Twilight Comes To DVD!

Twilight Comes To DVD!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson cover the DVD cover art of their blockbuster film, Twilight.

Director Catherine Hardwicke revealed to MTV recently that the DVD would include at least 12 deleted scenes — including “Midnight Sun”, the book which tells the story from Edward’s perspective (author Stephenie Meyer abandoned when it was prematurely leaked online).

Robert, 22, just recently dropped out of the film Parts Per Billion. His rep tells MTV, “Unfortunately, the prep time and production schedule on New Moon haven’t left enough time for Robert to work on Parts per Billion in the first quarter of this year.”

Be sure to pre-order Twilight today!

UPDATE: The Twilight DVD will be released on March 21st!

Bigger pics inside..

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  • nathalia

    i want that dvd soo bad!
    first btw

  • Stefanie

    Omg I love it I cannot wait to have it

  • victoria

    OMG! I really really want this dvd! I tired to watch it on my computer xD

  • Katherine

    Cant wait to get it and watch all the deleted scenes and behind the scenes stuff. Its gonna be fun.

    BTW, i’m sad to see Rob drop out of Parts Per Billion, he seemed soooo excited to be able to do that movie, and plus Rosario Dawson (who co-stars and produces that movie) was sooo excited to work with him, she even went out, bought the Twilight saga books and read them and became a fan of the books and Rob as well, she was looking forward to working with him.

    Thats a shame.

    I hope he can do a movie after he finishes New Moon.

    I wish they could’ve worked around his New Moon schedule so that he could’ve done Parts Per Billion.

    He seems to be “in demand” now and i hope he gets a chance to chose some good roles to do, he is super talented, thats why Parts per Billion would’ve been a great part for him.

  • Jason


    What date does it come outt?

  • margarita


  • Amanda

    omg. i can’t wait for this. i’m gonna pre-order it right now.

  • joss

    can’t wait!!

  • lily

    Omg am so getting the DVD
    i love twilight so much !!!!!
    Cant wait for New Moon

    <3 Robert/Taylor

  • megan

    does any one know when it will come out in England?? i cannot wait!!

  • Pati

    Yea …
    When it will be available ??

  • Kar

    what’s the release date?

  • isabela

    thank god, i want this dvd! and i cant wait for NM!!
    love kris, rob and taylor s2

  • jenny

    omg i love the movie!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  • Diana

    I’m sooo excited! AHHHHH! Buying it first day it releases!

  • trish

    lmaoo i’m tired of watching it on computer too!
    i saw it last night again. and i’m def. going to preorder.

  • Gracie

    Twilight the movie was shockingly awful. I hope with a new director New Moon improves enormously.

  • Brett

    WOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’ve been waiting ever since I first laid eyes on that movie, and the fifth time I laid eyes on it, I hope the next time Ilay my eyes on it, the dvd will be in my home, and coming from my plasma tv

  • Tricia

    i luv it!!
    but wheres the rest fo the cullens?

  • Carolina Mançur

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I’ve been waiting ever since I first laid eyes on that movie. I WAAAAAANT THIS DVD NOW ! hahaha

  • aldkfj

    i totally agree with you #4. it’s a shame he couldn’t do that movie. it would have been a good one, esp. working with rosario.

  • camille

    I NEED THAT DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  • biatch

    I NEED IT!

  • jessica

    can’t wait i’m not going to my first class in order for me to get it in the morning

  • Maria

    i love it! it looks great!
    it really focuses on the conflict,
    with the whole victoria and james thing.
    i’m gonna be the 1st one to buy it:)

  • indiesr

    woo hoo! Cant wait!

    BTW, fans can go vote for Rob.

  • Bárbara

    meu deus, eu queeeeeeeero! amo muito. <3

  • sabrinaa

    omg!!!!! i cant wait…. i would always go on a website ( dont remember the name ) and i would rewatch my most favorite scenes. when she first sees the cullens, when she goes to the cullens’ house, and when they play baseball….i am soooo getting that dvd.

  • Gabagab

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! <3 <3
    i cant waitttttttttttt for it to come outtttt!!


  • Marissa

    eww twilight sucks i wont buy that gabagab

  • Unintendedchoice

    March 21st CANNOT come soon enough! there better be a VERY extended kissing scene for me to pretend I am in instead of Kstew.

    what did they mean about ’12 extended scenes including midnight sun?” that was confusing to me. they need to make their own movie for midnight sun- all about rpatts! yum!

    Sad we won’t see rob in the “lustful” scenes that were talked about for parts per billion, but i’m glad he’s committed to “edward” and new moon right now.

    Now.. can someone PLEASE find him? he’s been hiding since he arrived in london on 12/22 and i don’t like it!

  • Carolina Mançur


  • ali

    cool cover. i cant wait for the dvd. omg!!!!

  • mandy

    what about the b-ray?
    just in dvd??

  • liz

    YAY!! i canrt wait!! hehe
    i cant wait for the deleted scenes!!

  • alicia


  • vanessajonas

    I WANT IT! i dont like the cover =S

  • kristina

    i heard its coming out on Valentine’s day from multiple sources!!


  • erica


  • trainwreck*

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! ufhuwfehuwehfuwef i can not wait. ugh march is too long :(

  • l.l.l.

    AHHHHH! The DVD comes out on my B-day, this would make an awesome B-day present! Can’t wait the movie is really good! BUt the books are way better!

  • newport beach, 92660

    Marissa ; number 30

    > i understand , not everyone likes twilight , and there always is haters
    but if you DON`T like it , why bother commenting ?

    i know you want to express your opinion ,
    but seriously , have you read the books ?

    ♥ – audrey :)

    oh and i love edwardcullen , :$

  • Helen

    thats on my birthday yaah

  • Helen

    u suck # 30

  • natalie

    thats awesome!

    i’m just kinda mad the Cullens aren’t on the front cover but whatevs

    march 21st? thats a saturday, don’t movies comes out on a tuesday? or is that just for music lol

    anyways, i can’t wait to see the special features, i hope there’s bloopers lol especially the one where Rob tries to pick Kristen off the floor and couldn’t hahaha the way they described it was epic lmao

    and the commentary!! ahh this dvd needs to come out right now!

  • Nialala

    i can give it to my sister for her b-day which is the day before it comes out!
    aha…and of course by myself one so i can watch it over and over again
    rewind…pause so i can look at roberts face haha.
    and of course catch all the behind the scenes stuff.
    yesss, i’m so excited

  • Rosie


  • ana

    cant wait!!

  • deede

    yeah!!!! me likie!
    it’s my fave!!!

  • eamy*_^

    It looks great<>I love it

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