Vanessa Hudgens: From The Limo To The Lounge

Vanessa Hudgens: From The Limo To The Lounge

Vanessa Hudgens hitches a limo ride with her manager as they make their way to Access Hollywood‘s “Stuff You Must” Gifting Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The 20-year-old actress toted around a JJ Winters Suede Fringe bag and gladiator-like heels. At the lounge, Vanessa represented the Best Buddies and accepted the donation of $100,000 on behalf of the non-profit organization.

Vanessa hung out with Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner and Access host Nancy O’Dell at the gifting lounge.

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  • Peggy

    The next Twilight movie is a blending of New Moon and Eclipse though it will be called New Moon so Leah would be in it.

    Also those of you complaining about Vanessa being in it-you sound like the thousands who freaked when they cast Rob Pattison and now swear he is perfect – like telling your mommie you don’t like broccoli when you’ve never tasted it. Try it you might be surprised.

    And now I shall return to JJ where Vanessa and Zac actually belong.

  • cola

    her bag is from designer jj winters its called the suede fringed messenger in grey…ashley tidale was seen wearing a purple one a few weeks back…its about 425 bucks…super cute!

  • Divine Goddess

    It hasn’t been confirmed if Vanessa will be in Twilight so RELAX ppl. No one can say she will ruin it if we haven’t seen her play anything besides the sweet and innocent type. Leah would be a great role for Vanessa. Give her a chance, no one knows what V is capable of. If the rumor is true, and she did audition, I hope she plays Leah. Nonetheless, may the best actress win.

  • Just Jill

    Thanks Cola!

  • mel

    My boyfriend’s not around.
    Guess I should be depressed, then.

    Seriously, assuming that just because someone is able to have a good time without their significant other is silly. That is in no way an indication of trouble in a relationship, but the exact opposite, really.

  • 8v

    Looking lovely as always V. :-)

  • 8v

    Looking beautiful as always V. I can’t wait to find out what her next project will be Twilight or not. I just wish the prejudiced Twilight diehards would get off her back since nothing is even confirmed yet at this point. For all we know she may not even be auditioning for that role. I just hate when people assume so much already.

  • Rosa

    so beautiful ..
    V is a very talented actress and can do any role and be just amazing ..


  • zac is a rat

    For someone who does’nt like the press Zac is sure doing a good impression of looking really happy and enjoying himself on those pictures, pity he can’t look that happy when he is photogrpaed with Vanessa. As looking at these photo’s and other one’s it seems he is getting happier when he is photograped without Vanessa and when he is with other people than when he is photograped with his gf. Show her some respect Zac and look as though you remotetly want to be with Vanessa and not just for publicity sake, it’s not that hard to do if you reckon your relactionship is so special with her.

    I highly doubt as well that they will go to the GG together after all it’s another chance for mr perfect to have all the girls swooning over him in a suit and flashing a smile for thre pap’s Oh hang on I forgot he does’nt likem them, yea not much.

  • rosielee9

    I love Vanessa cardigan and bag, as always she looks very stylish.

    Wonder what her and Zac will be doing for Valentine’s Day. I know what I’ll be doing helping cleberate my son’s 15th Birthday as he’s a Valentine’s baby so I have always said to my husband I don’t need to get you anything for VD as we have a permnent reminder that lasts 12 months lol

    Whatever they do I hope they have a good time and also enjoy the trip to Japan.

  • biggie

    #51 you’re right, you do know you twilight saga ABCs, indeed the next movie will be putting in New Moon and Eclipse altogether so Leah Clearwater is definitely going to be in it.

    &&&&&, i’m just sooo luvin her sandals and the whole ensemble. V is such a great fashion icon. hope she comes up with her own fahsion line, i’d be number on queue at the stores!

  • troy

    I don’t know anything anything about the “Twilight” saga other then what I saw in the first film *which I liked” so I don’t know what Leah Clearwater is like as a character. Maybe Vanessa is wrong for the part and maybe she isn’t. But I”m getting tired of this “She’s a ‘Disney’ actor so she can’t play the part” nonsense. We don’t know what Vanessa can or cannot do until we see her do it. And the ONLY way for a “Disney” actor to stop being a “Disney” actor *and this applies equally to Brenda Song who is also rumored to be in the running* is to get roles OUTSIDE of Disney. So why not open your minds a little?

    Also I’ve seen “Twilight” fans saying that Leah Clearwater is an insignificant character if that’s the case then what DIFFERENCE does it make who plays her?

  • yets

    i just enjoy reading all the comments here
    actually i can relate to your feelings
    anyway im so excited to see Zanessa @ GG ‘finger Cross’.

  • eddie

    why dont u just give vanessa a chance!if she’s gona act in twilight then let it be gosh!!i think she”ll look awesome cos she’s sexy and gorgeous

  • maria

    Zac rarely smiles at the paps, when they are invading his privacy with Vanessa. He tolerates them at other times, but he REALLLY dislikes it when they catch them together. This has NOTHING to do with him being happy with Vanessa. ZIPPO. NADA.

  • http://fully Willa

    geez some of you people are so pathetic. Zac hates his and V’s privacy being invaded and he does smile with her..bball pics, the ones in the car park the other day, they were very happy in those. Besides he was quite clearly tipsy in those pics, usually results in people being happy. Zac is a great guy, and those who take some sick pleasure in dragging him down for looking happy, get a life, seriously, you must have something missing. He has never been anything but a great Bf to Vanessa. He’s sweet and attentive, he protects her and as has been said, guards their relationship, because it’s sacred to him. If we want to play that card, look at the pics of V with Taylor…OMG she’s cheating on Zac. See how pathetic that sounds, because it really does.

    I think people need a reality check. You are not V, not Zac. Their relationship is theirs to worry about and enjoy, not yours, not anyones. Everyone should just butt the hell out.

    The person who said someone looking happy without their partner is a better indication that everything is ok, is so right. You people who doubt really need to understand relationships better, especially ones as long standing and dedicated as ZV’s.

  • sarah


  • Divine Goddess

    THANK YOU #65!

  • e

    I did read this in an article about the Golden Globe and who’s going to be there.

    “Among the interesting couples attending as presenters, nominees or simply as dates are Zac Efron and Filipino-American actress Vanessa Hudgens,…”

    so there is a big chance that Vanessa is going to be there, which I hope, I always love what she wears and I’m curies about what she would wear to a big gala like that.

  • Roxana

    e- oh i so hope this is true…thank you for sharing that info. i will definitively watch Zaccy and V tonight…wonder what she’ll wear, she always looks great though :P

  • Nessa

    Uh…. she’s so cute!!! And she cut her hair! awesome!

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why when there is a pap picture of Zac or Vanessa when they are alone they are judged by how they feel by whether they have a smile on their face or not. Vanessa looks sad so that means she is having trouble with Zac. Zac has a smile on his face so that means he is happy to be away from Vanessa. Doesn’t that sound totally STUPID to ANYONE???

    What is going on with Vanessa in the situation she is pictured in is totally different than the situation Zac has been photographed in. Maybe what was going on with Vanessa was a more serious and sombre occasion and wit Zac his moment was a light-hearted and funny one. SO, Vanessa isn’t smiling ear-to-ear but Zac is and it has nothing to do with their private relationship. Why is that so hard for some of you people to understand??? If some of you are old enough to be in a relationship with someone do you think your significant other might be smiling at some point when you aren’t while you are away from each other?

    That picture of Zac looks more like those women are fans who just happened to see him, talked to him, got a picture of him, and then asked for directions. They could have been relatives or friends he has know a good portion of his life and happened to have lunch with OR it could have been a business meeting they had together. There certainly didn’t look like there was even an ounce of flirting there and they certainly don’t seem like anyone he would be interested in.

    And lastly, let me make this clear. It is much easier to be who you are and not feel like you have to put on a show when you are comfortable and love someone. I don’t feel like I have to sit around with a chesire-cat grin on my face every second when I’m with my husband. It doesn’t mean I don’t love him or that I don’t want to be with him. HOWEVER, if I am around someone I don’t know very well or am just meeting I want to make a good impression and put those new people at ease so I smile more and laugh and talk more so as to appear friendly and put them at ease. It is sometimes called charm or tact. Try to understand that and maybe you won’t feel the need to worry so much. Or maybe if you can’t help obsessing over whether or not Zac and Vanessa are having problems you should move on and find some other interest.

  • lillilou187

    the books from the twilight saga are awsome but the movie is HORRIBLE!

  • biggest fan of vanessahudgens!

    cute outfit!

  • maria

    All you doubters can relax…..Vanessa is there!!! Waiting for a pic!

  • bb

    AHHHH!!!! i just saw *ZANESSA* on the golden globe red carpet and they look *AMAZING!!!!* SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! THE BEST COUPLE THERE. THEY HAVE THIS GLOW!!! it’s amazing! ahhhhh that just made my day! i’m all happy now, cuz i was maddd i had a science project due tomorrow! but now, i’m all excited!

  • evelyn

    i’m so bummed VABN is down! anyway, saw a pic of zac/v and they looked great .. does anyone know if they were interviewed/videoed by any of the news shows??

  • maria

    evelyn, Ryan Seacrest interviewed Zac on E!’s red carpet show. While he was interviewing him, they flashed to Vanessa. They really look great- perfect for just being a presenter and guest. Not too flashy; just perfect. I love that pale pink dress on Vanessa…..and that’s not a color I’d pick for her!

  • sara

    I love her

  • Zanessa forever and ever

    omg it was a rumor they didn’t breakup
    thanks god

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She’s gorgeous ♥
    Love her shoes!

  • lslsharon

    love vanessa 4ver!!!

  • Xayia

    Can anyone tell me where her shoes are from? I’m dying to know :(