David Archuleta Hits New York

David Archuleta Hits New York

David Archuleta had a great holiday break and popped in on his MySpace to update all his fans on what’s happening next.

The 18-year-old American Idol alum writes, “Hey everyone! It’s me again, and I’m just checkin’ in with you guys here in New York…. eating grapes… haha…The governor’s inauguration was so cold! But it was a good experience getting to sing for him again, even though the flag kept like hitting me in the face haha. So Utah time was good. Oh! I’ve also been getting more exercise in, which has felt amazing! I haven’t really gotten the chance to go running and stuff for a while, so I was so excited to be able to fit that in. What made it really fun is I got to work out with my friends a lot, and that made it a lot easier to spend more time at the gym or wherever haha. But yeah. I’m in New York for a performance I have at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I’m doing a small set for Bauer Publishing’s J-14, M and Twist Magazines. I think some contest winners have been invited too! I love New York, even though it’s freezing! I don’t deal too well with the Utah cold or the New York cold, so I always have to make sure the heat’s blasting in my room. After New York, I’ll be heading back to the West coast to LA to do a few more things.”

JJJ is going too be at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight with Archie! Anyone have any questions to ask Mr. Archuleta???

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  • cendy

    i wanna go soooooo bad in here in new york and i really want to see him before i go back to dominican republic … :(

  • kkid

    Yes! When can we hope to see you on tour??? Obvious question – HA! He may not even know himself yet, but I want him to know we are looking forward to it.

    Also, please tell him I’m glad to hear he is taking care of himself. I love that he enjoys staying fit!

  • http://matt-prokop.com Hong

    Please ask him when his album is going to be released in Europe (the Netherlands, France, Italy etc) and if he will go there to promote it.

  • http://matt-prokop.com Hong

    Also say hi to him from his European fans! :)

  • kimk

    Just wondering what you will be doing in LA? Also if you will be able to get to the Presidential inauguration? And sing?

  • Hanne – Denmark

    I so much want to about his tour plans – like all the rest I guess. When does he have some dates and places ready for us to know?

    I really hope he will come to Denmark – but I’m realistic, so Florida will do – and then I’ll come over LOL!

    Enjoy tonight!

  • Kait

    If he can please make sure the tour comes within a 5-hour drive of NE Kansas — and if he knows that his fans love every rambling word of his blogs.

  • Shereen

    Ask him if he will be coming to Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia any time soon.

  • Gracie l.

    You are lucky, JJJ. Lucky New Yorkers…
    Can you ask him if he can have a concert somewhere in Illinois, maybe, Chicago? Also, can you ask him if he is going to sing on American Idol 8 ? BTW, tell him to ramble a lot on his blog. The longer, the better. We get to know him better when he rambles. haha.

  • gracie2

    I want to know too if he knows when or if he’ll perform on AI season 8.

  • Lindy

    Aww awesome !
    i was suppose to go too :(
    Could you ask him about the tour dates ?! Thank youu !

  • Gen.

    I love his blog & his rambling haha :D
    I hope you’ll have a good time tonight (: I really hope I could go, and i can’t wait for his tour, hopefully, it’s going to be very soon !

  • Gengen

    Definitely tour dates please!!!!!

  • Jessica

    OMG… you are soo lucky! could you ask him if he’s going on tour this year? And, is he going to have meet and greets? Thanks!

  • Archiee


    yeah we definitely want to know bout the tour dates !!

  • JULIE !(:

    YES, i’d love to ask him what he will be doing in LA ?!


    mannnn, how i love him<3:]

  • Michelle5

    Could you please ask him:
    Tour dates, definately and any plans for any in Canada?
    And any other future plans?

    And tell him we love his ramping and his blogs and his CD.

  • Archie’s angel

    can he get any better?? wow just saw his performances on youtube AMAZING!

  • selena

    I love reading his blogs. He is so funny.




  • Archiee

    The video of him dancing, is epic. hahah <3

  • kelsye

    i love him so much!! ihe is soo awesome!