Taylor Swift: SNL Promo Previews!

Taylor Swift: SNL Promo Previews!

Taylor Swift takes a break backstage during rehearsals for Saturday Night Live and talks to MTV about her album Fearless (still topping the charts).

The 19-year-old “Love Story” singer shared, “I cannot believe [the album sales]. I get a phone call every single week. I honestly can’t believe that. The fans have been so good to me. The fact that people actually like it, I can’t believe it.”

This Saturday, Taylor will take the musical guest spotlight on the late night comedy show with host How I Met Your Mother‘s Neil Patrick Harris.

Neil joked about Taylor‘s height, saying, “Taylor Swift is lovely and — contrary to popular belief — is pretty tall. She’s, like, 5’7 or 5’8” and then wears heels and is 7’2″. Next to her I look like Ryan Seacrest.” Ouch, Ryan!

Check out the behind-the-scenes vid below!

Taylor Swift – “Saturday Night Live” Rehearsals

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  • Jorun


  • :)


  • rawya

    love you tay

  • Cory

    Can’t wait to see the show.

    Taylor Swift == Love Love Love

    and sometimes she’s very funny and cute! :-)

    Go Taylor!…

  • Nel

    Taylor’s more or less 5’11, Neil ;-)

  • ChristinaRenee

    i’m very happy taylor is tall. haha
    everyone else in hollywood seems to 5’2″ or 5’4″ at the most.
    im like 5’9″ so this makes me happy :) hahaha

  • Anne

    can someone tell me what 5`7 is in cm?! because everyone in hollywood seems to be sooo much smaller than that! and what is 170 cm in US measures?!:D i`m fom Norway so i dont`understand any of that…:P

  • futurstar

    I think that they should let her do one skit making fun of the “beakup” that would me EPIC!…(although I hate how she handle deverything) I’m sure it would be hilarious!

  • cc27

    wow ! lol shes thatt tall!

  • http://athletedate.com gabriel

    I think she is around 5’11 which is pretty tall.

  • des

    # 7 from Norway 5’7” is 170.2 centimeters but Taylor is actually 5’11” which is actually 180.3 centimeters.

  • Anne

    thank you des! i understand now! i thought she was a lot higher than 5`7, so it makes sense now:)

  • Annabel

    Wow, he got her height way wrong. She’s 5’11. That’s a whole 5 inches off, buddy…..

  • Patty

    Wow, so Neil Patrick Harris is only 6′ (google his height and he is erroneously listed as 6’1.5″) and still he towers over Taylor Swift even when she was wearing heels. I knew it she was not really 5’11″. She probably is 5’8″. She was standing next to Lauren Conrad who is only 5’5″ but there is no significant height difference between them. Makes sense now. Maybe when I go to Hollywood I’d be a six footer too!

  • Anne

    To # 14
    But Neil was standing on a box… look at the clip and listen what they say..

  • Dara

    Is Taylor really that tall? I mean, she wears high heels all the time and still looks very comfortable in her body…I’m maybe few cm even taller than her and I never wear heels…And I have tall friends!

>>>>>>> staging1