Zac Efron Levitates to Target

Zac Efron Levitates to Target

Zac Efron flies through the air as he pushes his full shopping cart back to his car at a local Target store in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon.

The 21-year-old actor picked up some office supplies, including a 3-drawer counter top unit and multiple desk organizers. Zac must have a lot of clutter to organize!

Zac and girlfriend Vanessa, along with their other High School Musical co-stars, are rumored to be attending KayCee Stroh‘s wedding this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’ll be a short trip for Zac though, he’s set to present at the Golden Globe Awards this Sunday.

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Photos: Limelightpics
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  • ladysdsandiego

    so cute and very adorkable.

  • Karen

    Good to see you, Zac.

  • Karen

    If I hadn’t left for a few minutes to check on something here at work I would have been first! I think I will faint…

  • ladysdsandiego

    hey i realized i was first. for once.

  • Soni Hannigan

    Soon hopefully to see Vanessa with Zac. He looks good as always.

  • annoymous


    he’s flying

  • jo

    he looks so hot here. does anyone know what his necklace is? he wears it a lot.

  • zanessa/jashley

    lol, oh Zachary. You make me laugh.. :D

    What he’s wearing is SEXY, might I add. The shades looks VERY familiar…hm…

  • lovebug :]

    oh golly…i love this :]

  • lovebug :]

    i sure perez is gonna love this

  • lovebug :]

    and no.7
    it looks like a shark tooth…? a little

  • ashfan

    this reminds me of last week when I went to Target to buy carts of water and when I cross the street, the carts felt over… it was embarassing….

  • Sinnie

    Weird I do that all the time in the Shops. :)
    So Zac are you suplying an office.

  • estefana

    awwwwwww he looks so adorable..AS USUAL!! I LOVE U ZAC!!!!!

  • zanessa4everr

    haha i love that picture!!! the one where he’s levitating!!

  • Alexia

    og gawd zac you’re such a dork. i flove you

  • zaclover

    hahahha zac is just soo cute!! haha!! that is hilarious!! he is sooo ZEXY!! wow!.. haha!! i am recording the golden awards i am only watching it to see zac efron!!! hahaha!!

  • k

    Cute & sexy!!!!

  • saris

    seriously, it should be illegal to be sooo hot when you’re just gonna buy food. <33

  • vannie

    i love him

  • caitlin

    gosh he just keeps getting cooler!

  • j

    hope to see him and vanessa together soon they are really cute

  • Gabriela Aroca

    I love you Zac S2

  • Ellen

    He’s so gorgeous. Ah….can’t wait to Golden Globes.

    He’s so gorgeous. Have I said that?

  • Tini



  • Tini



  • rochelle.

    these pictures are gorgeous.<3
    love the beaniee.

  • Sina

    he looks as hot and gorgeous as usual..
    love the outfit <3

  • Cherry-Jean

    awww, he looked cute. but i hate him with the beanie. it makes him looked…bald on the center on his head.

  • abigail

    omg! he’s so adorable!!!

  • boo

    zanessa fans grow up zanessa sucks

    zac can spend time alone without the ugly twat


  • noy

    so sexy.

  • Caroline

    I’m in love… :)

  • maria

    boo, you are a sad excuse for the human race.

    It cracks me up to see Zac try to “zoom” in and out of places like that! Let’s face it…..I don’t ever see ANYONE as cute as Zac in a Target!!

  • zanessafied


  • witchygirl

    he looks very cute

  • HsM_GiU



    ( L )

  • Chocolate amber

    OMG, I just love him.

  • victoria

    omg i love him!
    and zanessa rocks!!!!!

  • Soléne
  • Landy
  • http://ZacEfron MARIE S

    Zac looks hot and sexy

  • zanessa fan

    yeah i am so glad to see they both this weekend on the wedding!!!and maybe together on GG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kar

    his shoes are girly


    funny hahah
    i love zac he’s so funny

  • Zac Fan

    LOL. My husband does the cart flying thing too…boys will be boys. :-)

    And, yeah, #30, too true…my Target trips never really produce great sights like that…of course, who knows what I’d distractedly throw in my cart if he were actually there. Heh.

  • KGG

    Zac looks like he’s having fun pushing that cart.

    As far as the necklace, when you open up the first pic and enlarge it, the pendant on the chain looks suspiciously like a “V”. LOL Wonder who that would stand for….hmmmm? How sweet is that?

  • Nicole

    he is sooooo hot!

  • Jessie

    so cute that he fly in the air LOL
    love him! can’t wait the wedding that he and nessa will go to! wanna see pics!

  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    LOL love the necklace zac. He looks like a hottie