Vanessa Hudgens Raps

Vanessa Hudgens Raps
  • Vanessa Hudgens can throw down
  • Harry Potter and Half-Blooded Prince gets PG rating
  • CW Spoilers for Supernatural: There’s another Winchester brother?
  • Leighton Meester gets the munchies on Gossip Girl
  • Push Play had a new photo shoot
  • Tiffany Giardina will host her No Average Angel CD release party at the FYE Record store (449 Boston Post Road) in Port Chester, NY on Sunday, January 18th @ 7PM. To get into the party, all you need to do is pre-order her CD, print out your receipt and bring it to the party. The receipt will allow you to bring one parent into the party too.
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  • saletinha

    vanessa rocks

  • Cherry-Jean

    That is cool.

  • Annie..!

    She rox!!

  • VFactory

    This video is so funny !!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD

  • witchygirl

    vanessa is so cute

  • Cherry-Jean

    wtf, no more fans to comment?!:(

  • kiarita´sKiss

    she is funny… xD

  • lizzie

    go back to this isnt finished or i can just wait all day, i am free alll day

  • (:

    haha vanessa xD <3 I throw down when I want, down down when i want ;D that really got stuck in my head x)

  • biggie

    hahahah nice one. V is so cute and i’m having LLS right now, as in last song syndrome.

  • marie

    she’s great and the boy is pretty talented too!

  • lippylil

    lol that was well funny lol

  • tabia

    he has another using her interview with ellen

  • Rosa

    that was funny ..
    she’s the BEST ^_^

  • NatashaLOVer#1

    shes such a talented girl shes perfect, Vanessa has been Working out everyday and i don’t know if she still does it Vanessa is GORGEOUS + PRETTY + TALENTED+CUTE = Vanessa is GREAT! keep up the good work i love it when she surprises us because shes really getting good at everything whenever i see her on Just Jared Jr i’m like OMG VANESSA !
    Vanessa and Zac did the WALTZ in High School Musical 3 it was so amazing and rap actually Fits her.

  • bee

    that video still makes me laugh.

    V i love you hahah

  • :)

    I love vanessa!
    She’s so talented

  • ania

    she’s so cool! i love you V.

  • Maria-Chiara


  • zanessafen4e

    :D:D:D she is great !

  • zanessa4everr

    haha of course she can rap, shes baby v. lol

  • Vanessa

    Vanessa is awesome!
    I love her!
    She’s so talented!
    The video was hilarious! (:
    Made me lol.
    Now, it’s stuck in my head!!

  • http://http/ daniel

    vanessa rocks
    I miss her

  • v is for vammie

    that song from yung kel *check out his video in youtube* is AWESOME!!

    i can’t stop laughing! vanessa sounded good saying “I throw down when i want, down down when I want” hahahaha! kudos guys! that song rocks! LOL

  • v is for vammie

    here’s the part 2 of throw down by baby V and yung kel. enjoy! =)

  • .

    hahah i saw this on its so cute how shes dancing lmaoo i love her til death

  • mike

    love her!!! :)

  • kay

    Vanessa got nominated for a Razzie award for worst actress in hsm 3 and zac got nominated for worst actress and worst movie hsm 3 got nominated and for worst on screen couple anyone from hsm 3 got nominated.

  • kay

    I mean zac got nominated for worst actor.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    very good

  • sara

    So cool hahaha

  • vanessajonas

    soo cooool.. iloveher

  • Jessie

    she is awesome!

  • Nii-loup

    She rocks ! ! ! !

    I love her so much ! She’s so talented !
    This song is so good ! Good Job Throw Down !

  • Talia

    Is VABN working for you guys?
    Because mine doesn’t!!!
    Oh and I LOOOOVE that video and I love her more!!!<3

  • Naomi

    Kay #23


    You forgot to say she was nominated with Diane Keaton and Reese Witherspoon (both Oscar winners).

    Don’t you think she’s in good company?

    I certainly think so. Anyday, it’s better to be grouped with Diane and Reese than some others I wouldn’t mention. It shows the kind of taste those that did the nomination have.

    Their popularity and fandom remains intact so you’re preaching to the wrong crowd. You might find better company at PH.

  • kay

    I’m not a hater, I found out from OceanUP I’m just sharing because I slightly disagree with the people at razzie. Just because I don’t go on talking about how she’s the most beautiful girl in the world and so cool and how hot Zac is doesn’t mean I’m don’t like them(Well not a fan of Zac). I’ve grown out of disney channel and I’m only 10. Weird. I just am not a fan of the HSM series. i think it’s incredibly chessy even though HSM 3 was pretty good. But I loved Vanessa in Thunderbirds and Thirteen. I just think her and Zac’s acting wasn’t great in High School musical 3.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    35 TALIA
    I am not able to access
    SINTO much remains

  • Erin

    I actually like that.

  • Romi

    i like her!

    & the link to the new Push Play pics,
    omg they look gooodd! (:

  • Naomi


    Sorry for jumping on you. I’ve just been getting very ticked of with ‘haters’ who deliberately seek out Van threads and fans, but that’s no excuse so I apologise for that.

    The razzies don’t really matter anyway and not everyone will have the same opinion about stuff so that’s fine.

  • future mrs. Efron

    #28 and #29 that is so not true!!!
    and bt what the hell is a razzie award? and hsm3 won for BEST movie in 2008 u stupid!!

  • Rebecca

    January 18th is a sunday

  • hey!!

    kay we don’t care what u say. if u go to another sites u’ll see that hsm3 won for best movie in 2008, like awards, and yahoo and google and A LOT more, and also vanessa won bets actress and zac best actor, so nobody know what razzie is so shut up.

  • suzy

    Love the rap. BB V is Gangsta!

  • Just Jill

    Thanks Rebecca!

  • may

    guys plis vote for vanessa is losing in all the polls……

    i love you vanessa!!!!!!!!

  • kay

    Thanks for telling me to shut up. I don’t care. God, people can be so defensive of celebrities they’ve never met . i’m just sharing it because i was disappointed with what they picked. Reese Witherspoon rocks! And Naomi, thanks for understanding me instead of telling me to shut up but I can tell you’re older for a fan(as in more intelligent) HSM 3 was a good movie. I just think Mamma Mia was better.
    This is where I found it from:

  • zanessa/jashley

    lol, in the exact words of Vanessa Hudgens..

    “I throw down when I want to”. lol…Vanessa’s awesome.