Miley Cyrus - Golden Globe Awards 2009

Miley Cyrus - Golden Globe Awards 2009

Miley Cyrus shines in a white Marchesa dress at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday evening.

The 16-year-old teen sensation revealed on the red carpet that she had always dreamt of attending the coveted ceremony. She shared, “I am so exicted, this has been a dream of mine forever. I was like, ‘I really hope I get asked to come to the Golden Globes.’ And then I actually got nominated, so that’s the biggest thing that could happen to a girl, especially as young as I am. It’s out of this world.”

Miley is nominated for Best Original Song for Bolt‘s “I Thought I Lost You.”

35+ pics inside…

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Photos: Kevork Djansezian/Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/Getty, WENN
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  • kathi

    she looks so beautiful!
    love her!

  • kathi

    YAY i was first hehe

  • omgfirst

    and she’s beautiful!

  • Holly

    She looks alright. That dress is reallt gorgeous , but she is showing a bit too much cleevidge. She is only 16 so why is she looking like that?

  • JuLeGirlie

    second :)
    miley is soooo pretty ♥

  • natasha

    she looked stunning! i love her!

  • omgfirst

    she’s so pretty. <3

  • JuLeGirlie

    ew i meant third :(

  • kathi

    Did you guys see mileys face when the jonas brothers came on stage? that was sooooo funny xD

  • Phi

    Miley looks so beautiful and stunning!!!!
    Love the hair!!!!
    Cyrus family :)

  • Anna

    UGHH !!!!

  • Jashleyforever

    she looks great!!!
    OMG did anyone else see on E! when she was going to go talk to ryan after the Jonas Brothers were done and her and Nick just stared at eachother and they were about to hug ( I think ) but Ryan got on the way!!!
    It was SO cute, did anyone else see it?

  • Phi

    I think its CUTE!!!!
    awwww i missed the old days
    Niley ..

    Ps-NO HATE!!!

  • Jashleyforever

    ryan got in the way*****

  • Brazil @

    gorgeous. love her :]

  • vbgtt


  • super fan ashley

    yES “JASHLEYFOREVER” I saw this, it was cute!!!!!!!111

    She is looking gorgerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHe is pretty!

  • Teresa

    She looks soo pretty! Her lips/lip gloss looks a bit weird… Kind of like she used some kind of lip-in-hancer? Anyway,she still looks amazing!

  • joss

    she looks like she just aged 20 years…

  • shaky

    she looks pretty !! =] and hatersz stop !! nobody wants to hear your crap

  • kathi

    JASHLEYFOREVER no didnt see it i live in gremany :(

    but ill watch it on youtube lol

  • ew.

    0mg I Saw That Too.! My Heart Was In My Stomach When They Looked At Each 0ther.!

    Ahhhhh Im So Happy.!:DDDD

    She Said Hi To Him I Think!
    Well If Yall Wanna Watch The Video Again
    Go Here

    & The Video Will Be There Hight qulity.
    awww Miley Looks Cute.!<3

  • Holly

    can someone give me a youtube link to see where nick and her were about to hug? i wanna see it

  • Brazil @

    can someone give me a youtube link to see where nick and her were about to hug? i wanna see it (2)

  • ew.

    Ill Give You The Link

    Its 0n A Website

    Here Yall Go:

  • Lassa

    She soooo should have won!

  • kathi

    thats the youtube link!
    have fun :D

  • kathi

    haha in the us its 9pm, here in germany its 3am and i have to go to school lol :D

  • Holly

    Yeah. ooh brazil here:

    im watching now. lol


    She actually looks quite Classy, LOVE the hair. But no likeing how she’s trying to push her boobs up. :- /

  • Holly

    Thanks everyone. it is taking so long to load up though. grrr. Thats alright
    Thanks for your help

  • Brazil @

    holly, haha i saw. awkward moment btw miley and nick. i want niley back :/

  • kathi

    Watch the interview with miley, billy ray and tish and the jonas brothers and see miley and nick almost hugging :D

  • Amber

    I think she looks really pretty! I love the dress!!!

  • Holly

    yeah she is pushing it all up. im not sure if any guys think she is hot

  • lexi

    i really dont get how anyone would think shes a good role model! please someone help me out. she’s dating (maybe even SLEEPING WITH) A 20 YEAR OLD (the dating part is bad enough) she posed half nude at 15 on vanity fair (oh yeah she apologized but she also wants to work with annie again-the woman who posed her like that) and all those naughty pics? i think selena and demi are MUCH better role models and i dont get how parents would let there children look up to her

  • efhiohgfh

    she’s pretty !

  • Holly

    I think they werent gonna hug

  • haha

    Miley and Nick were NOT gonna hug. Niley is over……you fans are just seeing things.

  • gloriaaaa[:

    if you looked closely, ryan’s arm sorta like went in between them’
    and i dont know if he like slightly pushed nick like waved his arm a little.><

  • sue

    stupid ryan seacresttt
    but she looked amazing on TV
    but all her pics here are kinda weird
    dont u all agree??

  • nathalia

    when she said “hey, how are you?” i think she was talking to nick, cause her face is turned toward him, not ryan..
    anyway she look really pretty but i didn’t like how she’s pushing her boobs up. haha

  • nathalia

    oohh and for the brazilians:
    pra quem não assitiu o golden globes era só ter ligado a tv na e!
    o programa começou as 19:00
    se alguém quiser assistir o after party vai passar as 2 da manha (:

  • zashley4ever

    I don’t like how her boobs are haha but she does look stunning!!

    Sorry Niley fans but niley is over.. they were so cute too!
    Stupid Ryan :[

  • LANE

    well he was not about to hug her he just look around because he hear that manly voice

  • kristan

    the end (:

  • bobby

    im a guy and i seriosly dont think he was about to hug her
    and why would he shes with an older man and hes not in it to play dolls if you know what i mean
    nick is to classy to be seen with a girl thats done everything shes an older man is enough to turn a young guy off of a girl like that

  • ajshd

    She’s gorgeous and note to Miley and Nick we want Niley back anyway TEAM MILEY

  • vanessajonas

    No comment: father, mother and daughter. Something is NOT right.

    Miley Dear: you are still 16. Many more years to be an adult and don’t try too hard. Put your BOOBS away!

  • Deb