelly

    A newer-aged version of Tinkerbell!!!

  • jbforlife

    i saw another cinderella story on rogers on demand,
    and she looks HORRIBLE in it!
    her acting is terrible also,
    the movie was VERY bad.

    no lie.


  • kk


  • katt

    selena rocks!!!!!!!!!

  • selglover223

    OMG I went to the live taping of Wizards and saw this episode!! Omg its the best!! I cannot wait till it comes out!! Selena did such a good job as tinkerbell!!

  • http://www/ jenny cruz

    i love selena gomez

  • Belinda Kapetanakos

    Her dress is bright green!!

  • Belinda Kapetanakos

    Her dress is bright Green

  • vanessa&selena4eva

    she looks so cute!!!

  • http://moshimonsters kimberly

    omg is this selena i just can’t believe my eyes and she is cccccccuute

  • http://moshimonsters kimberly

    is selena gomez pregnt i just caan’t believe my eyes

  • http://facebook emmah oratile malejane

    oh i can’t believe my eyes is that selena gommmezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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