Sabrina Bryan: Peep My Holiday Photos!

Sabrina Bryan: Peep My Holiday Photos!

Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan is officially back from her nationwide tour with fellow band-mates Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams and just uploaded a ton of photos for all her fans to enjoy!

The 24-year-old triple threat has photos from the Disney Channel Games, the “One World” tour and even some of her at home with her puppy Rocky and her mom’s, Teddy.

Check out all of them at!

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  • Chris

    love the one with ashley tisdale (L)

  • Wildcat37

    I really thinks she could pass for Mariah Carey’s little sister or something haha. Nice pics

  • Kat

    Sabrina Rocks, Love all the pics.

  • polvopaw

    OMG LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! Love the ones with Rocky and Teddy, sooooooo cute!! Love that you shared this pictures with your fans Sabrina, you are absolutely the BEST!! by the way I just got your Byou 2 DVD on the mail today and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! LOVE YOU SABRINA!!!

  • stephanie

    I love the one with Ashley and Brenda in it.

  • ashfan

    awww… they all look sooo Pretty!!!
    love the one with ashley tis :)

  • Donna c

    Hooray for new photos from Sabrina!! These are fantastic, love seeing her gorgeous face, looks like she is having a blast these days!! Thanks for sharing Sabrina, we love you!!

  • lovebug :]

    :[ why no photos of mark ballas with sabrina

  • grace

    im confused.

    why was ashley and brenda there with them?
    what event was that?

  • Kat

    To post #9 That was the Disney Channel Games.

  • sonia

    OMGISH Sabrina is the best!! Thanks Just Jared for posting this pictures of Sabrina and how fun she is having with life!!!!!!! Love her and her doggie Rocky and her mother’s dog Teddy!! Cute Cute!!!!

  • Cindy

    Sabrina you rock for sharing yout personal pictures with your fan’s. Sabrina is just so Gorgeous!!!

  • Monica

    Love sabrina <3

  • Gina

    I would so love to chill with Sabrina Bryan. She just looks so much fun to hang out I agree she could so be Mariah Carey’s little sister! She is simply beautiful Sabrina:)

  • Vanessa

    Sabrina Bryan is my Ido. OMG she has like one of the cutest dogs ever. I so ready to get Byou 2 on Tues tomm. Your just amazing Sabrina!!

  • Ava

    LOL Sabrina’s pictures are so her fun and full of life. That girl has enegery I wish I had. She seems so down to earth. Love how she has pictures of her mother and father up also her dogs are so cute:)

  • Cheryl

    whooo hooo so great to see more picures of Sabrina Bryan!!!! She just rocks!

  • Tom

    Sabrina Bryan is hot

  • Jaqui

    Thank you so much for posting these amazing pics!!!This goes to show how amazing she is to her fans.She always put a smile on our faces and make our days better and brighter.She’s not only an extremely talented artist but also,a beautiful human being inside and out and takes her role model image very seriously .I just love everything about her…what an inspiration!!!
    You Rock Sabrina!!!We love you!!! <3

  • Sarah

    Love it!! I wish I could meet Sabrina Bryan and hang out with her for just a day. Love you Bri Bri:)

  • melissa

    As usual Sabrina looks amazing ! And yes she is an awesome person ..I ( and some other TS friends)spent some time with her at the show in Moline Il. She is truly a beautiful person..insidde and out !

  • Nicoles

    Thank you Thank You Just Jared for posting this on Sabrina Bryan. She is such a class act and soooo great to us her fan’s. She truley inspires me to be the best that I can be and work hard and it will pay off in the end. I so look forward to your BYOU 2 coming out tomm. Sabrina So ready to learn those dance moves by you girl. <3 <3

  • Dee

    Sabrina looks fantastic as always and it’s so great to see her happy and may she always be happy and have a wonderful career! Serisously, this girl deserves nothing but the best!!! Go Sabrina!!

  • Max

    Sabrina is goregous, I so want to date her xx

  • Jessica

    Your are just so adorable Sabrina:0)

  • Krissy

    Sabrina you are so cute with your dog. I love that you dressed up Rocky for Christmas. Keep being you so real and down to earth. Keep always sharing with your fan’s. Your rock.

  • Mario

    When I met you at your NY book singing for Princess of Gossip I just knew how fun and nice you seem. These pictures just prove that. You are so beautiful in person. I hope I can meet you again. x

  • Alan

    Gorgeous gal. She does look like Mariah little sister.

  • rush

    Sabrina seems like a riot to hang out with. She is simply the best:) <3

  • Lurther

    aweee Sabrina looks soo pretty love her.

  • Clay

    Nice pictures Sabrina and love how you smile and look.

  • Veronica

    OMG!! Those pictures have to be the cutest pictures that I have seen of Sabrina. She is such doll for sharing these pictures!!! By the way Sabrina you did an awesome job producing and also being in the Meow series. part 3 was the best since you were in it. Love your sites that you have for your fan’s and the youtube channel you have, I hope you get your poductuion company going soon. You are so great.

  • Tristan

    Her book is really good!! I just read it! Princess of GOSSIP!

  • Eric

    Sabrina you are the most beatiful girl i’ve ever seen.

  • Casey

    Sabrina really looks gorgoeus!
    GO Sabrina ♥

  • Nicki


  • Marsha

    swwwweeat:)) amazing ! love Sabrina!
    OMG I got my DVD dance video of BYOU 2 today . It’s awesome your rockin chica :) Princess of Gossip should be a movie girl. Hope it get made it into one.

  • JR

    Sabrina is so hot!!!
    i would leave my girl for her anytime.

  • Angela

    So cute, Sabrina looks gorgeous as usual, and I absolutely LOVE picture #2with her dog . Sabrina is so sweet! Thanks for caring for your fan’s girlie.

  • Tonya

    sabrina i love you so muchhhhhhhhing hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kimberly

    hey sabrina you are a really good dancer and singer my sister and I wants to be just like you! Those pictures are so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Leigh

    i love you sabrina you are such an inspiratin to me i look up to you when i grow up i want to be just like you i wish i can meet you one day i’m your bigest fan of all you are sooooooooo awsome sabrina and i watched you on daning with the stars and i wished you should’ve one. i have all 3 of the cheetah giirls movies and i love them both you did a good job in both of them. Also, have your first Byou and getting BYou 2 tomm and I just love your book Princess of Gossip. You are the best sabrina.

    love your bigest fan, Leigh

  • Penni

    I love you Sabrina!!
    Ur such an inspiration
    i really hope i can meet you one day
    ur sooo amazing and i look up to u
    i am a passionate dancer myself and i’ve been dancing since i was 4
    i really hope i can become as good as you
    ur so nice and so down to earth
    i love u sooo much sabrina!!
    ur awsome!! ♥♥♥♥

  • Dina

    sabrina you totally rocks

  • Nakesha

    U are the most udoorable Cheetah Girl in the world Sabrina:)

  • Jennifer

    my favorite cheetah girl. ur so pretty. i hope we can meet one day.

  • Kathy

    Cute pictures. Thanks for sharing Just Jared and esp. Thank you Sabrina for sharing these. You look so cute:)

  • Vera

    2009 is going to be a good year for you Sabrina!!!!! You go girl♥ Your parents raised you right girl:)

  • Vera

    2009 is going to be a good year for you Sabrina. You go girl♥ Your parents did a good job with you girl.:)

  • Dahillia

    Very cute pictures of you Sabrina with Rocky!!! Rocky looks so adorable in his little Santa hat!! I bet he was so glad to see you home from the tour! Looking forward to more of you Sabrina:)

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