Miley Cyrus: Chicken is Evil!

Miley Cyrus: Chicken is Evil!

Miley Cyrus sounds like she won’t be singing for a day or so — she cut her uvula on a piece of chicken!

The 16-year-old “7 Things” singer and her big sis Brandi put up a new video blog on her official website, MileyWorld. She shared, “The reason I sound like this is because I cut my uvula. The way the nurse explained it to me is, you know that cartoon when that really obnoxious baby screams and you see that waggling thing around in their mouth? That’s a uvula. So I cut my uvula today on a piece of chicken. I put too much dressing on it and it got slippery and it got caught and it cut my uvula.”

Miley Cyrus: I Cut My Uvula on a Piece of Chicken
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  • Teresa

    Poor Miley! rofl,That happend to me one. A little diffrent,but anyway. It hurts really bad! So I feel for her….. lol

  • sabreen

    your so damn funny i appreciate ur music and i hope u feel better, you should get that checked out, bad things always happen to good people, this shoulda happened to that pathetice selena gomez but she woulda turned it into this big media coverage thing for attention

  • graciela


    aww…hope she feels better :)

  • sabreen

    they seem like great sisters and uvula sounds so dirty for some reason

  • she us

    all she wants is attention.
    i luve her tho.

  • Emily

    Ouch. Tonsil, Uvula -Is that the same thing?

  • joanne

    lol . this video made me laugh . they`re so funny :]
    and now i know what that ‘hangyball’ is called haha .
    for years , i`ve been calling it a hangyball from watching full house ! (=

  • lisa

    what happened to her being a vegetarian?

  • Helen

    shut up # two no she wouldnt have mileys the one postin it on youtube

  • Kate

    Miley still sounds the same.

  • sabreen

    number nine, this is number two and four here, dont tell me to shut up you effing pussy

  • sabreen

    the word that didnt go in was p..u..s..s..y you know in case you were wondering

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    poor Milez she cut her uvula that sucks GET WELL SOON MILEZ I <3 U 4EVER and #2 sooooooooo agree with you :D and you shut up Helen theres nothin wrong with Miley telling people that use your head OK!
    YOU ROCK!!!
    Lv Nicky B :)

  • meg

    lol, i love Miley! But i thought she was a vegetarian?

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    Sabreen strikes again ;) haha you should be expecting another comment from a pathetic Miley hater thats afended by your comments now those are the real pussys ;)

    Lv Nicky B :D

    once again get well soon Milez you ROCK (even with a cut uvula!!!)

  • Mariia

    wow she sounds even more annoyingg :|
    no offense to people who like her but she is starting to get annoying, sorry.
    and i thought she was vegetarian?

  • amber

    ugh that makes me never want to eat chicken again.
    something about chicken cutting her throat is rly disgusting.

  • sabreen

    any other p..u..s..s..y..s feel the need to hate on miley? just go ahead and when ur comment goes through then i will feel the need to effing curse u out, go ahead

  • http://. Vic2763

    I’ve heard Miley say chicen was her favorite food. I dont know where ppl get the id she’s vegan? She may not eat red meat. idk? Get well soon Miles =]

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR.COM team selena and demi

    HA HA HA!sh deserves it! bad things happen to bad people.

  • Victoria

    hahah thats hilarious, but i love her!
    get better girl!

  • Amanda

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha im sorry but thats the funniest story i have heard in a long time, great headline: “Miley cuts her uvula on a slippery piece of chicken”!!!!!! hahahaha songs like such a made up and completely ridiculously fabricated story and i honestly prob wouldnt even have believed it if it werent for her sounding that horrible in that video!!!! hilarious video though haha her sister seems cool lol uvula sounds soo much like something else really nasty and disgusting ( u prob know where im coming from lmfao) but its just in the way back of ur throat, must hurt to cut it!!!!! hope miley feels better soon!!! get well soon Miley!!! hope it doesnt hurt as much as it sounds like it does from the way she is talking!!! wow though neat story not gonna lie. hahahaa this seriously made my day today complete, how lame/pathetic. haha

  • cc27

    lol it must hurt.. :S love u miley =D


    Aww poor Miley, I hope this doesn’t affect her singing voice too much.

  • Ellen

    Sorry I can’t warm to her. she seems like a real idiot.

  • Cherry-Jean

    poor her. everyone is not clever. she cant know how big is the galaxy and so do u.

  • riana

    # 24 if it affects her normal voice i think singing will be the same but only till it gets better

  • alanah

    your a WINNER !!
    i love you !
    lmao.. a piece of chicken.. haha wow.
    ohh deear.
    take care .


  • leelow

    seriously, what part of the damn chicken was she eating, the bone?! that can’t be possible. the uvula is the piece of flesh that hangs near the back of your mouth. when you open your mouth when looking in the mirror, you can see it. it’s not her tonsils. if anything, chew your food before you swallow it. this story isn’t believable.

  • des

    i have never heard of that happening…if it is slippery,then wouldn’t it just slide down…miley is funny. i got a peice of wood stuck in my tonsils once…i can relate.

  • mandy


  • http://irina renata

    hope she feels better

  • Annie..!

    awe!! i hope she feels better!
    BTW Miley and Brandi.. looool

  • TLT

    she sounds so funny! haha, feel soad for her, though it like her sister’s voice better – no offense


    i hope she’ll sing again, she had an amazing voice !

  • chloe

    i thought she was a vegetarian?
    what happened to that ay miley?




  • Emma

    Isn’t she a vegetarian ?

  • Maje

    i’m like so sure that it’s justin’s fault ! hum … well ! that’s her life !

  • vbgtt


  • mary

    that would hurt..
    but sad.. it made her sound EVEN worse, how unfortunate.
    and.. #2??
    whats your problem..
    you’re pathetic to want this to happen to someone else.

  • Lucy

    I thought Miley was a Vegetarian?

  • Cassidy

    Well, someone told me that on Jay she said she wasnt a vegetarian anymore! Anyways, feel better Miles!

  • Ami

    aw lol her voice poor miley

  • natriqa.

    wtf is she talking about?
    what the hell kind of chiggen wuz she eatin?

    dis gurl is we tall did.

  • Mich

    I cannot believe she didn’t know before this happened what a uvula was. Wow.

  • barbara

    i thought that huzzy was a vegetarian…two face

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