Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Movie Date!

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: Movie Date!

Joe Jonas and new gal pal Camilla Belle were spotted out at the movies on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

The duo was accompanied by Joe‘s brothers, Nick and Kevin, as well as family friend Maya Kibbel. They attended a screening of the latest James Bond flick, The Quantum of Solace.

Camilla will next be seen in the comic-inspired thriller flick, Push, as Kira Hudson. Kira is an escaped pusher who may hold the key to ending the Divisions program, a shadowy government agency. Push hits theaters on February 6th.

P.S. JJJ has learned that Demi Lovato was there as well!

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Credit: Thanks, Linda!; Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, WENN
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  • overated.


  • savannah
  • lo

    they look alike
    she looks like she could be a jonas…
    just sayin…

  • emily

    there not right for each other camilla belle is so ugly joe can do better it’s better to be single stay single for a while. camilla is so ugly.

  • someone

    i’m sorry to say that i’m not big fan of this couple. I really want joe and demi to get together….. maybe after camp rock 2???

  • jonasfan4ever!

    never imagined them
    and yeah they do look alike haha

  • Ava

    Dude, why are you dating your long lost sister?

  • omg

    omgg they look soo WRONG together. camilla looks like joe’s sis! and PLUS she’s ugggllyyyy. joe/brenda 4EVER <33

  • wINNEY sanchas


  • ashley

    i really don’t think their dating. their never photographed alone.. always with all the brothers. maybe their all just friends since, they ALL did the lovebug video together.. not just joe. plus shes a lot older than him and probably way more mature. she should stick with rob pattinson

  • Emily

    oh dang. She gets rob and Joe.

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    aw how cute such a cute couple love them both and if ya’ll like Camilla Belle and scary stalker movies check out the movie when a stranger call starring Camilla Belle its such a freaky movie if ya’ll havent seen it PLEASE CHECK IT OUT YOU’LL LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT
    Lv Nicky B :D

  • mikayla

    She is lyk their long lost brother. LOL I think that joe should have stayed with Taylor

  • Ami

    I’m not a big fan of Joe and Camilla either I really do want Joe and Demi to get together too but I already know that’s probably never gonna happen
    Maybe after Camp Rock 2 lol but i doubt it
    Either way the JoBros and Demi are awesome

  • Ami

    Imean it’s weird she looks too much like Joe

  • Yvonne

    Why wasn’t Danielle with Kevin?

  • really

    seriously joe.. you don’t actually think this will be your life long partner in marriage do you? then why bother dating her….. oh well. you’ll learn. ;)

  • ash

    i think shes trying to get some early publicity for that movie shes in, not that shes a famewhore or anything but a quick mention w/ jb will put her name in the spotlight more cuz she wasnt to well know till after the the whole jaylor breakup.

  • uiui

    haha to #18 camilla belle has been in the public spotlight for a lot longer than tayswift. taylor is the real attention HO

  • asdfghjkl;

    eww shes ugly..they both are
    she has small eyes and huge eyebrows..just like him

  • RARA_gine

    Oh EM GhEE. thEy lOOk A lOt likE EACh OthER. ShE lOOkS likE ShE COUld BE A jONAS SiStER.

  • Ella

    Yeah, they do look alike… Not a very big fan of them as a couple either…
    Thats because hes meant for me LOL

  • friend of jbs

    they are all my best friends and joes not dating cami hes with someone else shes with robert from twlight.

  • zach quinto’s wife

    i woud LOVE it if she went out with robert pattison! they ARE GORGEOUS , so therefore – they would make a gorgeous couple.

  • katie

    i think joe and camilla are good together, shes gorgeous(:

  • Taylor-an #1

    dude, she is friken ugly.
    joe, you can do so much better than her.
    im just sayin.

  • Andy

    she has the looks in the 40′s. not age, it’s in the years like 1940 and all that. i think its pretty.

  • liz

    Hmmm you know I just find it so confusing the fact that Camilla is rumored to be dating good boy Joe when just 2 months ago it was bad boy Robert Pattinson I mean Joe & Rob are sooooo different from eachother!

    Also makes me wonder why Kevins gf wasn’t there…

  • Abi

    I am NOWAY going to see Push, if shes in. I mean shes so ugly, she looks like an ape whos shaved itself and left the eyebrows. Man, Joe there a better looking people on this planet… like Demi!! Go for her!!!

  • hATE this couple!

    Okay first off do they ever go on dates alone? Just sayin’ because I know their tight and all but they are attacked to the hips I mean I have to get away from my sibilings every once and a while! Another thing is I would be embarrassed if I were camilla because she’s like what 22?23yrs. old and she hanging out with like a 19,16,and like 15 year olds going to things like movies and beaches no like one on one with someone older at like a romantic dinner or someone alone with the guy your “dating”. Whatever and also if their all dating camilla, selena, and that danielle girl how come Demi always tags along and not their supposive girlfriends?! That’s weird. I still love the JoBro’s but I don’t exactly love their choice in girls


    I think how it’s funny how things like this seem to make people talk, a lot.
    Personally, i think that Joe should probably be dating someone around his own age. Maybe younger by a few years.
    Then again, it is his life.
    Camilla seems like she’d be pretty uptight. Idk, just something about her. The way she seems to come across. She also seems like she’d be the type of, girl? (whatever you call her) to break his little heart in two.
    I just dislike her. And it wouldn’t be due to the fact that i am a fan. It’s just, her. (:

    All you lot are talking about Joe and Demi getting together.
    Seriously. That seems just as bad as the whole “Joe & Camilla” thing. She’s like just older than Nick. I mean, c’mon.
    Anyways, she seems snide.
    Did anyone see that video about the date thing the girls won with the boys? Demi was well snide. I laughed. She seems a little, fake? Idk.
    I’m just speaking my mind. So don’t hate on me! (:

    If y’all agree with what i’m saying, or some of you, add me?

  • Vanessa

    They look a like !!!! She is soo lucky to have …joe jonas and robert Pattinson as friends!

  • cc27

    >..< i dont like camille and joe !! bad match… i just really wnt demi and joe but mostly it wont happen.. but joe dont date camille o.O shes nice but u dont match :l

  • Lyndsay

    Why does everyone care who Joe dates? It’s his life. She’s not too old for him, either. If she is, then isn’t Demi too young for him? Three years is three years, right? The big difference is that Joe and Camilla are adults, but Demi is still a kid, so I think Joe and Camilla are just fine. Joe will never date Demi, and Demi isn’t interested in dating Joe. One of my close friends works for JB’s management company (WEG…Jonny Wright). She knows the boys (was there on New Year’s eve with them and will be at the Grammy’s, too) and yes, Joe and Camilla are together. They do get alone time, but not in public because they do not want to be photographed alone. She isn’t with Rob Pattinson, and Joe was never jealous that they were seen together. She was at his show that very same night and he knew where Camilla was that day and who she was with. Rob has even said publicly in a radio interview that he and Camilla aren’t a couple, and that she is dating Joe (though they were not real happy Rob did that). Let the guy live his life and stop with the “look alike” thing. The only resemblance is that they are both dark haired and have strong eyebrows. If he likes her, that’s all that matters. She’s a very sweet girl and they are happy so far. Jealousy isn’t flattering. People did the same thing when he was with Taylor Swift. If he breaks up with Camilla, that doesn’t mean he’s going to date all of you!

  • victoria

    i sooooo agree with #5 !!! she’s like the only one i wouldnt be jealous of/on (?) lolz yahh my spelling… xD no, but seriously, they would make like THE perfect couple! joe and camilla (sounds like a horse lolz no offense to anyb) are just WEIRD. joe listen to your fans! xDDD gosh this sounds so stupid ahah.. but thats how it is.. she neeeeds to get away from him, like NOW

  • Kira

    OMG, my name’s Kira!

  • joanne

    what , no selena ? x)

  • dancedance

    hate them togetheeeer! she is so old for him! c’mon!
    she should go for rob…they would be such a cuter couplee

  • Krissy

    A movie date?
    cute as brother and sister
    but i honestly think, joe and camilla look alike to be more than just a couple.
    I personally think, demi and joe. THEY had a major chemistry ON and OFF screen, plus there very VERY close as friends ( demi said, that joe is the only jonas she can talk too, about herself…hmm i wonder why? ) That’s what makes people think..they should happen..
    too bad it’s not :(
    but i hope the future brings something :)
    BUT her being there, with joe and camilla on the date..
    yikes! talk about chaperon. I guess, joe didn’t feel comfortable being alone with her, and letting something bad happen.

    KK guys, just leave them alone.It’s not your expertise to judge them, as a couple.
    it’s joe and camilla’s lifes not ours.
    so if there happy being together , just let them be, and just accept he’s moved on with someone better & can have time to be with him, 247. ( aka movie dates)

    WHO cares about LOOKS. LOOKS isn’t everything in a girl or guy. PERSONALITY counts as well. I wouldn’t say, Camilla is ugly. That’s just rude and completely stupid. I’ve seen her in her previous days, she was freaking beautiful! And as for age…
    who cares! three years apart.. big whoop! it’s not like there gonna get married or anything!

    AND as for jealously
    I’m sorry,…but
    you girls would never get a chance with him.. as much as you want too. Make it happen, then just sitting here, commenting about it!
    Most people never accepted taylor with joe and kept bashing on her
    so why do the same with camilla? you don’t know her personally..
    so stay out of it!

    # 34
    I SO agree with you. Thanks for bringing that up =P

    I hope there happy together
    AND i wish them the best.
    Even tho , they don’t LOOK and seem like a couple
    i hope something works out right…


    NOOOOOOO :’( :’( :’( :’(


    Aww but I bet Joe thinks he is dead cool ,, going out with an older lady !

    But soon he will going out with an older girl !! … ME :D :D :D


  • joejonasgirl0676

    Keep dreaming, JaJa Jonas.

  • alicia

    i dont really like them together… and im not a joe obbsessed fan i like nick not joe

  • Tara

    all i know is that they do not look good together at all. way too much eyebrowa…even thought i love joe and his eyebrowa. i really want him to date Demi. GO JEMI!!!!

  • nathalia

    i’m not big fan of this couple
    i loove joe so much and camilla seems nice but i really don’t like them together! it’s weird

  • menna

    i just wanna know if she’ll play along with the whole cute purity ring thing. Damn, dosen’t the girl have needs?

  • Adie

    Sorry to say this but EWWW NO! Joe can do better than her. I was trying to be supportive of whoever JB are dating but sometimes i can’t help it. Joe can do better than HER!

  • Jenny

    I dont think they make a good couple but hey as long as Joe is happy thats all that matters.
    And I’m curious, why is Demi always tagging along?
    I’m a little suspicious………..

  • Jonasfanatic

    Yeah, she sooooo looks like a Jonas….0.0
    he rly is dating his long lost sister *o*
    I HATE THIS COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gracie

    Anyone saying Camilla is ugly needs to get a clue. She’s gorgeous. Just because she’s dating Joe does not mean you can call her ugly. Don’t be jealous, be happy for them.

  • Holly

    I don’t see them together… To me they look awkward. Camilla does seem like the type of person who would be stuck up.. now, I don’t know her maybe she’s not but she seems like it. I also don’t think she’s ugly but to me she’s definately not gorgeous. =/