Zac Efron is a Chaya Chap

Zac Efron is a Chaya Chap

Zac Efron relaxes outside in the sun as he lunches with some female friends at the trendy Chaya Brassiere restaurant in Beverly Hills on Friday afternoon.

After finishing up his lunch, the 21-year-old HSM hunk joined girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for a screening at Warner Brothers Studios.

Zac will join the likes of Sandra Bullock, The Jonas Brothers, and now Johnny Depp to present at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 11th.

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  • mary ranna


  • jenny

    what ever i can’t wait for the Golden Globe Award

  • suzy

    A screening of what?

  • mary

    Oh i miss Zanessaaaa!!!!

    Is Vanessa going with Zac? i mean, is she showing up with him at the Golden Globe?

  • mandy

    WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!! I love how he dresses =]

  • tara

    Did Zanessa broke up? I’M JUST ASKING OK!!!! begore anyone judge me…

    i haven’t seen them for a whilee…… soooo bad =[

  • http://justjared zanessalover

    what do you mean he hunk joined vanessa? i don’t get it!!! and i want more zanessa and vanessa pics, because i miss them

  • nadine

    i love his style…!!!it’s so laid back..i wonder if vanessa is going with him to the golden globes?

  • Charlene

    Finally he cut his hair. He looks as god as ever :)

  • Katty

    What? No pics of Zanessa?

  • marie

    gorgeousss zac!

  • http://Zacefron MARIE S

    OMG Zac looks so hot.

  • mary

    Yes, #7!

    I meant that.. i’m wondering if Vanessa’s going with him to the Globe..

    BTW he seems to be SOOO politely with people!!!!!

  • zanessa4everr


  • Trina

    Yes, Zac and Vanessa “broked up” so he could go to a business lunch. Dem will be “maked up” again soon as dat lunch is ober.

    Oooops, dem already maked up and wented to a movie. Dem will breaked up again tomorrow when he goes out to gas up his car. Den when he goed back to her house, dem will maked up again.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Zanesa4ever

    aww he is soo cute!!

  • woaaaa

    he is amaingly hot

  • http://Zacefron Zac efron’s #1 Fan

    it is great to see Zac happy and smilling again. go Zanessa

  • ashtissfan

    gosh hes soo cute

  • CArolyn

    DANG! I was there to eat lunch today. I guess RIGHT before he arrived…

  • sTEPH

    Zanessa DIDNT Break Up There To Inlove

  • http://Zacefron Zanessa rocks

    I love to see Zac Happy. it just shows that everything is ok with Zanessa.

    I wounder what movie they want to see. Zac looks cute and hot.

    thanks JJJ for posting more pics Zac.

    Zac is the best.

  • http://Zacefron MARIE S

    Zac is so hot and sexy. I can’t wait to see him on Sunday.

  • http://Zacefron Zac efron’s #1 fan

    I wounder what Zac’s next movie will be.

  • lovebug :]

    ahhhh he is so fantastic looking :]

  • zanessa/jashley

    ..He’s always looking oh so sexy…OMGEE. He’s just so FINE.

    Oh boii..I hope Zanessa will be at the Golden Globes together !!
    *crosses fingers*

    Hm…I wonder what screening it is…i hope it’s a movie ?

  • aw

    Wonder what the screening was for

  • R

    Finally…new pics and minus Vanessa!

    Hopefully he goes alone to the Globes so we get hot pics of him in a suit

  • kay

    Yawn. Not a fan. He’s kind of over-exposed to me. But he’s kinda cute. And was pretty good on Summerland. Just hope Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep and more win! And Johnny Depp’s presneting? Yea!

  • future mrs. Efron


  • julia

    I defenitelly gonna see golden globe (:
    God , he is so fine!

  • ashlee

    #28 R @ 01/09/2009 at 9:59 pm
    so you see yourself as a slut. that is really sad.

  • nicole

    love him he is so hot

  • zanessa4everr

    vanessa is so lucky!

  • chloek

    does anyone know what happened to vabn??

  • Kami

    so no pics of them at the screening :sad:

  • emily

    chloek I don’t know, but since yesterday I cannot visit the page, today in the morning I can and the webmaster said something that the page have some problems, but I don’t undertand what is wrong, because I’m from Germany, so I don’t speak english very well…
    Zac looks cute and hot as usual :)

  • witchygirl

    he looks so cute

  • angela clarke


    love his jumper.

  • Tiptoes

    # 35 VABN is still down. chay announced it on the TH Forum. here is the link -

    he looks good. wonder what the screening was all about…

  • addie


    i duvu zac.

  • abigail

    he looks cool!!!

  • Toni

    Zanessa HAVE to be at he Golden Globes together… its just not the same when they arent together at an event..

    they always look so…….. cosy together…. happy if you must.
    everyday without Zanessa pics is like a day with breathing.
    :(:( and whoever said they broke up… ill break your face :) K
    it was no one on here.. its been a rumour for like a week.. saying Zanessa broke up… pfft

  • TOri

    KayCee already got married and Zac didn’t attend to the ceremony

  • chloek

    thanks Tiptoes!

  • vanessajonas

    aw zanessa sighting maybe

  • Mandy

    love zac-
    hottest man aliveeeee==!!!!

  • Soni Hannigan

    #44 KayCee is getting married tomorrow, Jan. 10th

  • Key
  • Karen

    #48–Soni Hanigan:

    No, Kaycee is not getting married on Saturday the 10th. It was confirmed already that she was married early on Friday the 9th. Apparently the only HSM people there were Monique Coleman, Ryne Sanborne, and Bart Johnson(Coach Bolton).