Selena Gomez is Silver Sweet

Selena Gomez is Silver Sweet

Selena Gomez shines in silver at the Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must…” gifting lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 16-year-old starlet was recently nominated for an NAACP Image Award for her role in The Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena is up against Caitlin Sanchez, Keke Palmer, Kyle Massey and Lil’ JJ.

The 40th NAACP Image Awards will air on Thursday, February 12 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Photos: Mark Sullivan/Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • Lorraine

    Oh god… ew.

  • jo

    why did she get nominated for NAACP? uh shes not black..

  • vanessajonas

    i think she is copying vanessa style… whatever.. she will never be like her:P

  • Holly

    Well i like selena and i think she looks good.

    What is the point of being mean about someone , what will it ever achieve

  • saudia

    loveee her .. Selena Gomez is one gorgeous girl .. great style too

  • daniella

    what? idk if you’ve noticed but what’s in right now is what selena is wearing. besides vanessa has more of a bohemian look.

    selena looks gorgeous as always. she has such a great smile. love her!

  • Just Jono

    So beautiful =]

  • elle

    so pretty (as always). love her!

  • riana

    shes ok i mean nothin special an i do think that vanessa hudgens has a better style than her she even admitted she dresses like a 30 year old!

  • Vynnie

    Selena looks so cute and sweet! =]

  • Kate

    dudes, first you compare Selena to Miley, now you’re comparing Selena to Vanessa Hudgens? Give me a damn break! LEAVE SELENA ALONE!

    Selena looks stunning and her hair is simple yet cute. Love the outfit!


    soo copiying vanessa

  • smiley

    Why did she get nominated for the NAACP…? She’s not a person of color…

    Selena, Your highlights are showing. :l

  • ew.


    Jo “Shes Not Black”!


    YeaaBut Why Did She Get Nominated.?

    Ugh She Dress ot Plain;

    She Needs Color In Her 0utfits.!

    She Alwys Wears Colors Like Gray & Black,!

  • Emily

    Does she even donate money to charities? I never hear her doing that.

  • mai

    I love Selena but I don’t really like the new color in her hair… But Selena looks great, and I agree she dresses like Vanessa.

  • mileyfan4ever

    She looks pretty! =]

  • coolio

    Stop comparing Selena to Vanessa! Gosh! First you compare her to Miley, now Vanessa!! just stop it!

  • Jenna

    she doesnt have to donate money, she prob. does, you just dont always hear about it. and how is she copying vanessa? vanessa dresses differently, she has a different image than selena. and dont hate on selena’s style, she can wear w.e she wants

  • yooo

    shes growing up and changing, dont hate cause she doesnt dress how you want her to dress. i tihnk she looks great, and why do our opions matter? were not her stylist

  • dALENA

    people need to stop hating on Selena god you don’t even know her so you can’t judge her your only juding by rumors and photos so stop hating and i love Selena!

  • ashfan

    to all people who said she dresses like Vanessa :

    Since when Vanessa wear a dress and suddenly other celebs are forbidden to wear the SIMILAR one ?

    If they wear the exact same outfit, then YEAH…
    but NOOOOOO….

    you hater need to grown up…..

  • rEGINA


    Yeah.. She Looks Pretty..

    I Do Like Her.. Yes, She Dresses Like Vanessa..

    Anyway, They’re Both Cute .. xD

    Its 7 There While Its 8.52 AM Here In Indonesia.. ^o^

  • Austin

    Sooo CUTE! You go girl! Ignore all of them haters!!!


    love herr<3:]

  • Mkaaa

    I like the highlights she did on her hair…

    Ok, so, maybe I´m getting this wrong, but do you remember when Miley was dating Nick Jonas, that she said that Nick liked highlights so she had them done and when they broke up she dyed her hair black… could this be the same case??

    Anyway, she looks gorgeous, I think thats what matters, not if she dresses like someone or not…

  • jackie

    okay so if i cut my hair im SOO copying vanessa right?
    since i wear clothes, im SOO copying celebrities?
    also, if i wear necklaces, im SO copying miley?

    haters stop trying to find something to hate on cause really there is nothing to hate on. selena looks absolutely gorgeous. you guys say there is nothing special about her, she has her own tv show, she is in hollywood, she gets nominated for awards UH HUH nothing special about her. i mean i can’t even do any of those stuff she does. she does this stuff for her fans and you haters are ruining it.

  • kris

    to the people who are saying “why is Selena nominated because she’s not black” obviously don’t know the meaning of NAACP

    its the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People

    that means anyone that’s ethnic can be nominated. Since Selena is part Mexican, she fits in that category.

  • you got some racists j

    Selena Gomez is ethnic…. besides isn’t the american rule if you weren’t born 100% white your not white….im glad im not american ur all so weird


    “kris” YOU TELL EM!!!lol

  • yooo

    to jackie: i totally and completely agree

  • Laurl23

    I like her pants, but not her shoes, jacket, top, or the way she had her hair done. She has a pretty face but that is it. I guess she is ethnic because she is part Mexican. Her highlights are showing, is it me or does Nick have this obsessive thing with highlights? The whole Nelena thing is a publicity stunt, though.

  • Chloe

    she has such cute style. i love it! i don’t like the highlights in her hair though.

    i’m also wondering why she’s nominated for an NAACP award. she’s not black.

  • tori

    of course she looks freaking gorgeous!

    love you selena!

  • Lucy

    she looks so cute =) love her style

  • Anna

    hate her.

  • Thadeus

    Selena is hotter than Vanessa. She has the prettiest feet in Hollywood too.

  • sabreen

    #2 your racist, its okay to have a group just for black people but not white? And then when white people are brought into the NAACP, its wrong? Get a damn life and stop whining and im not defending Selena Im defending no one, im just trying to cut the lines of stereotyping, got it?

    Selena is a goody good miley wanna be

    Vanessa Hudgens does not deserve to be insulted so dont compare that desperate thing to Vanessa cuz your messing her name and Zacs

    Zanessa forever

  • she us

    she is gorgeous :)

  • ADAM

    Such an adorable smile! I love her so much!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    EWWWWWWWWW shes sooooooooooooo GROSS i hate her shes sooooooooooo over rated :P she SUCKZZZ

    Lv Nicky B :D

  • tori

    nicky b,
    stop commenting on her then!
    you sound, stupid with your bad spelling,
    idiotic with your bad reasons to hate her,
    and obnoxious with your ALL CAPS writing

    just stop.


    she looks so pretty!!! first u say she’s copying miley and now vanessa, wtf???? really who understands u!

  • claudia

    umm… guys.. people can have similar style you know..
    vanessa isnt the only person in the world to have a style..
    my style is pretty close to demi lovato’s. but im not trying to copy her.
    thats just how it played out. we have the same taste.
    gosh you guys are major hypocrites, get a life losers.

  • claudia

    um.. guys.. people can have similar style u know.. vanessa isnt the only person in the world with that style..
    my style is close to demi lovato’s, but im not trying to copy her. thats just how it came out. people can have the same taste in clothes. no big deal. jesus. u guys are hypocrites and immature. get a life losers.

  • Maria

    Why are we talking about what she is wearung it should be about why she is nominated she is not black when i think about the NACCP they should be black eveyone else is in that category is black so why isnt she so lame. even though she is half mexican i dont see her claiming that side. and who cares what she wears or who she is dating you can tell you guys are teens just by what you write.

  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    GOR-GEOUS! Seriously. I wish that i had her hair – it looks really pretty. And i love that outfit, although a little color would have been nice.

  • Meredith and Amber

    Hey Selena This is Amber and Meredith here and we such huge fans
    we think ur beautiful and Talented and we also lve Demi too

  • teli

    Selena is not part Mexican, she’s full Mexican…both her parents are mom & dad!

  • teli

    my bad i forgot her mom is italian—-scratch my first comment