Vanessa Hudgens: Gifting Lounge Lovely

Vanessa Hudgens: Gifting Lounge Lovely

Vanessa Hudgens glows at the CVS Pharmacy Reinventing Beauty Bar at the Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must” Gifting Lounge at LA’s Sofitel Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

The 20-year-old actress joined Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner to represent Best Buddies as CVS Pharmacy donated $100,000 to the organization as well as to Lollipop Theater International (they bring movies currently in theater to children confined in hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening diseases).

Vanessa‘s beau, Zac Efron, will be presenting at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards TOMORROW.

Also pictured: Maureen McCormick and Access host Nancy O’Dell.

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Photos: Mark Sullivan/Jesse Grant/WireImage
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  • vanessajonas

    i really think that V doens’t look as pretty here
    but she looks great with Taylor!
    betther than zac

  • hsm/zanessa fansite!!!!

    I LOVE HER!! Vanessa Hudgens is the best..


  • Samantha

    there’s a rumor that Vanessa is casting for the role of leah in new moon!!

  • hermela

    she looks stunning as always.

    keep it going V :D

  • charl

    WHOOP bout time we had someit on this girl

  • Meltem
  • Roxana

    V does looks pretty….i think is just the bangs, they cover her pretty face…i also love her sandals…..thanks Jared,,,i couldnt wait anymore, i was missing my baby V. :)

  • zanessa4everr

    aww she looks so pretty!

  • suzy

    she looks so cute here.

  • robin

    Vanessa looks beautiful, and it’s so wonderful that CVS donated
    that money, and that Vanessa,Taylor, Maureen and Nancy were
    there to show support. Well done.

  • //Jessicarr.//

    Oh Wow! Twilight connections =D
    Vanessa looks Stunning as Always
    Taylor Lautner is looking Fittttt!!!!!
    Taylor&Vanessa looks cute together

  • Rosa

    OMG ..
    she really GLOWS !!

    lovely lovely lovely ^_^

    she looks pretty in the 5th pic ..

    GO NESSA ..

  • Sina

    she looks gorgeous as usual.. she looks frigging perfect <3
    i love this girl so much <33333

  • http://fully Lucy

    omg she’s cheating on Zac with Taylor!!!

    Sarcasm intended.

    She looks cute. They really look like brother and sister. V would be great as Leah!

  • Nyna

    You will probably all hate me for saying this but v and taylor look kinda cute together ^^
    just saying my lil unimportant opinion

  • Ashley

    ahh taylor is so hot.,
    that would be gross with vanessa
    shes like atleast 5 yrs older than him

  • zv super fan thalia

    أحب فانيساj
    i love vanessa
    yo quiero a vanessa gooooooooooooo zv

  • kim

    i rather not see vanessa in new moon, i mean i love her and she’s a great actress, but is too… disney?
    i dont know, is just that twilight cast is really not disney and i love it

  • Kar

    She’s gorgeous!

  • cc27

    she looks really pretty :D

  • jess

    love them <3333333

  • emilie

    so so soooo pretty
    and i lov her hair like that,its cute:)

  • marie

    she is super cute!

  • kait

    so pretty

  • nadine

    love vanessa she looks soo beautiful!! and taylor is hot , they look great together!!

  • http://fully Maxinel

    leah and Jacob!! <3 it’s meant to be. V would be a great Leah! They really do look related!

    Looks like she’s attending the GG, hopefully. ZV love!!

  • Alexia

    gorgeous especially when she was walking to her limo

  • azalea

    not trying to be mean. im a big fan but vanessa should really get rid of those bangs. with the bangs it makes it seem like she has a pea for a head. it just makes it so tiny. without the bangs she looks more full of life instead of hiding.

  • kay

    Yeah I like her better without bangs but her and Taylor look nice.

  • Maria

    I love them both! They look so cute together but not as a couple cause vanessa is way older than Taylor I think! but Vanessa’s looking good!

  • HsM_GiU

    I Hope That V Will Be in New Moon Cast!!

    She is perfect for Leah’s roleeeeee!!!

    Go Baby V!

  • Peggy

    O kay before this crap goes any further about how “cute” they are Taylor just turned 16 a few months ago. She’s got a man.

    And before the “Miley” comparisons start-age differences work differenty when the younger is a woman and as opposed to a man because women mature faster, this maturity difference disappears when both parties get in their 20s that’s just the facts

  • dearie

    Is this an indication she will be attending the Golden Globe Awards show?
    Or is this different and non related.

  • http://fully Rachel

    I agree Peggy. It’s just what tweenies do though. They were there for their respctive charities. They would make a great team as Jacob and Leah though.

  • Mandy

    Wow. Those two really do look like brother and sister. And I’d love to see what flair Vanessa could add to new moon! If she is chosen and is actually auditioning of course. And as if Vanessa and Taylor look better than Vanessa and Zac!

  • kait

    taylor and vanessa look good together. appearance wise

  • ana

    i love both of them!!! they look so good together, BUT NOT LIKE A COUPLE, only like good friends

  • jayana

    she looks really nice as usual!=)

    aLwAyZ hOpInG fOr nEw zAnEsSa nEwS!

  • Eugenia

    Awww i want to see vanessa in twilighjt aww


    I love this….but i dont want vanessa to be in the twilight saga!
    its just that if its her choice i would support her but twilight is sexist
    if you don’t think so i willl tell you why
    1. based on finding an abusive man who is perfect
    2.they said i love you too each other in like 2.5 second
    3.only like wach other because they are hot{not really} looked liike a 3rd grader wrote the book
    im not judging a book by its cover..i have read it and thought it
    was horrible people only like it because of edward cullen and think he is real
    i think vanessa would be better off not doing it,there is better things for her out there
    but i still support her no matter what

  • ania

    she looks so pretty, omg!

  • ariana

    she looks really ugly in these pics for some reason

  • nonifan

    Vanessa looks great, but Nancy O’Dell kinda sucks the zest for life out of me.

    This is the role I wish V would have gotten:

    Maybe someday… right Sophie? :smile:

  • Athenais

    Vanessa si so cute … I hope that she will have Leah’s role in ” twilight new moon” , it’s well for her carreer …

    I would like Zac come with her at this events …

  • future mrs. Efron

    what is wrong with you people??
    vanessa and taylor? have you lost your minds?

    ZANESSA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  • 123

    #40 i sooo agree with you
    twilight sucks!!

  • hsm luvr

    i agree with #40 and #44
    twilight sucks!!
    hsm rocks!!

  • vanessajonas

    She looks cute. and they both look cute… They also look like brother and sister. i def agree vanessa would be great as Leah!

  • L

    They actually look quite cute together. Ahh, I love Taylor!

  • Pop86

    I love the sandals. I hope Vanessa does not do New Moon. I think she should do something different than another teen franchise.