"Maddie On Deck" Behind-The-Scenes

Go behind-the-scenes of the upcoming episode of The Suite Life on Deck — “Maddie on Deck.”

Ashley Tisdale returns as fan favorite Maddie Fitzpatrick, who saves enough money to visit her friends at Seven Seas High on the S.S. Tipton. Co-stars Brenda Song, Dylan and Cole Sprouse were ‘on deck’ to welcome her back with open arms.

Ashley shared about her return, “I was really nervous when I saw the script. I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I get to be Maddie again.’ Dylan and Cole were just totally there like hugging me and they’re both so excited.”

BFF Brenda added in, “I ran first to get my hug because I was like, ‘I’m most important,’ so I deserve my hug first.”

Tune into The Suite Life on Deck on Friday, January 16th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

“Maddie On Deck” Behind-the-scenes featurette
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  • http://Zacefron ZAC EFRON’S #1 FAN

    I can’t wait to see the show thanks for JJJ



  • dany

    ohh goshh !! she is amazing !!!! I LOVE MADDIE !!!!

  • this aint a fairytale.

    she’s gonna be stuck with disney forever.

  • lara

    i love maddie soo much ♥

  • tell-tale

    shes running out of time to get away from disney. shes purer than pure, almost prudish, and she has no sex appeal.her new movie screams disney, and her cds while more “mature” still only attract her disney fans. disney loves her because shes safe, but hollywood will hate her for it.

  • Cherry-Jean

    She is so fabulous! I hope stupid vanessajonas isnt gonna comment.

  • Cherry-Jean

    tell-tale, that’s a good thing right? cuz we luv safe stars father than those byotch that drinks everyday.

  • Danny McDonald


  • zashleyforeva

    she looks sooo pretty i cant wait 2 watch it!!

  • lolo


  • lolo

    they r seriously the best bffs ever!!!!!!

  • lizzie

    I love Dylan, he looks soooooo cute!!!! And Maddie rox, I love Brenda and Ashley, they are my fav disney stars/bffs. I loved when Brenda and Ashley first did an episode together before ”Suite Life” back in Bette 2001. Brenda and Ashley have been best friends for a very long time now. It makes me drop in tears to see how much they have grown up and developed as actresses. I love Ashenda for ever and always!!!! As a Brenda fan, I am very proud of Ashley too seeing her grow up for the brunette bubbly girl, to the wonderful young woman she is now. I love her too. I don’t know why Vanessa fans hate Ashley that is just weird and cruel.

  • haley

    brenda rocks!! so does ashley!!!
    i have a huge crush on dylan and cole
    2 bad dylan is taken and cole is semi rumored to be debby
    debby rocks too.

  • jorenda

    WELCOME BACK MADDIE!!!!!! I miss the London/Maddie moments and now they are back YAY!!!! I also miss the Brenda/Ashley moments aka premiere and other pics and in August and November Ashenda were spotted more and more first at Jennie Garth’s Halloween party, HSM 3 premiere, SLOD shootings, Pinkberry and more. My favourite Brenda/Ashley moment was when they went to the Incredibles premiere and posed together, and gave huge blow kisses.

  • baby

    i love ya maddie! brenda and ashley are so cute and debby is amazing, dylan is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot and oh cole is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • hanni

    `i love brenda, dylan, debby, cole and ashley they are very amazing and beautiful, the suite life cast is the hottest cast i have ever seen i luv luv them. :D

  • mary

    ahh it sucks that she left the show!
    she was the BEST character

  • leyton

    Brenda is so cute in this, Ashley is so talented and Debby and Dylan make the cutest couple ever!!!!

  • leyton

    mary, she wasn’t the best character in my opinion london is the funniest and cutest she is AMAZING and bailey is like the new maddie. she is just like maddie’s attituide.

  • bbgood2me


  • GG

    i enjoyed watching Maddie. She was just plain sweet, and London was so not mature back then. IN season 1 she was amazing but then she began getting dim. I love Maddie, Bailey, London, they are like triple threats and the twins are of course beyond gorgeous.

  • brit

    Bren and Ash are so cute! Dylan and Cole are so hot! I don’t like Debby.

  • shaniece

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY

  • kara

    she’s far from being stuck with disney forever she has more talent than a lot of people on the channel and she’s going to branch out, i really don’t think doing one guest appearance proves she’s stuck with disney forever. and as for her movie, look at vanessas…a geeky kid gets a chance with the cute girl? that’s classic disney-esque material so ashley isn’t the only one

  • http://www.youtube.com/HSMGirl218 hsmgirl218

    omg!!! im so excsited but we all know she left disney already and she might not come back :( still love her tho :)

  • riana

    i love ashley shes awesome an i cant wait to wach da episode! So what if she does disney movies thats wat shes most comfortable in and shes still getting paid alot! If i was her i wuldnt mind!

  • lizzie

    OK, Brenda is the only one who is still with disney and branching out doing ”serious” esque roles such as in Boogie Town Brenda’s character is a 22 year-old emotionally struggling dancer who falls in love with her brother’s rival, Micah who happens to be Black and the two become a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The movie is set in the future of New York and some very serious dancing scenes. Brenda’s Natalia who is adopted so her brother is not her real full brother.

    Brenda signed a contract that earned her a looot of money for the suite life spin off. But she is also branching out and at the same time staying true. She is definitely going to get the Leah Clearwater role in New Moon. If Vanessa and Ashley really wanted to do serious roles they should have done that a long time ago way before Disney, many people forgot that before Disney Brenda did a very good job on Like Mike where she played a poor orphan and it was one of the leads. But anyways I LOVE Vanessa and Ashley nothing against them, they are beyond talented and should branch out into serious roles, I hope that Vanessa does New Moon too.

  • kiki

    I love DEBBY!!!!!!! :D Brenda is OK and all and DYLAN AND COLE ARE SOOOOOO CUTE

  • lily

    Brenda is fabulous and gorgeous! She makes me so jealous since she is beautiful doing the most random stuff. Love her to death.

  • Jane

    Oh no, maddie is back. She makes the show un watchable. I hate London and now maddie. disney should kick those two out to bad they r making disney a lot of money, brenda is no longer the disney queen.

  • j


  • biggie

    #28, brenda isn’t ‘definitely’ going to get the Leah Clearwater role. that is just your opinion. if you are truly an avid fan of the Twilight saga, you’d know firsthand that brenda is 100% physically not fit for what Leah should be. As a matter of fact, vanessa hudgens is lately the most talked about actress to get the role. this is just a rumor though, let’s see who gets to be Leah Clearwater. But please dont say it’s going to be Brenda for sure because her physical appearance just doesn’t fit the description of Leah.

  • Kelly

    Brenda is very stylish and gorgie. She deserves to be happy with who ever she is dating and Brenda’s new BFF, Maya Kibbel, Nick Jonas’ BFF IS SO CUTE

  • http://wwwjustjared.com wow

    cant wait!!!! ashley tisdale is soOoOoOo
    freaken talented!!!!
    i love her better than vanessa & brenda put
    shes to good for disney!! :)

  • gracie

    yay Glad Ashley did an epsiode. Why is everyone like “Geez i want her to something serious!” She’s got plenty of time to do that. let do what she wants. But i know where your coming from. I want her to do a horror film. lol. thats different

  • hannah

    #28, vanessa really should get new moon! and since rob is good friend with zac, he can put in a good word!!
    but i must say, its easy for us all to be like- i dont like her or shes still with disney.
    but look how much they get paid! in 2008 ashley made over $4 million so yeah.
    who cares what company she is acting for.

  • zanessa/jashley

    Don’t Disney Stars like EVOLVE out of Disney in like 3 – 5 years ? Like Shia LaBeouf…from Even Stevens to Eagle Eye :D

    Ashley’s either in movies, shows or producing now…

    Vanessa might be in New Moon as Leah. I’d like to see her try a totally different new character.

  • (:

    i love when ashley has straightened hair

  • go go go madi


    Even though I seriously LOVE Brenda, I don’t think it’s possible for her to be Leah Clearwater. She just doesn’t fit the character. Vanessa Hudgens has a way better chance in snagging the role.

  • jasmine

    glad she’s coming back! :}
    i missed her.

  • Kelly

    Brenda has a WAY better chance of stagging the role Leah than Vanessa.

  • jorendafan4eva

    #37 and #40

    Vanessa has a way smaller chance of getting the role Leah, first of all it is a small role, second Vanessa does not look Native American at all and she has little chance of ”pulling it” off. Ashley did not make over 4 million in 2008, she made 5.5 million from March 2007 to March 2008, thats how Forbes lists work. In 2007, Vanessa made 2 million and back in 2006 Brenda made 5.5 million from June 2005 to June 2006. And now to the last point, Vanessa’s rep has told e.online that she will not be playing Leah and its all a rumor go check that, before opening your mouths. Vanessa looks White and she has never played a serious character in her life, while Queen B has done many roles that are serious and she won the Austin Fantastic Fest Jury prize award as well as a dozen Young Hollywood Awards. In overall have you read the Twilight series? Leah is a very minor role. There is only so much buzz on who’s going to play the characer because some lame person on a forum site made up the rumor that she is auditioning for Leah. Its a rumor and un real.

  • L

    I wish that Brenda’s Disney Channel show that she produced Arwin! was released it sucks that it was un released, Selena would have been in it. YAY I love Brenda. Aww Debby and Cole are getting closer :D Cebby rocks.

  • Babiivfanforeva

    omgsh yes!!!!! love her as maddie..awesome!!!

  • angie

    i love the sprouse twins and brenda! brenda is my idol =)

  • ga

    Dylan is so cute in this, I wish her was my BF.

  • jen

    I love brenda i am a huge fan.

  • Lindsey

    I like Ashley, but I’m hating the comments about how she will never break away from Disney. Yes it might be true, but Disney was the one who have made more stars famous than anyone else.

    Look at Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Jessica , Simpson, JC Chasez (Who played on Disney for over 4 years).

    All of them stayed with Disney for a long time, most wouldn’t guess they were even on the MMC.

    Even in recent time, look at Hilary Duff, who stayed with Disney for a number of years, now doing her own serious roles.

    I think Ashley can break away from Disney if she wants to, its not ruining her career. I see so many Disney stars making other movies, just recently I saw a character from “That’s so Raven” (Stanley) and a few from “Hannah montana” star in some rather large movies, it’s possible to break away from Disney and do other things, but being on Disney for this isnt holding back her career.

  • ga

    Awww. Brenda is already breaking away from her teen cutter cookie image. I LOVE HER!!!!!! and as i said before Dylan is hot. I think Debby and Cole are very cute, Lindsey, who cares? she will suck doing it.

>>>>>>> staging1