Taylor Swift Rocks Out Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift Rocks Out Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift gets giddy as the crowd gives her a standing ovation on yesterday’s Saturday Night Live.

The 19-year-old Nashville princess rocked out the comedy sketch show with performances of her hit songs, “Love Story” and “Forever and Always.”

Taylor also took part in a Broadway skit on SNL, donning a short red wig as Annie.

Check them all out below!

Taylor Swift – “Love Story” – SNL, 1/10

Taylor Swift – “Forever and Always” – SNL, 1/10

Taylor Swift as Annie in Broadway Skit, SNL, 1/10

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  • aida


  • http://orkut.com ashloversbrasil♥

    she’s so cult ♥ love her

  • nathalia

    i love her

  • Veronika


  • Gru

    she’s so great (L)
    i love her

  • Tia

    OMG! her outfit when shes singing forever and always is SOOOO freakin adorable i love it! she has the coolest dresses. shes so freakin awesome. love love love it.


    in summer errrrrrrrr. LOL this girl has the weakest voice i have ever heard, we had a giggle fits last night listening to this……we need dynamic performers on snl

  • uiui

    that was worthy of an 8th grade talent show! yikes.

  • hannah

    #7 #8 i think you need your ears testing, she is amazing.
    sure she isnt shiny happy batch produced pop rubbish like hollywood is churning out, she actually has some substance to her.
    she is a fantastic performer!

  • anony

    Great singer, great performance, inspiring.

  • Emily

    I had to do a double take during the skit. xD

  • Cory

    Taylor Swift == Love Love Love :-)

    That was an awesome performance!

    “Country is only a state of mind”

    Lets just enjoy the music.

    Taylor rocks!

  • Lindsey

    she was great!

    : )

  • liz

    WOW I so had chills watching Forever & Always! I’d hate to be Joe Jonas and know that that song was written about me! HAHA <3 Taylor!!

  • amber

    wow, this just shows that literally ANYONE can get a record deal.
    all you have to do is be able to talk, going high and low, and make it sound like your singing

  • Sarah.

    She is so amazing, love her songs. But I have seen better performances of her.. maybe she was nervous or something.

  • anne

    Hi everyone!
    I was wondering when Taylor started doing her “heart” signs she does with her hands?
    Has it been just lately or for a year or so?
    Sorry, I’m new here and new to her, and her music, so I have no idea, so I was just wondering.
    Thanks for any information!

  • Tory

    Taylor Swift rocks!!
    Forever and Always was amazingg!
    she’s soooo awesome and charismatic, it’s impossible NOT to loveee her!
    #17 she actually just started doing the heart signs about 3 or 4 months ago because she saw girls in the audience doing it and she thought it was adorable :)


  • VZ_Luv♥

    I LUV U TAYLOR!!!!!

  • katie

    ehhhh; is it just me or is her voice really bad in this performance??

  • Wildcat37

    hhaha she was giggling pretty hard at the end of the performance

  • Emily

    Her songs aren’t very hard to sing…

  • Andrew Kelvin

    How ridiculous that NBC revoked the video from being played. That being said, the “Love Story” performance was awesome. After I watched it, I searched all over for another video clip of it, and without doubt the SNL performance was the very best. I feel like it even surpassed the distributed single and makes me wish I could get this particular performance on MP3 or Lossless. It’s awesome to watch a performer who actually writes their own music and actually sings with their own style be so comfortable and powerful as she was. I guess I’m a Taylor Swift fan too, an’ I didn’t even know it until Saturday night.

  • http://www.myspace.com/onahigh23 Richard

    There is no doubt that she is a talented songwriter, but she was horrible live. Off key, just blah. Maybe she was sick.


    She totally rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is definitely my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, someday I’ll be like her. TAYLOR SWIFT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • peetee

    Okay, you gotta admit that monologue song a.k.a LA-LA-LA was really adorable, wouldn’t be any better if Taylor swift is not the one who sang that song!
    as for the anti-fans who say its booring… I say, “are you kidding me? You should open your eye balls a little bit and turn-on your sense of humor even once”

    All the juiciest info plus the firelight video: Twilight Spoof: http://bit.ly/taylor-swift-on-SNL-monologue-song-plus-firelight-video

    Never seen Swift as a vampire… LOL..peace out!