The Jonas Brothers: Inauguration Dreams

The Jonas Brothers: Inauguration Dreams

The Jonas Brothers are gearing up to turn Detroit Rock City into Jonas Rock City on Sunday, January 18th, when they rock out the North American International Auto Show.

But why stop there? MTV has listed the top five reasons why Nick, Joe and Kevin should perform at President-elect Barack Obama‘s inauguration ceremony. Here are the top five reasons:

The Jonas Brothers‘ new video, “Tonight,” comes out January 19th! The day before the inauguration! Coincidence? HARDLY!

– As they proved in their “Burnin’ Up” video, any one of the JoBros could sub in for the secret service if needed.

Sasha and Malia Obama have gone ON RECORD about their love for the JoBros.

– The only other person on the planet with a tighter security detail than the JoBros? You guessed it!: El Presidente Obama.

Nick has told us that he wants to run for President, so this will be perfect practice for him.

DO YOU THINK the JoBros should perform at the inauguration?

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  • Glenna

    are you kidding me?! you really don’t even have to ask! that would be beyond amazing!

  • elle

    that would be amazing! plus i live in dc, so it would be much appreciated especially if they perform at the youth concert which obama has already said will be free. :)

    if they are i really hope that i can get tickets!

  • really

    how about not? obama is such a well..not very cool person. last thing he needs is an awesome band do to something for him! ;)

  • crazy for JB

    LOve JB!!!

  • jenny

    I luv them but the inaguration is a important event that everyone in the world will be watching and it just isn’t that kind of an event

  • karr

    wow. no. they sound horrible live.

  • cassie

    no. i think they should perform 2 days later at the prolife march….cuz thats when i’ll be there haha

  • asdfghjkl;

    oh no.
    theyre not even good
    its a waste of obamas time

  • yourmom

    no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Just Spreading the truth

    I’m SO freakin sick of them. Oh their so fabulous becasue their barely cute and can kindof sing about teen stuff. Wow. No one’s ever done that before. But it’s been proved that Talyor Swift is SO much better.

    Wow Nick wants to be prez one day? So do like 100′s of other kids(wow he’s like a regular kid)

    If they were to be secret service they’d probably mess up their hair and need a hair stylist.

  • lala

    As much as i LOVE jonas brothers. i dont think they should perform at Obama’s inauguration. His inauguration is a special moment for the world not for all the girls to see their favorite band performing-___-’
    the presidental inauguration is a private and formal event
    not a boyband event :D

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    OMJ they look sooooooooo HOT in suits (esp Nick) i loooooooooooove them soooooooooooooo much!!!
    Lv Nicky B :D

  • Littlewasserman

    Who cares we need taylor swift

  • Littlewasserman

    If i was omba kids i would say taylor swift! Like cmon she is so talnted and so sweet how can you turn a girl like that down

  • cc27

    YES ! =D

  • jo

    haha . perfect practice for nick xD

  • emily

    yess!!! i think they shud!!!! because i will be there!!!!!! and i think it is gonna be boring but if the jonas brothers are there it will be the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tracey jonas

    yah!!!!!!!! like totally!!!!!!! omj!!!!!! that would be “fantastalistic”-joe.

  • Krissy

    so this is what i’ve been missing from my three boys
    I honestly think that’s amazing!
    They should def do it!
    THE jo bros are WAY better at being political than any other celeb band i know. AND performing for obama is awesome!
    FANS for taylor
    just keep your comments to yourself about her
    THE world doesn’t revolve around her 247
    THIS is a jonas brothers post. NOT taylor.
    See the difference?
    OK 1) let the jaylor thing go already!
    yes taylor is sweet and is talented… gotta love her for that :)
    but honestly..she hasn’t done enough to be ” noticed” all the time.
    I feel, she’s got her ” lime light” from the beginning
    wanting too much of that…
    ok..moving on already..=/

    # 11
    IF your so sick of them…why are you even commenting about them?
    fabulous of talent and cuteness.
    WE love them for both…
    Kind of sing about teen stuff? there guys. the only thing, they can relate to other people about is relationships. AND there’s more they’ve written about, besides that one topic!
    SING? these guys have been running at acting and singing there whole lifes. IF you don’t know what there capable of holding into being recognized —- i find it funny, you’d write about stuff, you hardly aren’t sure about.
    TAYLOR SWIFT? proved to be better?
    AS much , as i love taylor for an country artist
    i felt she wasn’t better at the time, with the whole break up war.
    SINCE that’s over..
    i still think.. she’s starting to still be that same person.. ( nothing has changed)
    SO i don’t think she’s better..

    JUST cuz nick mentioned to be president
    doesn’t mean he was being selfish for other
    people to live the same dream.
    THERE”S nothing wrong with being famous and being normal.
    THEY were normal at one point of there life’ that makes them regular people. THEY do things, that’s not over fancy.. and doesn’t take fame to their heads all the time. THEY help and give back..which is what there shown to do right now…

    DOn’t like them? don’t bother to waste your time, commenting..
    it’s that simple!
    there are many people on here
    who would rather NOT see your post
    and care less to what you have to say.
    EVERYONE is entitled for there opinions
    but why do it, to people you DO hate
    then saying something for people you ACTUALLY like?

  • Ava

    YA, Nick did comment on being President, but if he does; he is going to run as a REPUBLICAN. I’m 99.9 percent sure they DID NOT vote for Obama.

  • Carolyn

    are you seriously asking that question?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA.

    i wonder what they’d sing if they did? hmm….

    a song for a president…….

    “cuz i’d rather just be alone if i know that i can’t have you”

  • Carolyn

    btw, i agree with ava idt they voted for him

  • ariana

    HECK YES!!!

  • dsfafhajfksd

    no i think they shouldn’t perform becuz the might suck like they did @ the haft time of dallas cowboys game

  • lexi

    They should TOTALLY perform there
    at the free youth concert theyre having a day before the inauguration.
    I live in dc so i reallyyyyy hope i get tix!!

  • overated.

    …they do sound horrible live. I mean, you heard it on the New Years Bash. Did anyone catch that ? …My friends and I thought they were good at performing live…but I guess not. I think Nick’s going into Puberty again.

    Plus, can someone get a professional hairstylist for Joe ? He looks like he just woke up…his hair is ew. Kevin is ALWAYS looking good.

  • tmike

    of course they should go
    its a friggin honor

  • linda

    YEAH that would be awesome !!!

  • Samantha Jonas

    Yes! I hope that they perform there!! It would be SUPER AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taiane

    I think they should :D
    Nick, Kevin and Joe COME TO BRAZIL, PLEASE

  • laura

    noooo!!!!!they shouldnt performe,they suck live seriously,they have whiny voice,can the prez find somebody better?

  • katie

    ahhH! i live in michigan and im going on a retreat with my church, ughh this sucks!

  • gabbs

    wow. they should defaintly do the inagutation or how over you spell it. tht would probly be a great honer for them and lol all the reasons were true. lol. but does this even go on tv? and i never knew tht like these things had perfromers…. or is this like one of the first time actuall good singers went on??

  • Danielle

    I say no, Obama is not cool
    I agree with Ava about the Nick thing too (:

  • Caroline

    I agree with those of you who have said they didn’t vote Obama – I don’t think they did, either…
    However, it would be a great honor for them to perform at the Inauguration (as it would be an honor for anyone, I’m sure), particularly at such a young age.
    Also, I’m sure Obama’s daughters would be pretty appreciative if they did perform!
    Heck, there’s no denying it – I’m a fan of Kevin, Joe and Nick, along with their music – it’s just so darn catchy!
    Oh, and a belated Happy New Year, everyone!

  • Jayy

    well i herd that they might perform at the childrens concertt the night beforee
    which would be amazinnnng cause i live in columbia, so i would totally go down there if they came

  • Victoria

    i love the jonas brothers, and i would b very pleased if the attended the inauguration in support of the new president, but i don’t think they should perform, as many fans as the brothers do have, it’s limited to a certain age group and mainly girls, also, if they performed, it would kind of make it all about them, the disney media would, their fans would, and thats just not the point of the ceremony and the spotlight should be on mr. obama for that day, no one esle

  • Diana

    I think that it would be cool. To show that younger teens care about politics.

  • Emily


  • Rachel

    To everyone saying they suck live, they don’t suck all of the time. only when they sing “tnoight” and seriously, could you do any better. I have a feeling Obama will ask them because he claims to be a family man and if he loves his daughters a lot he’d probably do that for them

  • Ami

    The JoBros rock!

  • I hope not!!!

    I really hope they don’t like him & want play for them!!!! As much as I would LOVE 2 see them preform I REALLY don’t like Obama!!!!!

  • mpowers10424

    absolutley not…..i love the jonas brothers but not obama and i dont think they would ever share their political opinions which probably do not support obama…

  • TeamMilena

    Heck No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep the Jobros away from Nobama!!!!!

  • Tyreena

    Oh My Gosh, It would be cool if they do, cause my mom and i are supposed to be going to the inauguration to seat people. I would love that! =]

    p.s. i’m not lying…

  • Brian

    if they performed at the inauguration america would become a joke. no to jobro.

  • Amy


    Here’s reasons why they shouldn’t

    1. Why would you wanna perform for Obama?
    2. Obama’s a liberal
    3. Sure Obama’s gonna be our president… But he’s gonna screw up the country
    4. Obama’ll bring shame to our country by pulling us out of a war that we’re winning
    5. Obama wants to change the second ammendment and take away our guns. I live in a town where everyone has a gun because it’s basically cowboy central. We love our guns out here where I live

  • blahblahblah

    um no cuz then they will be associated w/ politcal crap and then they will just be ruined for life…

  • Ginger

    Honestly, I think they are ok but to me it would be an insult to see them perform for someone who is the most important man in the United States as of Jan 20th. I think performers that have something invested in Obama, who are all voting age, would be more suitable. I dont mean to rag but they are just another disney creation it seems and Obama deserves better than a boy band that really isnt all that good and is only loved because they are “cute” and “wholesome”. Sorry, I think there fine in there genre and there target age group, tweens, but Obama deserves musicians who have more soul to there music..