Ashley Tisdale Loves Her Louis

Ashley Tisdale Loves Her Louis

Ashley Tisdale watches where she’s walking as she exits a casting office in Los Angeles on Friday evening.

The 23-year-old High School Musical actress was toting around her new favorite gold Louis Vuitton “Alma” handbag.

Ashley will reprise her role as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the spin-off series, The Suite Life on Deck. The new episode will air next Friday, January 16 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ pics inside of Ashley and boyfriend Jared Murillo

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Credit: James Breeden/Nate Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • hu

    omg first! she looks okay, but i hate her lvs, they look so tacky


    I Love her!!
    and looove jashley!

  • ashfan

    hey JJJ, i gave you tips on these but you haven’t posted it…
    well anyway :

    Sighting Ashley and Samantha Droke

    and there is also a new photoshoot of Ash and Corbin in Italy….

  • aw

    The purse is atrocious.

  • alexa
  • Jashleyforever639

    I love ashley!! also that’s jared in her car right?

    Love Jashley!!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Aw, yay !! The first new year sighting of Jashley !! :D The bag looks cute. And so does her hair :D

    I so can’t wait till next friday !! Looking forward to watching her on The Suite Life !!

  • vanessajonas

    aw the spoiled bragger again!


    yay new candids!!
    and the first jashley sightings for 09!!! love them together
    oooh i wonder what the casting office was all about maybe shes doing another movie i hope!!
    anyways ash looks great but a bit tired i hope shes getting all the rest she needs

  • Karla.

    I don’t think she’s auditioning for a role. She’s probably doing castings for the shows she’s producing.

  • zashley4ever

    She looks so beautiful; even without make up! Love Ash<3

    Jared honestly.. not that hot :P

  • kara

    how is she a spoiled bragger? because she has designer purses? so does every other celebrity on this planet

  • hate vanessa

    don’t have to care about vanessajonas. Probably she’s jealous of Ashley. and Unfortunately, she’s sad b/c Ashley is not GAY like Jonas Brothers and Ashley is wayy talented than Vanessa! Poor thing!

  • Cherry-Jean

    Wow! Ashley looked fabulous! I love the hoodie! vanessajonas, u r a byotch. ur so poor that u cant even have a designer bag. u should be banned here.

  • hate vanessa

    #14: don’t have to worry. She’s already be banned by her parents! ahaha

  • celestine

    omg Cherry-Jean do you know how shallow you sound? so what if a person’s poor? So what if they can’t afford a designer bag at least they are leading a happy life… And VanessaJonas she’s not a spoiled bragger … she’s just minding her own buisness and going out for a meeting if she wants to carry a designer bag that’s her problem not yours!

  • lol

    omg Cherry-Jean do you know how shallow you sound? so what if a person’s poor? So what if they can’t afford a designer bag at least they are leading a happy life… And VanessaJonas she’s not a spoiled bragger … she’s just minding her own buisness and going out for a meeting if she wants to carry a designer bag that’s her problem not yours!

    agreed if she wants to carry around her purses she earned with her money to get its her choice back off n i can NEVER afford that so that means im poor? but w.e. luv her comfy outfit :)

  • riana

    shes kwl but hr bag is a bt ott!

  • osama!!

    luv her i wonder what shes doin nowadays!!

  • osama!!

    castin of wht???

  • tizfan

    I adore her. Casting office huh?? hmm..

  • fatty

    ugliest bag

  • biggie

    what the heck is she wearing? that’s so ugly. especially the pants. and her hair! can’t she get a good stylist or something???

  • ashfan

    to biggie, because she doesn’t like to dress up for paparazi… she said that herself….

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    Why do you hate her ? I can’t find a cause .. and please dont care vanessajonas and other haters..she always wears the same outfits and clothes.i saw this bag on ashley so much…
    anyway,jashley look pretty :) love us :)
    [Sorry for my bad english,i'm living in Turkey ]

  • nina caplan

    hey #23, ashley dont do her hair everyday because she doesnt want her hair to be burned and dry again, not like urs!!!!

  • teteu

    she look little tied, my baby.
    Ashley are so amazing! *-*

  • joan


  • dany

    ashley is fabolous !!!

  • the tizz

    OMG ashley news!!!
    love this girl so much
    shes so real!!!
    and so what if she weres brands…
    ashley is

  • http://yahoo sweety

    i think she ‘s luking cute but i dont think so that she is luking beautiful

  • vanessajonas

    well why you guys are judging me without knowing me? i have lots of designer bags wich is not of your yeah im not jealous about this horse face at all.. i just wish she didnt use all new purses and shirts and shorts and cover all her entire body with pure brands.. BRAGGER FOR LIFE!
    ps. #13 your comment about the jobros doesnt affect me btw..keep dreaming=)

  • ally

    im so happy she is comming back to the sweet life. she has the same bag as rihanna. and umm her outfit is cute and comfty.

  • ash rockz

    Yeah! Ash News :D
    She looks supercute <3
    Love Jashley!

  • wow

    lmao!!! vanessajonas what are you
    an 8 year old?!
    you dont make any sense!!!
    ***ashley is amazing***

  • mily

    Wow! Ashley look fabulous! <333

  • jenny

    love her bag want it


    according 2 ash went to the screening with zac and vanessa
    i wonder what it was all about hmmmm…

  • zashleyforeva

    ash was named #1 sexiest women of 2008!!!
    she beat out britney, beyonce, and others!!
    isnt that great??
    great job ash!!!!!
    well earned tizzy

  • allyyyy

    u know what doesnt make sense to me?
    ashley tisdale fans(some)hate vanessa hudgens
    but vanessa hudgens fan love ashley tisdale
    i know this is off topic but i hate how people r treating vanessa like that
    theres a channel VanessaxHaters on yt giving all these reason y they hate vanessa hdgens and most of their reasons r so idiotic..
    and zashley fans/ashley fans arent happy with ashleys choice of being with jared and zac being with vanessa
    THEYRE BEST FRIENDS…you rlly think theres going to be more????
    just stating a point

  • http://yahoo saniya

    i agree with #36
    n this is true that most of ashley fans hate vanessa (not all) n most of vanessa fans love ashley (not all)……..
    i completely agree with allyyyy

  • http://yahoo saniya

    btw they both r best frnds n everyone should respect that………

  • Bradley Bobst

    Ashley looks amazing and beautiful and pretty as always

  • biggie

    i still think she’s ugly.

  • Christine

    You know how some celebrities make things like going out for coffee seem so glamorous? Ashley Tisdale manages to make those things seem as interesting as watching paint dry, because she always looks the same, dresses the same, has that same, expressionless look on her face. She’s so amazingly plain that I actually feel bad for her sometimes. It’s like she desperately wants to be interesting and liked, but doesn’t want people to know that she wants to be interesting and liked. So she tries to be all nonchalant and cool on the surface, but inside she’s trying really hard to please everyone, so she winds up looking like a big, boring fake.

  • Britt

    all u bloggers can go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tikki

    #45 very well said! i agree with you a hundred & one percent. and to all ashley fans who say we’re just jealous well yes, we’re just jealous (if you’re smart enough you’d know this is said with utmost sarcasm). my grandma would look far more interesting than this plain looking, trying-hard, boring girl.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    It’s cute, and so is she ♥

  • vanessajonas

    #45 iloveyou! haha

  • ashleyrox

    #45 christine your wrong!!! how do you know she feels that way are
    inside her
    head or sumthing?! she is intersting and liked!! shes just tired from working soo hard
    in interviews shes a sweet and bubbly person always laughing! so u think know
    -team tizzy-