Ashley Greene is a Diamond Darling

Ashley Greene is a Diamond Darling

Twilight‘s Ashley Greene models off just a sampling of the jewelry shown at the 8th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening.

The 22-year-old actress also made an appearance at the Pre-Golden Globes Gifting Lounge at the Peninsula Hotel, also in Beverly Hills.

Ashley was asked about the rumors that Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in the upcoming New Moon. She shares with Extra, “Really? Did she have to audition? She’d be good. I’ve never met her, but I think she’s adorable so yea, I’d be stoked.”

15+ pics inside of Ashley dangling in diamonds…

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Photos: Katy Winn/Michael Buckner/Getty Images, Dimitri Halkidis/WENN
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  • Live_in_Love Zanessa

    omg koolio! FIRST! YAY!

  • cia

    i love her!!

  • anon

    love her!

  • mandy

    OMG!! thats awsome. Vanessa hudgens should totally be in it!!!

  • joss

    ashley is simply gorgeous!!

    and yah vanessa is alrite for the role, im sure they can find someone better. she’s pretty and everything, it’s just her voice is a bit annoying, it’s so squeaky…

  • nicole

    YES… I would love Vanessa to be in New Moon….

  • aldkfj

    i’m sorry, but vanessa is known for hsm. she would bring the wrong vibe to such a dark film.

  • ick.

    no vanessa please. i agree with 7

  • typical

    kinda figures vanessa would try to get in on the next movie sensation. i hope she doesn’t get the part. she’s not right for it.

  • biggie

    ashley greene is really beautiful. loved her in Twilight. can’t wait to see New Moon. and i’d like to see Vanessa in New Moon.

  • Meepo

    Vanessa would look good as Leah but her acting and voice suck.

  • ladysdsandiego

    ok those of you saying that vanessa is not good for the role because it’s a dark film and she’s known for hsm, this is a perfect way for her to break away from that.

    how is she supposed to break away from that hsm image if you guys keep criticizing her? give her a chance.

    those of you who doubt her acting, how would you know if she’s a good actress if you don’t let her try something new? for all you know, if she was to get this part, this could be the role that proves how good of an actress she is.

    i’d love to see you guys get up there and act better than she does if you think she’s not a good actress.

    anyways i’d love to see vanessa in this role.

  • christine

    this just causes more buzz that vanessa is actually going to be in it!
    i can’t believe that the rumours actually started on a fanforum and now an actress from the movie is actually talking about it!!!!

    and for those of you that say vanessa would ‘ruin it’ or ‘she can’t act’ you are so wrong because she has so much potential and talent, its just that no-one has seen it yet!

    just get high school musical out of your head and think outside the bubble, it is over and vanessa is done with disney so don’t bash her!

  • megyn

    i love ashley greene, she’s super gorgeous and so sweet.

    However, I’m annoyed that they mentioned the rumor about VHUDGE going out for Leah…I don’t think she’s right for the part and it’ll ruin New Moon for me because, yep, you guessed it, I don’t think Vanessa can act very well. Plus as a reader, we know her role isn’t going to limited to just one movie and I DO NOT want to see any more of VHUDGE then I need to…

  • L

    If she gets the role, then she can work with Nikki Reed again. They were both in Thirteen together, I think.

  • ;(

    Ashley Greene is awesome & she’s really pretty too!

    Vanessa hudgen will not make a good person to play
    Leah! Leah is supposed to be this headstrong girl, a girl who doesn’t care what people think and vanessa would totally mess up her image, and her voice is really annoying too, I probably would cover my ears when her part would come up.

  • caitlin

    omg is vanessa gets the part it would be like the most best cast EVER! now we just need to get zac in there somewhere…

  • Ronja

    Please no Vanessa or Zac

  • nicola

    Ashley looks great!!
    And Vanessa would be perfect for Leah!!
    I think it’s great if she does something completly different from HSM.

  • chey

    i believe vanessa needs this.. she gets to break through of her tweetums charm she’s 20 now.. she needs MORE MATURED ROLES..=)

  • Russian girl

    Ashley is Really Natural Beauty!!!
    She is amazyng!

  • joss

    She is so beautiful ! LOVED HER IN TWILIGHT !

  • Lindsey

    Vanessa in New Moon !! please I don’t want a hsm star in it.This is a dark, emotional film not some teen scene musical.Please if anyone in the casting directing department is reading this we implore you no to cast her!!

  • Blair

    I love Ashley so much, she looks flawless as always (;

    About Vanessa, well I think she’s a good actress. She is surely talented.
    I think she’ll be a perfect Leah. She has olive skin and black hair, pretty face also.

    but I’d like to see someone more, idk, talented? Someone more powerful for this role. I think.. Leah is know for causing drama and having heart trauma cause of Sam, I think Vanessa can’t manage it.

    But I really like V, just not for Twilight saga.

  • hannah


  • ceecee

    NOOO vanessa in new moon. I can’t imagine her as Leah at all! I don’t think she has enough potential to pull off this type of role, and her whole background as being part of disney might bring about the wrong atmosphere during the whole movie!

  • Twihard fan

    I think Vanessa would make a better Jane Volturi . Her description
    is face of an angel, petite,childlike innocent voice and then she can
    kill you with her ability to inflick pain. Now as much as I love Vanessa
    I think she is to tiny for Leah, but she would rock as Jane the Vampire!

  • Ashley

    Vanessa will not be in New Moon, yeah right. She wishes. It’s just a rumor.

    And she could NEVER be Jane. Jane is someone you’re supposed to be almost threatened and afraid of ..Vanessa definatley doesnt suit that.

    Ashley looks beauitful as always.

  • Yenny

    She looks totally gorgeous and she is so sweet talking about nessa is new moon.. i love nessa i’m a huge fan of her but i don’t wont that she’ll play leah :|

  • witchygirl

    vanessa would be great for Leah

  • vanessajonas

    vanessa will be great for leah because she has the native american kind of that leahs has.. i think she is really going to have the role

  • Ana

    ash is the sweetest person I ever seen!
    And she is so beautiful!

  • bianca

    c’mon! vanessa? wtf?
    please let it be a rumor! i have a gut feeling that it only is…
    she wouldn’t be great for leah anyways. leah is supposed to be this REALLY TALL and STRONG girl; vanessa doesn’t possess both of those qualities–she’s more of the fragile type. and LEAH is so NOT weak.

  • Melissa

    No vanessa.
    Seriously I won’t be able to picture her as leah, I’d just be thinking

    “So when are they going to pop up and dance?”


  • natalie

    oh hai alice lol

    she’s so pretty!

  • Jackalyn

    Wow- Vannessa Hudgens, well maybe Miley Cyrus wants a part too, then if the Jonas Bros aren’t busy maybe they would be Marcus, Caius, and Aro.

    Not saying I don’t like any of these people, but they just don’t fit the feel of the story. This isn’t “oh no I got a zit on prom day” This is more of a ‘bloodthristy vampires want to suck my blood” feel.

  • Takara

    Vanessa in New Moon! PLEASE NO. It’s already terrible having Taylor Launter continuing Jacob Black- Don’t ruin Leah Clearwater either!!!

  • anal

    she is so cute! i love her!!. vanessa in new moon? is not too bad

  • sara

    omg disney needs to stay out of twilight.
    seriously vanessa hudgens as leah( even though she is in there for 5 minutes) would ruin the movie.
    she can not act and that is why we have not seen her in anything else besides hsm and her voice is annoying and stupid.
    she does not look native american to me either..isn’t she like asian or something..
    but yeah she would ruin the movie it is out of her league

  • anaaaa

    i lovee ashleyyy!
    she is sooo cute and fabulousss!

  • mel

    vanessa hudgens for leah clearwater?


  • Iraiziin Cullen

    I can’t believe she thinks Vanessa would be a good Leah! I also think that she’s quite adorable but I just wouldn’t like her on the Twilight saga! AQnyway, Ashley looks gorgeous!

  • KIN

    I totally love Ashley Greene because she’s so sweet and definitely gorgeous. She always compliments others and everything, but I don’t think Vanessa would be good for the part of Leah.
    First of all, her voice would somewhat contradict with Leah’s image. She’s supposed to be very tough and arrogant. Vanessa Hudgens’ voice is definitely too high-pitched and her happy-go-lucky image would ruin Leah’s roughness.
    Also, the fact that Vanessa Hudgens’ image revolves around HSM, she’d take away from the Twilight craze. Her personality sing-song and frolicking attitude is not… adequate for Leah’s tough, tom-girl attitude.

  • LC

    I DO NOT like the idea of vanessa hudgens being in New Moon. Grrrrr!!! and ashley looks flawless in thse pictures!

  • Destiny

    I think she would suit Leah great, if it was true , and for those who say this movie is too dark for her, in Bandslam she plays an emo-ish character.

  • laughalot

    First of all, I think it would be great if Vanessa played in Twilight, but Leah? I don’t know, I’m sure there are other parts in the next three books that she could play in…and does she have to always play the good part, huh? I mean, she could play Jane. We’ll see when the movie comes out…I think she’ll be great for any part if she works hard enough

  • Katie

    I personally love Vanessa Hudgens, but I agree with everyone who has said that she wouldn’t make a good Leah. Again, I agree with everyone who has said that Vanessa is too small and nice looking to play the mean, tough Leah. However, I do think that Vanessa would make a really good Emily. I feel like this would make a really good compromise, for those of you that think that Leah is to big of a part (especially in the fourth book). Emily isn’t a huge part and the physical description is pretty spot-on. I think they need to get a fairly unknown actress to play Leah.

  • EDWardcullenismyboyfriend

    I adore Ashley!!!! She’s very cute and awesome, and an irreplaceable Alice!!!! She seems always so poised and elegant!!!!!….and as for Vanessa, I don’t think she’s quite adequate for Leah’s role. First and foremost, Twilight stars are (more like were) relatively unknown, and she is just too known. Besides, Leah…well I don’t think she fits that part. And the next movies are a bit dark….all and all she is not the perfect fit for Leah. Someone more outcast and a bit less sweet…like a strong headed newcomer could fit that part…. :)