J-14 February 2009 — FIRST LOOK

J-14 February 2009 — FIRST LOOK

Love is in the air for J-14 magazine and they’re making sure all their readers get some with their special February issue.

Here are some of the issue’s hottest stories:
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus spill on how to survive a Jonas breakup
– Is Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner crushing on Selena Gomez?
– Go on vacation with the JoBros in the Bahamas!
Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens share love notes
Rob Pattinson vs. Joe Jonas for Camilla Belle

Be sure to pick up your copy – on stands TODAY!

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  • maddy_loves_zanesa

    first!!! I am buying that today coz of zanessa

  • AIssa

    Second ???

  • AIssa

    I’m attending J-14 hope it won’t be boring like last summer

  • chloe

    rob fighting joe jonas for camilla belle?
    they’re just friends!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2008/12/30/selena-gomez-makes-it-happen/#comments Maria-Chiara

    Zac! (L)

  • Mariiana

    rob fighting joe jonas for camilla belle?
    they’re just friends! [2]

  • zanessafen4e

    lol great !!!


    look how much bigger selena’s picture is then miley’s ;-D and mileys the 1 they (magazine) got talking about the jonas brothers! hahaha oh taylor pls don’t let them keep making talk about the jonas bros! ur more then that! grrr don’t become just another notch n their celeb Gf’s! wtf is demi at? haha

  • tatjana

    hey,i am in germany,can we buy this magazine here,too or only in the usa?

  • joss

    lol rob is not fighting for camilla! they’re just friends, and plus i rather see rob with kristen =P

  • tatjana

    hey,I`m from germany,can we buy this magazine here.too, or is it only coming out in the usa?

  • vanessajonas

    rob and camille and joe? AHAHA RIGHT
    im buying it for the jonas breakup thing and for the zanessa thing=)

  • MILEY fan!

    i love this magazine! i love that miley and the jonas brothers are on like every cover! lol! but i hate that selenas photo is bigger than mileys! i hate selena! lol!

  • Annie..!

    Taylor Lautner crushing on Selena Gomez??!

  • cc27

    taylor launter crushing on selena gomez! no!! lol they don’t match :) hehe nick and selena :) … joe should give up on camille :) take her robert hehe…

  • lesha

    lol wow. how to survive a jonas breakup. thats depressing. like anyone has a chance with them in order to get broken up with in the first place.

  • zac efron lover

    ZACCYYY!!! i am so getting one now.. i dont care about anyone else!!

  • Lucy

    I agree with many comments made so far rob and camelle and I am gonna get my copy for the zanessa page :)

  • go go go madi

    no kidding #16, it’s really depressing, maybe one like girl…..sigh.

  • Nora

    if anyone buys it can you scan the articles about Zanessa – cant get it here! Thanks!


  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    YESSSSSSS Miley & JB i loooooooooove them such talented young kids gotta leve em! :D
    Lv Nicky B :D

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR NICKY!!!!!:)

    sooooooooooooo sorry i ment love not leve i dont know how i did that

  • http://www.justjared.com ana

    heyyyyyy! taylor lautner crushing on selena gomez?

    i love taylor lautner

  • Sammi

    Taylor Lautner has a gf. Her name is Sara hicks or something like that. shes really nice I heard.

  • emilee

    do they sell this at AUSTRALIA?
    cause i wanna buy it !

  • Ella

    Oh Em Gee.. Is Taylor still going on about the break-up??
    Get over it…

  • indiesr

    Rob needs our votes. Go over to Hello and vote.

  • sam

    Joe should forget Camilla,
    Taylor should mab Selena
    leaving Nick for me (:

  • Stefanie.

    Taylor Lautner has a girlfriend her name is Stefanie. she’s nice though.



    iM BUYING !

  • braziljpc

    taylor and selena???NO,i don’t think so

    buying for ZANESSA

  • Melissa

    Taylor Lautner <3
    Paramore <3

  • Ami


  • breee(:

    i just actually bought this! and they said taylor doesnt know if he is in new moon and he does, it was announced january 7, haha. these magazines sometimes. oh and hiim&selena? where did tht come from? did he let them print this?!

  • Amber


  • arantxa

    What !
    Eww noo !
    Selena & Taylor
    no please :S

    & i dont like Robert & Camilla together
    i prefer her with Joe

    but i love Robert a million times more

  • go_rawr

    taylor and selena?

    cutee. but i still love myy werewolf jacob.

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥

    > robert pattison , hasn`t CONFIRMED* she`s jut a ”rumored” girlfriend , probably like a onetime hook – up . ;)

    & I personally think that Taylor & Selena would make a pretty cute couple . hmmm , how about Telena ? lmfaoo , or Saylor . . . hhaahhahah :)

    Taylor has one of thee BEST* abs in hollywood , so she would be one luckyyy chick .

    > && Zanessa is kinda of old news now , no offense to all those zanessa freaks out there , :D

    oh , and

    ROBERT PATTISON , is …. amazinnng , (L)

    ♥ Audrey :)

  • mariexxtwilight23

    taylor and selena make a cute couple but selena and nick make a better one

>>>>>>> staging1