‘Spectacular!’ Soundtrack: Pre-Order Now!

‘Spectacular!’ Soundtrack: Pre-Order Now!

Nickeoldeon’s TV movie-musical starring Nolan Gerard Funk, Tammin Sursok, Victoria Justice and Simon Curtis premieres in February and what better way to kick off the excitement than with the movie’s soundtrack!

Spectacular! is about a high school choir that is fading in popularity. A wannabe rock singer , Nikko (Funk) is convinced to join the choir by Courtney (Sursok), in hopes of winning the upcoming competition and cash prize.

Check out all the music videos and pre-order your copy today!

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  • crazy for JB

    first!!!! cant wait!!

  • Atilla

    Second….I can’t wait either!

  • cc27

    im mostly watching it cuz victoria justice is in it xD hehehe =D

  • Alyssa

    Nickelodeon is so copying Disney Channel with High School Musical

  • nina caplan

    high school musical is the one and ONLY

  • lili

    so very true #4 and #5…

    they just want their own version of HSM…

    but nothing can beat it!!!

  • me.

    lmfao, nickelodeon FAILS.

  • me.

    it’s more similar to camp rock than hsm, IMO.

  • whatzitooya

    HEY! hes no Zefron! booo totally copying disney channel notice how they started it after HSM was over. Stick to comedy nickelodeon! stop trying too hard! HSM IS THE ONE AND ONLY IT IS THE ORIGINAL AND CANNOT BE COPIED!

  • allison

    if you think about it, there have been other muscials made you know. and i hate how everyone compares every new musical movie to HSM. it’s sooo annoying. and Spectacular! has a different story line anyway. it’s about a group looking for an additional member to help get them back in business and a guy WANTING to be a rock singer and doing whatever he can to do that, or how ever you want to put it. and HSM is about a guy coming out and showing everyone a different side of him by auditioning for a musical.

    they sound pretty different to me..
    and i for one am looking forward to SPECTACULAR! :D

  • Jen

    I remember Tammin Sursok on Home and Away, a popular Australian show. She was my favourite character until she left, she’s soo gorgeous! I didn’t know she could sing :)

    Who’s Victoria Justice?

  • janette


  • Kelli

    Don’t you guys know that Nickelodeon is owned by Disney. So technically nickelodeon and Disney are the same, so they can make whatever they want, and i totally just watched Spectacular and it was nothing like High School Musical or Camp Rock, it was so much better!

  • jennaxfrenzie

    okay, so spectacular was really good.
    it kinda had the same idea from like camp rock, as joe had a bad idea just like nikko did but the storyline is completly different.
    and HSM can be great but there has been other musicals before it. a musical movie is just a great idea that a lot people want to try. and nolen was really good looking haha

  • Shiz


  • http://? taty

    alright highschool musical was great i love it ! but , seriously its over senior year it passed no more highschoool musical give credit to a new era SPECTACULAR is incredibly i love it and nick has great movies !

  • kriss

    its funny how people are hating on the movie because of HSM, american mall did the same thing also, so why is no one complaining about that, and all of you need to GROW UP, there are so many movies and shows that are the same too and no ones complaining, plus spectacular has a different story line so its basically different just like all the musicals out there like hairspray, and camp rock
    you might be surprised, i found spectacular to be better than HSM

>>>>>>> staging1